what handsome men really like to hear

you probably read 'What Handsome Men Like To Hear' and thought that can be it.

There is something wrong with that.

what was wrong?

It said all the things you have been told are not true, and who knows maybe they aren't.

Here are the "Real" things handsome men like to hear:

  1. That they always turn out well. 'you are always well-dressed. I like that'. that is something they want to hear. not that you actually noticed the colors etc.
  2. They do like to hear about particular items - shoes, ties, watches. these are hallmarks of a man and if you notice that he wears them well, compliment it.
  3. They want to hear that they are funny. men need to know that they can make their woman laugh. it is an important trait, an important skill to have. in fact, most women rank the quality very high in their 'what do I want in a Man'
  4. They want to hear that you missed them. not on a minute to minute thing/basis, but in general.

So what do they NOT want to hear?

this post would be useless without the what do handsome men not want to hear?

here goes:

  1. Any comparisons with other men or your exs.  it does not go down well with us.  even when we are winning in the comparison, it is a no - no.  just the thought of you with someone else, is not good
  2. We dont want to hear about how you think we took so much time and trouble to get dressed for you.  NO NO NO.  we may take the time, but it is not to be acknowledged.  we like to feel like we just put this on and it worked, period.
  3. We dont want to hear how the joke we just told you, was so much funnier the first time you heard it. just does not work.
  4. We would rather not hear about what our boss had to say about us (especially if you are from the same office).  We are the alpha male around you now, reminding us of the boss is...you know...ruining it.

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