What Do Women Find Attractive In Men

What Do Women Find Attractive In Men

Huge Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Girls On Profile Sites

Welcome to my hub about what do women find attractive in men.

Imagine yourself being on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook or an online dating site, etc. You browse and search...

And then you notice HER.

The smoking hot girl that catches your undivided attention. But what to do now? Let me tell you what almost all guys do; They press the message button and tell something with:

The wrong approach


1. “You are really cute. I know for a fact all the dudes are hitting on you, but I hope that this message gets through because I would like to know you better!”

2. “Hey there! How is it going! To me you look very interesting and I was wondering if you wanted to chat sometime! Let me know!”

3. “I’m a nice guy and I would like to show you why that is! Message me back!”

I doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but it is the truth. There is almost no success with these messages, maybe about 1% if you're lucky. And that is mostly if you have an outstanding profile!

The right approach

To begin with (and I mentioned it before), you need to create a perfect profile before you even think about contacting girls.

Don’t send any message until you have placed yourself in the mind of your visitors and think what they would think if THEY see your online dating profile!

So, what am I saying here? Make sure that you have the right pictures and content for your dating profile. A hot girl or woman won't reply when you don't even have a decent picture and when you only have generic comments in your content.

1. Place yourself the way girl looks at you; then you will see some random guy talking to you with some random message without having any pictures. Creeped out yet?
So, what pictures should you include in your profile? Simple actually, show pictures of social value; she wants to know if you're fun, that you have friends other than boys… I’ll get to that later.

2. Gather information from her profile. Many girls want involvement in the first message, words that lets her know you spend time reading her profile. Don't use the same message over and over again for multiple girls. You need to trigger your creativity at all times.

See, a good looking girl gets dozens of messages each day and she will only pick out the ones that trigger her interest. You can do this by personalizing the messages you send and creative comments about her pictures, expressions, friends, pets, etc. More about this later...

3. Don't write huge messages, it is a turnoff. Make sure the message is short but rich of triggering comment.

She must not get the impression that you are needy and creepy. Are you willing to say so much to a girl while you have never spoken to her before? You can invest your time in this girl if she has shown a bit of interest in you in any way.

Pay attention to the following.

I will give you a free pdf and tips on my website! So you’re in luck. Go check them out right now at http://www.whatdowomenfindattractiveinmen.com!

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See you on the other side ;)

Ramesh Klinkert

Know What To Say Online To Hot Girls

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