When love comes unexpectedly

One of life's constants: Always expect the unexpected.

But for some reason, we can never know WHEN this will happen. Whether it is misfortune, opportunity, or just being at the right place at the right time, fact of the matter is, we will never know when these things will happen but instead of telling us that it will, it's telling us to prepare for them.

But still, how do you prepare for love? How does one prepare for this particular feeling or event in one's life when everything is built and destroyed at the same time? How does one even contemplate or plan for things in advance when love is involved? The answer: NEVER.

Truth is no one can really tell when true love will come or go. Sure you may be starting out as a new couple, the first couple of months go well and dandy. But then as time progresses, you or your lover or both of you may lose interest in each other, leaving the love to slowly wither away until it dies, like a rose in full bloom and its petals slowly turning into grey, falling off one by one till there's nothing left. This is the sad truth. Even couples with relationships going past a decade end up in separation. No one can really tell when something so good will come to a sudden end. And yes, it's always so sad to see couples breaking up and the worst part would be to see how two happy people end up being the most hurt. They say that everything happens for a reason, that we lose something in hopes of gaining something better. Most people would find this unbelievable or heck, skeptical at this statement. But the people that do believe in this statement are those that actually think that there really is another chance given to us at another point in time. The most important part is to be patient for that one chance.

It may not come now, it may not come tomorrow, but if it does, you'll be thankful that you have waited for something as beautiful as that thing they call love...

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Siu-Wai profile image

Siu-Wai 8 years ago from Boston

Full of truth and insight. Well done!

maxrexfax profile image

maxrexfax 5 years ago

Always expect the unexpected.-Changes are more stable than everything else...

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