Who's Phone Number is This?

A Quick Search will Find Out Who Owns A Phone Number

Have Phone Number, Need Name

Oh sweety, Who's phone number is this?

Reply: Ohhhh...that's just a number from work dear. Nothing to bother with.

Sound familiar? Or maybe you've found a number in a pocket while doing laundry, looking through the phone bill details or what not. It could all be perfectly innocent but, still. There's a nagging question you need answered. It will nag you, floating up from the back of your mind at unexpected times, until you get an answer.

How do you find out who owns that phone number ?

And even then, will that be enough information to put the matter to rest and give you peace of mind? You will probably need to know an address, maybe relatives who live at the address. Possibly it would help to know the owners place of employment.

"Who's Phone Number is This?" - Here's How to Find Out

Just by looking at the phone number you should be able to tell several thing.

  1. Whether its local or out of your area
  2. Land line or cell phone

Your first option is to google it. There is a lot of information out there and if the owner of the number has posted it in any non protected websites then google will have info on it. The thing here is you need to ask yourself "how old is this information?". There is a good chance that the number is now being used by someone else if the google info is very old.

Second option is to search Facebook. Many people and companies list phone information on their Facebook profile or fan page.

A local number that's a land line could be found at free directory sites such as whitepages.com and the like. They will give you the public access info that's available in the phone book and thats it. If it's a cell phone, no joy. Those numbers are not publicly listed.

To get unlisted and cell numbers, you will need to query a fee based directory. There are several around and some are better than others. It's best to find a service that truly will serve your needs by giving you all the information you will need to decide what's up with that phone number.

Have Phone Number, Need Name?

"Who's phone number is this?" know before you call.
"Who's phone number is this?" know before you call. | Source

What Information You Need and Why

Most affairs are local. Your friends, people at your spouses job or someone met at social activities such as clubs are all on the "most likely" list. Being able to know who is calling or being called, their address, their employment can be very helpful.

If you know the common link between this other person and your spouse, you can then make a better guess at where you will be able to catch them together.

The next time you need to ask the question "Who's phone number is this", Just remember that there are tools available to quickly get you answers.

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Astride Knighted profile image

Astride Knighted 7 years ago from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Author

who's phone number is this?

I've used this method befor and it works very well.

Bianca888 7 years ago

Cool Hub...I love all your hubs actually!

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