why a girl don't want talk to me?does she dislike me or what else ?

She might dislike you.

Or she might think you like someone else. If you've recently been dating someone else, and word hasn't exactly gotten around that you two aren't dating any more, she may think you're not available. Or if you have a girl who happens to be a close friend, but you're not dating, maybe she doesn't know that. There's nothing worse than professing your undying like for someone, either directly, "Hey, I like you. Want to go out?" or indirectly, "A bunch of us are going to a movie tomorrow. Want to come along?" only to find out that he or she isn't emotionally available. It's about the most embarrassing thing that can happen, and she's smart to try to keep it from happening to her!

She could also be shy. Girls are great at talking to other girls, and pretty good at talking to guys they're not interested in. But get a girl near a guy she likes, and she is likely to completely, utterly forget what her native language is! Suddenly, she can't think of anything to say that a) isnt' stupid or b) won't give a clue that she's in serious crush-mode. God forbid the object of her crush find out! Because what if he doesn't feel the same way?

Also, she might not feel comfortable coming up to you and talking to you, especially if she likes you and feels tongue-tied, if she only sees you when you're surrounded by your friends. Try to arrange some alone-time when and where you know she'll be, and see if that changes things for you.

Have you tried talking to her? Maybe she's waiting for you to break the ice. It doesn't have to be a particularly long or serious conversation. If you two share a class, ask her how she did on the last test. If there's something big or really newsworthy going on in your community, ask her how she feels about it. If you know she has a pet, or a particular hobby, get her to talk about it. Girls, like everyone else, like to talk about themselves, and getting her to do so will show her what a great listener you are. Girls like great listeners.

She might not know you exist. You might not be on her radar. I'm sure there were a lot of guys I didn't talk to in high school because I didn't know them, or at least didn't know them well enough to walk up and start a conversation! Say "hi" whenever you see her. If she's involved in some sort of activity, try to get involved too, whether it's a club, yearbook staff, or whatever. Get on her radar, and she just might open up!

If nothing else works, ask her. Say, "Do I bother you? Do you hate my guts or something?" Arrange an exit strategy with a good friend so if she says "yes" you're not stuck standing there like an idiot.

Good luck, and let me know how it comes out!

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ladylove7 profile image

ladylove7 9 years ago

yeah, i don't have guts to ask her " are u dislike me ??"

maybe that girl is my "FAV " that why i put it in web and ask

Tommy P 8 years ago

why a girl don't want talk to me?does she dislike me or what else ? Maybe her reaction has something to do with your inability to properly deliver a sentence in English. Your question was not even presented in passable Ebonics. Is there a chance that you were writing in Norwegian and that's how it translates?

John 8 years ago

I have the same problem. I like this girl and I'm pretty sure that she likes me(cus I always catch her looking at me). A couple weeks ago I manage to break the ice and talk to her. But she kept giving me one word or one line answers that I couldn't real build into a real conversation. At first I thought that that's just the way she was...but I noticed that she talks to everyone else (girls and guys)normally...except when it comes to me!!

What's the deal does she like me or is she just playing games?? Please help!

Christian 8 years ago

wow. john. i have that same problem! haha. it kinda gets annoying. wouldn't you agreee? haha

Evie 7 years ago

John. She's shy. Keep trying ;-)

me 7 years ago

Hi .... I proposed a girl . She rejected me but told she doesn't mind being a good friend. But now I am frustrated that I have to make the first move to even have a friendly conversation.I care for her and want to her friend atleast.

Ms. Sweetheart 7 years ago

To John... and all the guys who experience a similar problem: she's definitely shy. Even girls who aren't very shy in social situations tend to be shy when they're around guys they're crushing on. Remember: shyness can be manifested in different ways, including acting cold and indifferent. My advice is to be as friendly as possible, remember to catch her eye for a brief moment and smile. Also, approach her with the initial intention of being simply friends - e.g. ask her if she needs help with something, like school work. Once she's more comfortable around you, and you're totally into each other, it will likely lead into something more. But don't be impatient and brush her off - you just have to try harder, and don't be afraid to show her you like her. Oh, and one more thing... DO NOT involve all your guy friends... it's okay to consult with a couple of your closest or best friends, but don't tell your whole gang about this - because they will laugh/joke about it every time they see her or pass by her - and trust me, she will take note of this kind of immaturity!

Good luck!

anonymousjoe 6 years ago

Sorry, but I've been through the same thing.. From my experience, it just means that she doesn't really want to talk to you :/

no name 6 years ago

man,she does not talk to me,is she mad or even dislikes me?

i admit that im really shy when it comes to her but when i managed to have the guts to talk to her she just answers by just answering yes or no by moving her head*(i feel really disappointed in her).,and oh guys i must tell you this...

she is staying with us in our house for a vacation..and i do all the kitchen work like cooking,preparing and stuffs.and god she completey avoids every little thing that i prepared in the table,for example i prepared a glass of water for her but she seems to not notice the glass of water which is in front of her then she stands up and get her own glass of water.

Maverick25 6 years ago

I have a similar problem also, I use to go to school with this girl i liked very much, we speak on messenger all the time and facebook, but its always me that starts the conversations, and sometimes she doesn't seem very chatty, ive offered take her out to catch up some time and she agrees and says she wud like to take me up on it, then nothing, she often confides in me very personal things about herself and comes to me for help when she feels down, but i cant work this girl out, i soo want to have a date with her, she messages loads of people on her facebook and comments on other peoples status but never me, sounds childish i guess we never grow up in love :(

Jack 6 years ago

Hiya im jack and i recently went to a party where i met a girl... On the night we got on realy well and even shared a kiss or 2 or 3 infact it was 4 lol all including tounge < i think thats how u spell it, anyways we exhanged numbers and a cpple of days after the party i txt her ... I get the impresion that she is ignoring my texts.. I tried talking to her over the internet on webites like facebook but still she does not reply ... I no iv got the right numba and evv ... I cant see why she doesnt want to talk we were together prety much all night and got on realy well ... I realy like her but does it sound like she doesnt like me ????? HELP

SAME THING 6 years ago

I was quite close friends with this girl, but then summer came and we were in different classes, now she won't even talk to me and when I try to talk(skype don't wanna embarrass myself) to her, she just ignores me and goes offline (probably invisible) so can anybody help?

Abdul 6 years ago

I went on a field trip with the school. I sate next to a girl and I started talking to her then we talked and had a good time but then I asked her if she wanted to hang out with me in the game we were going to watch she told me yes but when we got there she went with her friends on the way back I started talking to her again and I moved to a seat in front of her then I started talking to her and softly hitting her on the cheek but she kept on holding my hand then I rubbed my hand on her face and then I moved it little down her chest but I didn't touch her things then she switched spots with her cousin (she was still in the same seat but her cousin was sitting with her) then I sent her a text message and asked her why did she move she told me she didn't feel comfertable. Does she really mean it or is she trying to make me understand something that I didn't understand?

Johnson 6 years ago

I like her so much but she doesn't even want to talk to me at all.Is it that she hates me or shes just trying to make it hard for me to talk to her.I tried everything but she still didn't break.

megg007 6 years ago

I know a girl recently,about 4months in my 12th year class.Since im in a new school and new class,everybody was accepting me good in the new class.EXCEPT,this girl which i like her in the first day itself.Everytime i try to talk with her she will try to avoid or will not bother at at all,what i am talking.Moreover,even in facebook when i comment anything,she wont even reply my comment.I think she hates...can someone help me,about this particular girl in my class..TQ

Marc 6 years ago

Ok this girl i like used 2 talk 2 me on facebook and everything even at school now when i send her a message or talk 2 her she wont even reply is she just egnoring me or does she hate me now?

joseph 6 years ago

guys, trust me when i say that girls are complicated...

they are sooo complicated that they fail to understand themselves sometimes... : /

let me share a personal story,

I've been dating this girl for over a year now, shes the loveliest girl; always sincere, loving, fun, smart(shes an A student as an elec engineers @ columbia univ), and just basically beautiful (body and soul)

it's probably everyone's story; when we're in public she closes into a shell, when we're with friends she puts up a strong front to protect herself but when it's just us two, she starts to shine through as who she is, i tell her that she's the loveliest girl I know and i joke that i'd have to get ready to fend mobs of guys off of her when she starts showing who she is in public.

but she has trust issues, and won't open up to anyone else :|

even when we first started dating, she's always be skeptical and would be doubtful of me (like on Valentine's Day she texts me saying its okay that i had forgotten valentines; well i surprised her with a balloon ride for us) she'd buy takeout after the lab work, even when i'd told her i was cooking for her. she'd not turn up to dates; forget my concert. well halfway through all this she started to open up to me, and I think i musta struck the right chord because now we're just perfect for each other :-)

moral of the story, just love- unconditionally, and she can't help but love you back. true story

meh 6 years ago

sometimes for me it hard to talk to certain people. I come off as shy etc. When a guy is obviously interested in me I act the same way I would if I was not interested. I guess I am complicated. I broke a few hearts because I did know how to say I like you too. It harder when you know the person likes you.Heads up she may have issues too, lol, why she behaves that way.

Amy 5 years ago

It's usually the case for me that I can easily talk to people I don't like romantically, but I end up ignoring the guys I do like. It's unfortunate really. However, if you (whoever YOU are) like someone and you aren't shy, try breaking the ice. Try it a couple times in case they are shy and can start to warm up to you. After a couple tries and still nothing, then ask them if you are bothering them.

MikeMalkovic 5 years ago

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braigetori 5 years ago

try once. if she pushes u away, give her space. don't act like a hurt pussy (hard) and don't get mad (harder). when you finally don't care any more, she may talk to you again. the, with a healed heart, you can act like a man and talk about your new crush with her !

bivek 5 years ago

i don't know whether she likes me or not .we study tution together and when i laugh without any cause she also laughs wid me but never waits for me when going home and in front of my friends whether boy or girl she acts like she don't know me and sometime her friends teaches her taking my name and my friends tease me taking her name and once when we were talking i said i will be fail in .......subject she said and kept repeating the words about four times that you will be pass like as if she was forcing me to be pass .wat to say wat to do totally confused plz help if she likes me then she is gonna be my first gf

rey 5 years ago

at just one time i say hi she did not say anthing she just stand there and look at me sideway seriously

john 5 years ago

im stuck, i really like this girl but have no clue what to doo, she

dev 5 years ago

i like this girl but i have not any clue to talk

moto 5 years ago

i got a similar problem to all the above guys, i proposed a girl that am staying with in same hostel and in the same class. she said no to me apparently am not of her type. guys i really love this girl, what any step can i possible take to bring her in love with i?

Unknown 5 years ago

I have the sane problem I really like this girl, just take this advice: Take it slowly, break convosations out, make her smile help her with everything possible that you can, Do not do anything that will take her away from you. Just be as nice as possible, become close friends with her and when your finally ready ask her out. That way she will have confidence around you and know you better. I'm trying this now because I tried talking to her on Facebook and she just can't be bothered to talk so I'm just speaking to her in rl as much as I can. If you really can't at the end then I would just give up and try another girl.

Joey 5 years ago

The thing about girls is, they require time and effort. A lot of women play the friend game until they feel fully won over, although that is a rare case. If you have trouble thinking of what to say, I would recommend complimenting her. Something like, "Your hair looks ______. Did you do it yourself?". If she replies no, ask who did it, if she says a friend try and ask her about the friend, just to get small talk in general. I am starting to refrain from asking alot of questions and I am making more statements.

josh 4 years ago

i really like this girl i work with, she flirts with me all the time, the people i work with say that she likes me. But when i finally asked her to go out with me so i can get to know her better she doesn't reply to any of my text messages anymore, simple stuff like "hey" "how's your day?" that sort of stuff, and i'm almost 100 percent sure she gets these texts and i don't understand why she wont communicate back. I mean just say hi back to me you know? I feel like she's just ignoring me out of work and doesn't even want to be bothered with me. I just want to know what the deal is, and i'm afraid if i ask her she'll just ignore me even more. Any advice?

relymezzup 4 years ago

Guys, I need help, for I am almost giving up. I like this girl who is my classmate, because when our school was on a trip for the 12th grade, my class was divided in 3 three group and I'm lucky because she's in my group. Then we played a game that ultimately led me to carry her like a prince carries his princess. That's when I saw her beautiful face, eyes, and smile, which makes me in love with her. BUT, during class, I accidentally told the entire class that I like her. THAT'S when everything's going downhill. She won't talk to me, and when she sees me, her face seems to look at me with hatred and disgust. Before this, she's very riendly to me. I know I messed up, but whe a friend told me she liked me, I became confused. How will I make up for everything I've done her wrong?

Meh 4 years ago

Seriously this chick just ignores whatever I say I'll even say her name and she'll barely even glance at me. I'm not really interested in her but all I've wanted to do was complement her hair.

Thatonehomsapien profile image

Thatonehomsapien 4 years ago


I'm just joined but if you get to read this I would advise you, just go up to her, apologize, and ask what's wrong with what you did. Did she start getting made fun of. Maybe her self-esteem has gone down. If you do read this please respond. With more information on what happened.

relymezzup 4 years ago


I've read your advice and thanked you for your it. She only talks to me when we're on lab (she's in my group), and once this Thursday when we're on language class (during a speech test). After her speech, the teacher asks her to pick 1 boy to perform next. When she's confused about whom to choose, she looks at me and asks me if I'm prepared. With confidence and spirit because she talked to me, I said yes. Also, when she talks to me, it's as if I've never done her wrong, yet her attitude says otherwise :(

Thatonehomsapien profile image

Thatonehomsapien 4 years ago


Did you see what you may have done wrong? If so just make sure she knows your sorry. Women are quite confusing to us and I'm sure men are confusing to women. Just keep treating her nicely (smalltalk & whatnot.) Give her some time to forgive you. Help her with anything small like school work, but if she seems uncomfortable just give her some space.

Thatonehomsapien profile image

Thatonehomsapien 4 years ago


If you really love this girl you wont just leave her be forever. You will keep trying try being her friend again.

relymezzup 4 years ago


Thank you for your advice. Now all I need is some guts and a chance to say sorry.

relymezzup 4 years ago


I've finally done it! I've apologized to her, and she accept it! Now we're friends again, and all I need to do now is get her to like me.

Unknown 4 years ago

I Like a girl but she did not like me. I always care but she did not care for me than what will i do.

Unknown's' 4 years ago

I Like a girl but she did not like me. I always care but she did not care for me. She always says that i didn't like you. Than what will i do

albo23 4 years ago


i proposed to this girl, she asked me for time to think it over after a few days i called her to ask for her answer, she asked for a few more days, the third time i called her she said she is not thinking about marriage yet. so i wished her good luck and insisted that we stay colleagues since we work for the same company. i really like this girl. from time to time i catch her looking at me but when i make eye contact she turns her head away pretending that it was intentional, should i try talking to her again or i should just let her go, please help me

someone 4 years ago

i know a girl she also knows me but we both are not friends!

i don't luv her but just wanna propose her!


Will S 9389 4 years ago

Hi i asked a girl out in person (this last wednesday) at her flat that i have had feelings for the last two weeks or so and have seen her passing and calling in to where i work. So like i said , i thought i should just man up (prove to / show her and yourself that your confident enough)and ask her out , which i did (in person).

Anyway this is what i wrote on a note and gave to her -=-

Hi, my name is Will, I am twenty two from Dodworth, Barnsley and the last couple of weeks or so I have noticed you around saville road, Gilroyd where I work.

Now i know this might be a little bit unexpected and we don’t really know each other that well , but i have seen you passing the butchers shop where I work and you have said hello to me and my boss , John Wilson when passing by and when you have called in.

Anyway the reason i am telling you all of this is because, well i think you deserved to know how i feel about you and have done for the last couple of weeks or so now, so i think i should let you know that i am interested in you and would love to get to know you a lot better if possible because i can’t stop thinking about you as stupid as that might sound.

So anyway i was just wondering , when you are not busy , if you would be interested in going out (on a date) with me sometime if possible , because I personally think your stunning and if you don’t mind me saying i am really interested in you and like you a real lot.

So if you would like to come out with me sometime (on a date maybe), then i would really appreciate it if you let me know as soon as possible, that is if your single and interested.

Thank You , Will xox


Now the only problem that i have is when i gave it to her in person and told her ,it is basicly a note asking her if she wants to go out with me sometime , when she is ready, well she replied to me with thank you , you have balls , but i have just come out of a relationship and i will need time to get my head sorted because i am not ready for a relationship yet.

Anyway I haven't seen her around in the last few days (since wednesday and i always saw her around , passing and / or calling in where i work before i asked her out ,but haven't seen her around since i asked her out) and just wondering if and when she will give me answer or if she wants me to (play the chasing game)chase her or if i have done what i really dread the most and scared her away?

I gave her my mobile number in the note i wrote for her and gave to her in person , plus i also gave her my email address but no answer yet. So next time i see her should i apologies to her for asking her out (and probably scaring/ freaking her out like that), without getting to know her better first or should try again and ask her out for coffee and try to set a pfficial day with her to go for coffee , so we can hopefully get used to each other a lot , lot , lot more

What should i do? , i really like this girl and have seemed taken a lot more interest in her every week and day that i have seen her around and i feel that i really care about her and want to help her if she lets me.

Should i say to her the nexr time i see her hopefully , if there is anything i can help you with then please let me know ?

Should i say that to her or not because i want to be there for if i can and if she lets me

How do you think she will feel / react to me / it.

Will S 9389 4 years ago

I just don't want her to think im bugging her or anything because im not trying to , i just really like her and would love to get to know her a lot , lot , lot better(take her out places and spend time with her)and plus talk and help her / be supportive to her if she lets me.

Grease87 4 years ago

l have a question theres this girl at my job that l like,every time she looks at me she would smile,we been friends for a while now so l tried asking her out but when l did she would say shes busy,does that mean she doesn't like me that way or maybe shes trying to give me a hint l don't know

Frank 4 years ago

I'm frank...in 3 mrch i was proposed a girl but in place of giving the answer she gve me a photo,i dn't know what does she mean.....i was trying to asked her why you gve your photo by wrting a letter but that also doesn't work...does she feel shy?1day when i meet her face to face,i was trying to speak to her but she doesn't speak to me..what shall i do?sometimes i used to think did i've hurt her or did i hd do the wrong thing??

My name is ibrahim ahimed journer 4 years ago

I'm trouble for looking gril friend but i'm jouner i didn't get nice gril for my faveret.........so what i can do i don't know

Jazzy 4 years ago

I propose a girl and she accept my propose but she does not give her mobile number and i also give her my personal mobile number . Why she does not call me .

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