1 John 1:5 Simplicity of God

My Scripture
My Scripture

1 John 1:5 Simplicity of God

  This then is the message which we have heard of him and declare unto you, that God is light,and in him is no darkness.


  Again John implies his eyewitness status,having heard of him,that is ,Jesus. John passes on to the church teaching he first received from Jesus. Light and darkness her both have ethical overtones. John is saying that God is perfect and good: there is thus no sin or evil in Him this will have implications for followers of this God in the following verses.

  Simplicity means that God is not  complex,compounded,or divisible in His nature. Simplicity does not deny the distinct persons of the Trinity,the three distinct persons all share in the same essence of God. neither does this mean that it is easy to understand all that is to be known of God because (1) sin has a limiting effect upon human understanding, and (2) man's understanding is finite,whereas God is infinite. Jesus taught that one must approach God as a little child to be converted.


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