10 Mukhi Rudraksha: Earn a Never-Say-Die Spirit

Ten natural lines or Mukha of 10 Mukhi Rudraksha are associated with the Gods of ten directions. In a way, a person with this Rudraksha form not merely possesses a bead but attains the patronage of Lords of ten directions. According to beliefs, those Lords mutually confer that person with the divine powers belonging to all those ten directions, thus making him invincible.

Lord Vishnu, the Ruling Deity

Lord Vishnu is the ruling deity of this Rudraksha form. As promoted by Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is one amongst the Hindu trinity of Lords. He is also the preserver of existence. Anyone who chooses to put in devoted worships to Lord Vishnu while wearing this Rudraksha form certainly gets conferred with his blessings in extreme sense.

Confers Optimism and Fighting Spirit

This Rudraksha form confers one with the abilities to deal effectively with even the most unfavorable situation. It makes one optimistic about life and about little things of it. Besides making one optimistic, it also makes him courageous and daring enough to deal with difficult situations. One never gives up, no matter how hard and demanding circumstances may develop into.

Washes off Past Sins

This Rudraksha form also washes off all the stains as developed out of the bad Karmas and bad deeds performed by a person either in the past life or in the past time of the present life. That also includes those sins which might have been performed by any of the ten organs.

Other Benefits

It helps one gain a control over temper, nervousness, and irritation. It is effective for those who feel like suffering from inferiority complex. It works as a shield to protect one from the influences of black magic, negative vibrations, evil energies, and evil eyes. It eliminates all causes, which are hindering one’s growth and success in professional life. It also helps one get rid of those problems which are causing delays in personal commitments and difficulties in relationships. It improves overall health, makes one feel happy and gratified from within, and bestows one with prosperity, mental peace, name, and fame. It improves one’s decision making abilities, which further results in effectiveness and improvement in personal and professional life.

Impact on Health

10 Mukhi Rudraksha form is comprised of healing properties with which it can effectively cure problems of chronic cough and asthma.

Impact on Planetary Influences

It is not associated with any particular planet. This Rudraksha form holds an ability to make an influence on all nine astrological planets. It is equally beneficial when they are in benefic state and when they are in weak or malefic state. In either of these cases, it tends to strengthen the positioning of planets and influence their impact in favor of a person.

The Rules of Wearing It

Following the astrologically prescribed rules for wearing this Rudraksha form is very essential, as it is very much the cause of success of this Rudraksha form. It can be said as the fundamental of the entire thing, which is essentially required to be placed correctly. On any auspicious Monday, during the time after sunrise, commence the energizing process by washing the 10 Mukhi Rudraksha bead with the holy Ganges water (Ganga Jal) and raw milk. Before that, ensure to get the bead strung in either red, yellow, or white colored thread. Apply a sacred mark (Tikka) of sandalwood paste over it. Light dhoop, lamps, and incense sticks in as many numbers as you want. Follow that by offering fresh flowers to it. Then, wear it while devotedly chanting the associated Mantra of “Om Hreem Hum Namah” for at least 108 times.

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