14 ways to Add more Prayer Time to your Day

Prayer Tips

Pray without ceasing throughout your day, during common, everyday tasks.
Pray without ceasing throughout your day, during common, everyday tasks.

"Pray without Ceasing" Prayer Tips


Think you don’t have time to pray for all those who desperately need a few words on their behalf with the man upstairs?

Here are a few things that I do:


  1. Incorporate part of their name, nickname, initials, etc.(something that reminds you of this person) into your passwords. We all have many passwords and so each time you log on, slip up a mini prayer for that person.
  2. You know that Red light that catches you every morning on the way to work? Name it after someone and while you sit patiently, send up a prayer for that person.
  3. When you unlock the door of your house, Look at that lock, name it after a friend; send up a prayer knowing this is the “Key” to life.
  4. That shampoo bottle can have a friend’s name on it. Tell God how much you would bless that person while you have suds in your hair.
  5. Know someone in hot water? Mention them to God each time you reach for the coffee pot.
  6. When parking regularly in the same parking lot (ex: Wal-mart, work, Church) attempt to park in the same parking space or at least in the same general area. Name that Parking place after someone needing prayers. It will help that person and you will always know where you parked!
  7. Each time you pick up your tooth brush, how about picking up a prayerful thought for that person who needs a little cleaning up?
  8. Blowing your hair dry? How about praying for that person who is being blown away by one of life’s storms?
  9. Sweeping the floor can remind you to pray that God will sweep someone’s illness right out the door.
  10. While filling up the tank, fill up someone’s prayer needs.
  11. Computer slow, waiting for the screen to change? Slip a prayer from your lips for that friend who is slowly changing their ways.
  12. Heading to the mailbox? Why not send up a “Knee mail” for that specific person who needs a little good news.
  13. Cleaning up the kitchen after a meal? When you wipe down the stove, remember that friend who is going through the fire right now.
  14. Loading the dishwasher? Load it with the troubles of your day. Let God wash them all away.


You can add many prayers to your day just by including them in the everyday boring things we all find ourselves doing each and every day.

And yep, I came up with these and do them each and every day. You can too!


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