2012 & Lightworkers

The time for Positive Energy is NOW!

Everyone is talking about 2012 and the end of the world. Being a pragmatic individual, I want to know to what to do—should I continue to save for retirement or should I spend my savings like there’s no tomorrow? So I asked my Guide Group (the “GG”) for some insight into 2012, and here is some of what they channeled on this subject . . .

“First of all the date 2012 is not written in stone. When the planet is ready, it will shift to the fifth dimension. The Mayan’s stopped their calendar at 2012 because it was the end of a cycle and because at that time, 2012 appeared to be the date for the shift. But that was a very long time ago and many things have happened since then that have influenced the timing of the shift, and there are things happening today that will influence it and things that can happen tomorrow that will influence it.

There will no doubt be a shift in the dimension of the planet and the planet itself and many of those souls incarnated on her will shift to the fifth dimension. What is unknown is exactly when it will happen.”

And so the answer to my question, I believe, is to keep saving for retirement! The shift will happen, but exactly when, no one knows. After the “GG” dictated the above information, they moved on to the subject of how to make the shift easier, and they honed in on Lightworkers. I’m including some of what they said below because Lightworkers, and really everyone on the planet, is currently playing a large part in how the shift will happen…

There are many Lightworkers incarnated now that could be doing more. They have dimmed and this is not the time to have a dim lightworker! We must all step up now and open our eyes and become awake to our individual missions so that we can ease the planet into its birth in the fifth dimension. The more the Lightworkers come together and shine and do their jobs, the better off and the easier the transition will be.

So you ask us as you should, what are the Lightworkers supposed to be doing, how do they know what they are supposed to be doing, and that is such a difficult question to answer as everyone is different with a different mission and path. Meditation and paying attention to the little voice inside are two ways for Lightworkers to find and stay on their individual paths. But the one thing they all have in common is to hold the light, to attract the light to the planet and hold it here, for the more light, the easier the transition.

And how do we attract and hold the light? By being of the light, by acting as if we are of the light, and that means making changes in the way we do things. Stopping the road rage, stopping the rudeness, and stopping the violence are three very good ways to get started. If each individual takes responsibility for spewing less negativity out into the world, more light will make it to the planet. Each person incarnated can do so much by doing so very little. Again we say that people must watch what they say and do at this very important time.”

Lightworker or not, this is important information for all of us! Our actions, our words, and even our thoughts have an impact on how we will make the shift! Based on what the “GG” said above, and in other dictation from them, it is clear that if we do something as simple as “follow the Golden Rule,” and treat others the way we want to be treated, we will send out more and more positive energy into the atmosphere, which will in turn will bring more light to the planet, help us to raise our own vibrational levels, and those of the planet Earth. The more light that gets through, the higher the vibrational level of the planet, the easier the shift will be. Paying attention to our actions, words, and thoughts is hard work! But it is something that ALL human beings can do right now, knowing that by doing so, we can help make the shift easier when the time is right for it to happen.


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laureanna maria 7 years ago

This is good information, i have a friend who is terrified of 2012. Maybe this will relax him a little bit!!!

Giavanna  7 years ago

This could be a great motivational article for my work place!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado

I LOVE this article!

Sandra 7 years ago

I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule. What a great world it would be if everyone followed it. Thank you for sharing your GG's insight into 2012.

Mike Dennis profile image

Mike Dennis 7 years ago

Another great article. What a joy to hear that 'the future' is not set in stone. I always get that from my guides when people seek predictions. Many Psychics, including the wonderful EDGAR CAYCE predicted a polar shift and much of the earth sinking into the water in the 80's and such. IT DID NOT HAPPEN. Yes, the shift is coming, but like Sherri said, when the planet is ready. What do do to spread light? STOP THE ROAD RAGE. Yeah, got smacked on that one big time three years ago and let em all pass me up to get where they need to go. Very informative article! Thanks for posting it!

Joy Illumine 7 years ago

2012 is not set in stone, I love it, since it is a big rock everyone bases it on. But you are right, it is more important to focus on the here and now... share ones light and be more loving. There are so many opportunities and most of us pass them up. Thank you for sharing!

qlcoach profile image

qlcoach 7 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

Excellent advice and inspiring information. Let's not waste energy on what might end. Let's invest more in the process of walking in the Light which has no end. Namaste...Gary.

Monica Grant 7 years ago

I like to think that 2012 is NOT the end and this gives me hope--very funny part about not spending your savings because the world is not going to end!

Steven Scott 7 years ago

I am tired of all the doomsayers--this is very refreshing.

Terri Marinaro 7 years ago

This is great. I have been wondering what it is I should be doing. I have known for quite sometime that there is something I can offer, but what????? I guess I just need to pay more attention to my negative signals that I send out, send less of them and send more light. Then, give thanks. How easy is that???????????

peter 5 years ago

go to youtube goldring 2012 rysa vids

Michelle Gray 5 years ago

I want everyone to follow their intuition and their soul's calling. You are all capable of doing this. Remember the law of attraction, focus on what you do want and not your fears. I'm a rainbow being who had a very important life mission and along with negative entities and other things I failed to make it. So, this is your time and you are capable of doing this. Meditate and let the angelic realm help you get there.

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