2012's Top 5 Doomsday Websites

Laser Toward Milky Way (photographed in Russia in 2010)
Laser Toward Milky Way (photographed in Russia in 2010) | Source

See Them Before They're History

The oldest. The scariest. The most Christian. The most New Age. The root source. Visit the now-historic sites that predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012:

1. December212012.org. "Prepare to LIVE or Prepare to DIE," said the banner at December 212012.org, showing in blood-red the countdown to unspecified global disaster. But nothing happened, so today it sometimes says instead "Welcome to our New Beginning." Based in Bullitt County, Kentucky (Bigfoot territory), December212012.org called itself "the official site," and it also owned December212012.com., .net, and .info, all of them sources of alarmist 2012 reports and a video predicting that a solar "electronic hurricane" would fritz all our devices and ignite volcanoes. Its 2012 shop sold out some items but will still sell you an East German gas mask. The online list of 2012 "believers" has been erased, probably to the great relief of all who signed it.

2. 2012apocalypse.net was all scary with mushroom clouds and eerie coincidences but it doesn't look as healthy as it used to. It whipped together the Mayans, astrology, Revelations, NASA (the sun's "flip" in 2001 and 2012), and the prophecies of Nostradamus to argue that 2012 was to be "a point of destruction and near annihilation which transitions into a world of spirituality never experienced on earth. World peace after a costly lesson for mankind and its creatures." Ultimately, the site says, stretching coincidence as far as it will go, the "costly lesson" will be the fault of an "Evil Trinity" of Middle Eastern leaders. Maybe that will still happen?

3. EndoftheWorld2012.net looked nefarious, describing 2012's potential for biological warfare or a disastrous brush with an earth-sized planet named Nibiru. But today it triumphantly says, "December 21 2012 was not end of the world! Just like we said all along!" That's true. It always held that the Bible, the ultimate authority, says we will not know the day or hour of our end, and if we think it's 2012 it probably isn't. And it wasn't. Now then, site visitors: Armageddon or not, we will all die, so the real issue is: Are you Christian, saved, and going to Heaven? The site's Good Person Test -- which nobody can pass -- will bare the truth.

4. 2012-Spiritual-Growth-Prophecies.com, for those who call troubled children "Indigo" or "Crystal" children, or otherwise try to make a chaotic universe seem like a pleasantly scented suburban home, says 2012 planted the seed of our personal growth and we will soon be rid of the horrors of money and power and have a calm New Age of spirituality and unity. It still says that if you must, you can survive on blue-green algae and whole-grain salt. This "positivity" site, with many long articles by a self-actualized author, can still be mined for real gems, such as a YouTube interview with a Mayan elder.

5. Lawoftime.org. Dr. Jose Arguelles, who died in March 2011, is the person most often credited with sparking 2012 mania with his 1987 book The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology. His opinions survive him at his website, Lawoftime.org. Arguelles believed that our current calendar created "the whole structure of civilization" that is "coming apart at the seams," and in 2012 we must return to the 13-month lunar calendar to clean out the "karmic logjam" in the "noosphere" or cloud of thought that surrounds our planet. His site still sells books and almanacs. It's been amended to say 2012 AND 2013 are the gateway to a "purified humanity."

Sylvia Sky writes about occult and spiritual matters. Copyright 2013 by Sylvia Sky.

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MsDora profile image

MsDora 5 years ago from The Caribbean

Thanks for sharing this information. Unfamiliar with all except the Mayan calendar issue. Would rather believe the Bible that nobody knows when the end will be; and that there is a Bible way to survive it.

One of us 5 years ago

Let us live this moment. Not worry about anything as long as we do constructive and honest activities. Let people everywhere be happy, healthy. If you believe in God pray. Think good , talk good be good let every one in the world be happy and be peaceful. Let us live just only this moment (always). Let there be positivity, love, happiness and peace

Austinstar profile image

Austinstar 4 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

Thanks for the links. I find all of this stuff rather fascinating. I'll be going to Chichen Itza for the big event. After all, it only happens once every 5,125 years!

Smartypants 4 years ago

God help us all.

Jk, funny article.

Smartypants 4 years ago

Also, the only way to win the Good Person test is not to play at all. We're all going to hell.

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