Free 2014 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions

The water bearer or Aquarius is perhaps the most free spirited and universal among all zodiac signs. They love company and spend a lot of time with friends. It helps that Aquarians are good communicators and hence enjoy popularity in their circle. The flip side to the character of an Aquarian is that they may not feel comfortable discussing emotional matters with even close friends, thus giving the impression of a detached character. Let us take a look at what the stars have to say about Aquarius horoscope for the year 2014.


2014 Aquarius Love Horoscope

The typical Aquarian will enjoy a satisfactory and contended love life this year. Romance is on the cards. Try not to be extravagant when it comes to showering love on your partner; win his/her attention through simple deeds and gifts. The stars predict the middle of the year as the perfect time to take the relationship to the next level. A relationship from the past may crop up to disrupt your present; try not to fall into the trap. Concentrate on your present and discuss matters of the heart with the family if required. If you are married and have children, devote more time for the kids. Avoid chastising the children; show love to minimize quarrels with your partner.

2014 Aquarius Career and Business Horoscope

The career graph may take a revolutionary turn this year. New avenues may open up for you to explore and it is worthwhile since success in business and career matters is on the cards. Pamper your interests and artistic side this year. If possible, take up freelancing jobs only to satisfy your creative acumen. Hard work will be rewarded with praise if not money!

2014 Aquarius Health Horoscope

Aquarians will generally feel healthy and show great vitality this year. However, stress in the workplace and tension in personal life must be avoided if you want to ensure good mental health throughout the year. Try to put off your own feelings and emotions in the latter half of the year, as they may be detrimental to long term health. Remember to take daily prescribed medicines to keep fit and stay away from very rich food! Start meditating to establish a healthier lifestyle.

2014 Aquarius Money and Finance Horoscope

Your general financial condition is stable this year; you do not have to worry much about monetary matters. Your material desires also take a back seat this year. However, this does not mean that you can afford to show complacency about money matters. Proper money planning and management is required, since you will be concentrating more on creative satisfaction rather than your job this year. The middle of the year may involve spending of a huge sum of money for self or family. In order not to jeopardize the financial future, start spending less and saving up from the beginning. In general, money matters remain slow in the first half, improving only towards year end.

Aquarius Horoscope 2014

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