Wanted: Just 318

Abram demolished 4 kingdoms with only 318 men (Gen.14). Scripture is careful to point out that these were trained men born in Abram’s household. They were disciplined by Abram, God’s man of faith, and trained to fight well.

Of course, God wants all men to be saved. No doubt about that. And we should keep sharing the Word to as many, as the Spirit leads. Still, God further seeks men and women who’d dare go deeper and higher with Him—His elite forces—well trained and disciplined, designed to demolish enemy strongholds, to tie up the strongman.

Gideon had 300 men demolishing a whole army. Well, not exactly them; but God chose them to blow horns and raise torches that symbolized God’s vengeance. God demolished their enemies. A measly 400 men were with David against Saul’s army—and other pagan armies. Elijah was a solo warrior against the 850 Baal and Ashtoreth prophets of Jezebel. Jesus started with 12.

Elite Commando Units

Abram ran after 4 kings to rescue Lot, topmost of whom was King Kedorlaomer who subjugated 5 kingdoms, aside from the 3 allied with him who also looked like his underdogs. Kedorlaomer was powerful, to say the least. If 5 kingdoms could not topple him, what more 318 shepherds of a mere farm owner?

Scripture says Abram lost no time pursuing after Kedorlaomer. He took his 318 trained men and went to war. He didn’t stop to think whether his 318 could fight or win. He just decided to go. See that confidence in his trained men? They were always battle ready. Do you have such men in your church? 

Special Action Force Operation

The 318 had been undergoing training, war or no war. The training went day to day, week to week, month to month, and year after year. No let up. So when war time came, they were ready to fight. And not just fight—they were ready for special commando operations. They were ready to dispossess the enemy and demolish them. Elite, fast, accurate, fearless, and terrible. Record shows no hostage died in the rescue; not one wounded. And every thing stolen was recovered.

Most churches today have nothing but potential hostages. All they’re trained for is Sunday worship parties—special numbers, choir, presiding, worship leading, Sunday school teaching, leading in prayer, manning the church board, and afternoon party fellowships. Their Sunday programs are playgrounds for immature people to feed their egos on. They're just a happy bunch, period. They’re experts at church politics. But they’re never trained for spiritual warfare—in fact most of them don’t even know there’s war. They do not know how to dispossess and demolish the enemy. They’re ignorant how to tie up the strongman. Knowing in depth Kingdom spiritual tactics and rigid training in them, plus more, is what it means to be genuinely Christ-like.

Jesus came to destroy the enemy’s work (1Jn.3.8), so genuine Christ-likeness means, among other things, demolishing Satan’s work. Church people, like the 318, should be well trained for this, year after year. If a church does not destroy Satan’s work, it might as well close shop.

Church worship and bible study are powerful—IF powerfully backed up by deep Word meditation from the Holy Spirit that radically changes us to live the radical Jesus LIFE (every bit of Jesus DNA cell in us) and be promoted in spiritual stature. But as it is, worship and bible studies are just men’s programs to entertain, showbiz with some bible verse quotations and preaching. Most churches today do not have elite forces, something of Abram’s 318 in spirit.

A Fierce Warrior at 75!

Abram went to war with 4 kings when he was more than 75 years old! You see, elite training in the Spirit makes us better and stronger as we age. Men’s church programs just make you older and more difficult, period. I know what I’m talking about—I’ve seen them. And I’ve seen some missionaries who seem nice (that’s what being Christ-like is to them) and ever smiling, but this is because they have nice air-conditioned cars and homes and their pay in dollars makes them live very comfy lives in the Third World. They’re not elite warriors of God; they’re elite church socialites.

See Abram’s odds? About 80 years old, with only 318 men, and fighting 4 kingdoms. Now, to better appreciate the odds, let’s look at the kingdoms more closely. A kingdom army that time would number about 100k soldiers—charioteers and foot soldiers, heavily armed and well trained. And that’s a conservative estimate. Some kingdoms have 300k to 500k. With the looks of Kedorlaomer, his army probably was among the best in the world.

Now, here was grampa Abram. If we assume that each kingdom had 100k soldiers, Abram faced 400,000 fully equipped and trained soldiers. The Word says he divided his men to fight the 4 kings. So, let’s say he divided them into four. So that’s some 79 men per enemy army of 100,000. Now, really, what could 79 commandos do against 100,000 battle-hardened soldiers? To make matters worse, Abram and his 318 ran after their enemies “as far as Dan,” and later, “pursuing them as far as Hobah,” so that means they travelled long distances in the hot desert, grew tired, hungry and thirsty. Their enemies had the extra advantage of just sitting there waiting for them.

The Secret to Victory

What made them demolish the 4 kings so easily?

1.      God of Abraham. It’s very important that you have God as your God, and you’re in the center of His Will. Lot was also godly, says Peter in his second letter. But the problem was, he chose to walk out of God’s will and opted for what his fleshly eyes saw as a land as beautiful as God’s garden and Egypt (Gen.13.10). He wanted to get both worlds—God’s and man’s. You cannot enjoy Egypt, the land of slavery that time, and God’s Eden at the same time. You just opt for one master.

2.      The man of God. It’s important to note that among vital principles in spiritual warfare is that you’re under strict training by an Abram—a genuine man of God who has direct access to God through a strong faith. Lot separated from the man of God and lost his protection covering. He was easily captured by the enemy. The same happens today. If you’re not under the discipleship or fathering system of a genuine man of God, you have no protection covering. And a genuine man of God does not hide in his denominational title or degree. Like in Abraham’s case, everything is directly God-given and supernatural.

3.      God’s Fathering System. Abram’s 318 grew up in his household. That’s fathering and genuine discipleship. They were not hired or invited at the spur of the moment. Neither were they mere members of Abram’s fans club (like some church members are). They grew up before Abram, as Jesus grew up before the Father (Isa.53.2). God’s elite forces in church must be under a genuine Jesus-style discipleship and fathering. Even Abram gave tithes to Melchizedec, showing him to be Abram’s personal man of God. God’s elite forces will be trained to locate and demolish enemy strongholds. One of them can destroy a thousand, and ten of them can destroy hundreds of thousands.

4.      Determination to Shun Rewards from the Enemy. Abram swore to God that he won’t take even a thread from Sodom’s king so that this king would not be able to claim he made Abram rich. Some churches today get rich using the world’s systems. They beg for money, donations, and solicitations, and later end up being controlled or influenced by their benefactors.

No wonder Abram was reluctant to fight his nephew Lot earlier. If Lot and his men were easily captured and enslaved by the 4 kings, Abram’s 318 men would’ve been super no match for them. If Lot were wiser, he should’ve just humbled himself and his men to the genuine man of God.

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lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

Great hub! I never though of that account with all the detail you included. Thanks again for a job well done.

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