5 Good Christian Resource Websites

As I am intercessor, I like to have details. I thought it might be useful to write a hub on some of the websites I have come across. These can be used for personal use or Alternatively for resources that will help motivate your church into prayer or action.

The Joshua Project

The Joshua Project is a not for profit initiative that seeks to profile the people groups of the world that have the least amount or no Christian connection. It has a wealth of information, statistics, maps, and background information. If you are looking to have a focus on unreached peoples in your church, there are ready made powerpoints to highlight the need. There are also maps, articles, videos and prayer cards that can be downloaded free. The prayer cards can be printed off which would be great visual aids to help focusing intercession or prayer and bible study groups. If you have a website or blog, there is a free widget that you can add so that yo can have an "unreached people group of the day " highlighted. Whether you are wanting to pray by yourself or motivate your church this is a fantastic website.

Mission Atlas Project

This project provides maps detailed information on evangelisation. It allows you to click on maps and then get detailed information on the percentage of Christian impact or church plants are within areas of the world. This project also has a Ministry tracking system where yo can track the impact of your church or missionaries are and load data. A very useful tool.

The Sword Project

The Sword Project is a free Bible software project. This project has open source Bible versions and commentaries that are issued under Gnu General Public License. There are a wealth of resources there. Setting you free from all rights reserved!

Bible Gateway

Have you ever been doing some work on the pc and want to refer to a bible passage? Bible Gateway is a way of viewing and researching the Bible online. Bible Gateway has a host of translations and versions of the bible that you can access free. It has a Keyword search and topical search facility. A great online resource.


Worldshare is a Uk based organisation which aims to support indigenous partner agencies to sustain and active witness in their community.They have a project called Gift of Hope, where people can donate items like an arabic Bible, train an bible college student in Africa or give an animal. If you want a Big project to support they have Mega projects which are ideal for the a bigger target vision for your church to get behind. The down side to the site is that the online catalalogue and donation system is perhaps not the smoothest or nicest but it does the job. I like worldshare as it has things for people on a small or larger budget.

Well there we go, that is a whistlestop tour of some websites that I find useful. Hope they are of use to you!

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