Our dear Katrina Hodge

Swim suit
Swim suit
A modestly clad beauty queen
A modestly clad beauty queen
Competing in pageants
Competing in pageants

Katrina Hodge, a soldier in the british army who not only became famous for her bravery in disarming a suspected soldier when she served at Iraq but is presently the rave of the moment for convincing the organisers of the Miss England pageant to drop the swimsuit portion of the pageant. Her first reason is that swimsuits are irrelevant as winners are hardly asked to appear in swimwear for public events while the second reason she gave is the courage it takes which summed it up in her very words "I think it's nerve-racking enough to girls to get up on a stage and speak, let alone in a swimsuit." This drew the ire of some people who threatened that they will not watch the pageant should that be discontinued.

I support Katrina Hodge a 100 percent because I have always had one or two things against having to put women through something called “Beauty pageant” in the first place. When beauty pageant was introduced for the first time in a school I once attended 16 years ago, all my friends tried their best to persuade me to participate as according to them I have the best figure and look more beautiful than all the few female students in the school (as majority of the students were male). Instead of allowing my ego to be stroked and oiled by those compliments and making a dash for the prize, I thanked my friends and disagreed arguing that I do not see reason why I should go and strut my stuffs before all and sundry to get their validation that I am beautifully and wonderfully made by God. As I grew and became more exposed I did become less rigid of that notion I had of beauty pageants especially on learning the opportunities it has afforded winners over the years to improve the quality of life of the less privileged and impact positively in our world. I have come to know the invaluable importance of models to designers as one needs such to be able to showcase, advertise and market one’s product very well, I am also happy that the modelling career has shot some women like Tyra Banks, Oluchi, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum to stardom, fame and better quality of life. In as much as I now agree with such pageants, like Katrina Hodge I do not think that swimsuits should be worn therein for the following reasons:


Women should not be made to go through that level of indignity in an effort to outdo one another. A beauty pageant should be about how a woman composes herself, thinks, behave better than other women. It should be a celebration of a total modest woman. When women compete in swimsuits the message been sent out bypasses all level of modesty and sounds like “ Check me out, am I not better than them all?”. It degrades women and every thing women are worth, it is an affront on our dignity that should not be encouraged but rather discouraged as Miss Katrina did. Her ability to speak out is worth commending.


Voyeurism is a sexual disorder also known as paraphilia in which the sufferer gets sexual kicks and satisfaction from watching people in an undressed state or people engaged in intimate behaviours. This definitely is a disorder and it should not be fed by having ladies wear swimsuits in such competitions. We as a society should condemn and help eradicate disorders that are unhealthy and are dangerous to our society like paraphilia, paedophilia, incest etc. Social activities that feed such disorders should not be encouraged one bit or it can boomerang on us and affect us all in one way or the other. Let us keep our society healthy and pain free, some families and individuals have been ruined by such misfits. If you do not know the gravities of these, the two hubs below will give you an inkling.

Incarceration, castration or execution -- attempts to control the dangerous, violent sex offender-Inmartin

How I became a sex offender-- By Bepop, edited by Inmartin

Why should we feed these disorders and have people undress in pageants?


When women are made to strip down to swimsuits and show every spot and moles on their body, it simply makes some of them who do not like every part of their body to have complexes. Women are more fragile than one can imagine which is why I try my best to commend one thing or the other in every woman I come across since I was a child. Give some women positive comments and she will smile and be happy all over the place, tell her that a part of her body are not that good looking and she will watch that part of her body a million times in front of a mirror and cry in the secret of her bedroom. Women should not be made to show every nook and cranny of their body all for beauty pageants.


Plastic surgery is now a form of sophistication to most women and it all stems from our inability to accept some of our body parts as they are. Swimsuits enable women glances at their competitor's skin and body and some become obsessed with whatever they see that they feel is better than theirs to the point of changing it with their last dime. Some of us prefer to have body shapes that are validated as beautiful by the society; many have been known to even change their race through such operations. In as much as these give them the joy of being beautiful and being considered beautiful people lose their lives in the course of such operations. We all have heard of women who died nipping, cutting and tucking their buttocks and stomachs. Such vanity! One of my hubs below

The Joneses Syndrome: accept yourself and conquer the inadequacies that make you strive too hard to belong

encouraged us to accept and love ourselves as we are.


Yes! When a woman shows off her every detail through the swimsuit and gets some mark for whatever the judges consider good attributes, the woman is inadvertently being credited for creating every atom of her body. The swimsuits are better left to be worn in swimming pools where they belong. We did not create ourselves, did we? Why should one be credited for the shapes one was graciously given during creation? Let us give credit to whom all glory belong to: God! It is through him such wonderfully and beautifully made creatures called women were made. Let us not forget that!


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lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 6 years ago from Alberta and Florida

An interesting view of the sexual politics of the world. I agree with you, in the extent that women are worth far more than their "looks" or their perceived sexual attractiveness as judged by less than neutral judges. In fact, I'd like to do away with images of unattainable goals altogether for our girls. We are complete human beings, not the sum total of our body parts. It is my belief that such pageants are an adverse influence on our girls who face a difficult enough battle in life as it is. Thanks for this excellent hub. Welcome to hubpages, and welcome to a family of writers who hope to express their hopes and dreams for a better world.

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