7 Habits for Better Interpersonal Skills

Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

Good interpersonal skills are key to having positive relationships in your life. It affects how well you relate to your partner, children, boss, co-workers, customers, patients, employees and other family members. Most importantly, it affects how well you relate to yourself. The better developed these skills, the better these relationships become. You will find yourself feeling less stress when dealing with certain people. You will experience more joy, loving-kindness, compassion and gratitude. If you experience difficult relationships, dislike yourself and are overall unhappy, think about developing your interpersonal skills.

In this article, I've outlined 7 habits for developing interpersonal skills. Incorporating these into your life will make a huge difference in how well you love yourself and others.

Peace, Love and Joy

Developed Personality
Developed Personality

7 Habits

  1. Journal daily. Write about your feelings. Either write early in the morning or late at night. Write about what's going on in your head, what's most important or write about the blessings in your life. Once you start keeping a journal, you'll see some self-growth take place. This self-growth or self-awareness improves interpersonal skills..

  2. Connect with Spirit. However you may know spirituality, incorporate it more deeply in your life. You can do this via prayer, meditation or journaling. Connect and feel the spirit bring wisdom and joy into your life. You can use this time as you see fit. For example, you could give thanks, just be or discuss issues. This expands your self awareness into the world of divinity.

  3. Meditate everyday. It is best to practice meditation either early in the morning or late at night. If you are having a tough moment during the day, a deep breathing and centering exercise can quickly bring about calm. Meditation is excellent at clearing the clutter from one's mind and allowing room for decisiveness. It brings about a state of natural bliss and peace. The list of benefits goes on and on. You can meditate in silence, to guided imagery or written media. The Internet provides all the information you need to learn to meditate. Cell phone apps are helpful too. Meditation helps bring more calm and joy into your life.

  4. Volunteer. You can go online and find local groups that match you up with programs that need volunteers. Some examples are hospitals, a hospice, a food bank and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. You could also join a charity, donate old clothes, toys that you no longer need, etc. This is an excellent habit to have, making you more caring and giving.

  5. Be grateful. Set your goal to list the top 100 things you are grateful for. This will take time. Also, you can find cell phone apps that will help you record this list. Or you can keep the list in your journal. It is important to have a gratitude list because it allows you to give thanks for the good things in your life. It puts things into perspective. It puts you in a more positive space, and when you are positive, you attract good things into your life.

  6. Practice Loving-Kindness. This is a particular meditation that can be found on the Internet. There are variations. Try them out until you find the one that serves you best. The one that works well for me has me start with myself first. The rule is love and care for yourself first in order to have the strength to love and care for others. After wishing good will for myself, I start thinking about my immediate family. May they be happy. Then I wish good will for acquaintances, people I know of and then the entire world. This habit develops a special loving quality within you.

  7. Listen more. Stop doing as much talking and start listening more to the people in your life. You'll be surprised at the new things you discover and the new friendships you develop. You could learn more about your boss' family and know everyone by name. Out of loving-kindness, you could ask how so-and-so is doing. This will show your boss that you really pay attention to detail and that you are a caring individual. Listening more develops the personality to a higher dimension where you love and respect people to the utmost standard and earn their love and respect back.

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maisonjr 4 years ago

I have seen great changes in my personality ever since I read this article.Thank you so much.

Nengi 4 years ago

I have got great change now. Am in love with this article. Thank you very much.

YOGESH 4 years ago


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