We Are Living In Crazy Times: 9 Serious Reasons Why



You are always either too young or too old.

2 years old. Too old to be able to distinct phonemes of every language in the world. Too young to be fluent in any language.

12 years old. Too old to play with toys. Too young to go on a date.

15 years old. Too old to believe that your parents were spending time knitting and playing table games when your age. Too young to realize they expect you to do so for your own sake.

18 years old. Too old to sit on your parent’s neck. Too young to live decent life on your own effort.

30 years old. Too old to start training as a professional ballet dancer. Too young to know what you really want in life.

50 years old. Too old to have kids. Too young to raise grandchildren.

99 years old. Too old to live not offending pension fund. Too young to say something meaningful about life.


Being a woman today is not the same as being one in 19th century. You have a full time job in office and another one at home. You’re supposed to be a friend, a lover, a mother, a wife, an educated companion, a professional, a cook, a … . Being a man is not easier at all. You are still expected to be prince charming with thorough professional knowledge, ability to change diapers while having an important business call, to be strong, but tender and understanding.


Working today, is very different from what it used to be as well. In times long ago, you would rise with the dawn and start working - because a cow needs to be milked, because you need to sow the fields. To put in short, because you need to do everyday duties in order to live. I am referring to peasants and workers of course – the main pillar of society of these days. All the others have always been engaged in who knows what. Nowadays in order to work at first you need to find a job. If you cannot find a job, it is not likely for you to suffer hunger and cold, but rather criticism of a society and your own guilty conscience. Similarly, you are not supposed to work only for money, but rather out of loyalty to company, or following your inner calling. The latter is a mysterious thing, because if somebody would have admitted hearing a “calling” to do some crafts in The Middle Ages he would have ended up roasted on the inquisitorial fire.


Education is available to almost everyone, but not many of us comprehend how electricity works. They say, that the last person aware of all scientific achievements of his epoch was Aristotle. Try to imagine Leonardo Da Vinci of our days. It should be someone constructing Self-regenerating cyber robots and launching them into space to play the symphonies of ultrasound. In reality majority of us still cannot figure out how people get in to that tiny box called TV.


We are constantly trying to find an answer, what love really is, as if everybody were experiencing it in a same way. You can find multiple online quizzes to verify that your love is real. It is a little bit confusing, because if people are different, the “loves” they are feeling should be different as well. Yet, not having a date on Friday night is as bad as not having a job. We throw ourselves into relationships just for the sake of not being lonely until we end up even lonelier than before. At least the internet is stuffed with advices on “How to get your ex back”.

Politics and Religion

It’s not politically correct to discuss these topics.


Currently we are living the phase of climate cooling, during which the weather is surprisingly warming due to the pollution.

Bad habits

We used to call bad habit something that is unhealthy for you. Like smoking or excessive drinking. Today everything is unhealthy - food, polluted air and water, even sitting in an armchair is bad for your back. When feeling sick, you need to take medicine, which is harmful as well. Most of the things you see and hear are harmful to your peace of mind. To sum up living itself is a bad habit today.


Let’s think of annual rebranding of flu virus. We had birds flu, pigs flu, and we are looking forward to new flavors. Nowadays, we easily get bored and lose our interest in things, that is why diseases need new names and new tricks. Conception as a whole has changed as well – in The Middle Ages God was sending plague because of our sins, today – because of bad habits.


Given the circumstances staying alive and sane is a heroic deed in our crazy times.

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