I was asleep; it was around two in the morning when I started to wake from an intense burning on my hand. The waking up process went slow, I felt the burning and started to shake my hand and dreamed that I was holding it under cold running water. The burning sensation did not go away, and now even more awake, I sat up and looked at my hand. To see what’s burning, of course. I had a gold ring on my right hand, and in the dark, it seemed almost like it was glowing red so hot was the metal. As fast as you can say no, I yanked the ring off my finger. My finger was hurting and swollen. This was not a good night.

Before I could manage to get up and physically go and hold my hand under some cold water, I noticed God was with me in my bedroom. I wondered why God was here tonight. God began to ask me: “Why do you have cursed objects in your room, while you know I despise idol objects?” Sjoe! That was heavy, God rebuke me for something out of the blue and I don’t even have a clue what He was referring to. But as God is always, so gentle and loving, He softened a bit and began to literally show me the truth what’s going on around me.

God stepped up my own holiness a couple of degrees, that’s when the burning sensation started. Then God stepped up my holiness even more as to my golden light to almost fill the whole room. It was once this added holiness was in me, that I could now clearly see the black shadow like spots around the ring and my computer. It was this holiness that caused the cursed ring to heat up to the point that it literally burned my finger. God told me that it was the power of good against the power of evil, which was causing friction, which was causing the cursed ring to heat up and burn me. God then continued to show me the evil force around my computer that somebody has bought for me. God moved time a little into the future, and right in front of my eyes, I could see how that evil dark shadow has now spread to other items in my room, causing them also to be cursed. Like one bad apple makes the whole lot bad.

God spoke: “I want you to get rid of the cursed items in your room, or else I will not be coming here anymore.” Sjoe, that was heavy too. I was thinking to myself, does God really have an idea how much my computer costs. And that He never gives me any money and I have to beg, borrow and steal for whatever I need? He must be making a joke with me, right? No! He was dead serious!

I wanted to know if I could just anoint the stuff with oil, pray a little and whala, maybe the curse will be gone. God said: “I gave you my answer to get rid of the idol objects, didn’t I?” Ok, that was a dumb idea to ask God such a foolish question. But again God softened after my silly question that must have sounded like I’m trying to temp Him. And as always, my biggest Hero took the situation and turned it around, He used this added dumb question to teach and warn me about something else. God then continued: “Beware from who you receive gifts, not all gifts are given for the intent to bless you. If it comes from a person not from our side, beware. Do not receive such a gift.”

How does this affect your life? Well, if your whole living area ends up cursed, within a cloud of shadow evil living power, able to change your mood, your day, your spouse and..and.. This will not end up in a blessed life, but rather much fighting, sickness, divorce, drugs and so forth. In the past, I usually found that oppression from darkness’s first symptoms is depression and/or anger in people.

Well, God knows me, He knows my heart. I will rather choose to walk in obedience with Him than clings onto a couple of thousand bucks. So I got rid of the cursed ring and the computer. And God was happy and still loving me, for I stay in His love, because I follow His commandments.

God is Love – God is Good – God is Light – and in His Light, we can see the way we must go.


Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

If you wish to receive this Love of God and be one of His very own children and want to go to heaven for ever; if you wish to be free; if you wish for Jesus to help you with everything in your life; and if you do not belong to Jesus Christ yet, pray the following saying the words out loud:

Lord Jesus Christ, I welcome You as my Lord and Savior. I invite You to come live my heart. I ask and thank You for the forgiveness of all my sins. I ask to teach me about You and Your ways. Thank You Lord that I now belong to the Kingdom of Heaven. I receive You now. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Celebrate, you now belong to the Kingdom of Heaven and are a rightful child of God Himself!!

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Comments 40 comments

drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 6 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

I am the FIRST!!!! GREAT story my friend!!! Blessings!!!~

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks Carlotta...you are great also!!! be blessed...

Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

Ghost Whisper 77 6 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

I have heard people say that there is no such thing as 'cursed' objects--but they are so very wrong! I know of this very much and it is true Marliza! Thanks for putting it out there for others to see!

An owl-an arifact-both had bad things around them--THAT I KNOW-DISCERNMENT!! and many little mason jars filled with filth--This is how I know--God told me so!

Great hub!!!

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thank you for visiting Ghost...yes...like I said in my profile..I'm here to tell people the things God showed me and taught me about the second dimension..the spiritual realm..or the paranormal...it's all true...people who had nde (near death experience) or dabbled in the occult or extremely fine tuned in Christians would know what I'm talking about..PS..so remember to get rid of cursed items...if you can burn it, that would be the best...do not hang on to it..no matter what the value or worth of the item...oh..and I'm blessing you right now...lol..so be blessed...ok? :)

Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

Ghost Whisper 77 6 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

I am so blessed-I have no items in my home nor around me--yes discernment and I do know of cursed items. I hear christians saying there is no such thing--but there is--we both know---why others don't? I am not sure--they are good people-love God--those who say this is not true--could it be satans deception again? I dunno.

You be blessed too my lovely friend from South Africa!

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Mmmh, deep Hub. Every so often it's good to anoint the house with oil or pray round the house and Bind or ask any evil spirit to leave.

Also, it's good to bless gifts given to you. I must admit, I don't do this often - but if I was in Africa I would definitely do it often. (that's another story)

Wow, you are a deep being. I must check out more of your Hubs.

Glad I stopped by.

Raymond Tremain profile image

Raymond Tremain 6 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

Yes what you have here is SO TRUE Marliza, many years back when we were given presents from those who did not believe, there was many problems that came into our house, BUT when we got rid of them the problems went as well, we had a wood carved clock as a wedding present it went, a clothes wooden wardrobe new it went and many small wooden gifts all thrown out and burnt, then peace came, yes these things can carry a curse in them also it depends who made them and which country.

We have to be VERY careful in what we receive or buy.

By the way LADY_E never ask evil spirits to leave,COMMAND THEM TO LEAVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS

Unchained Grace profile image

Unchained Grace 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

Marliza, I'm about to take this one step deeper. Recently, Pastor Carlotta wrote a serious Hub on the laying on of hands and the exact same thing goes. Be very careful who you allow to lay hands on you. I'm dead serious.

I'm in total agreement with you as I've seen it happen. God wants these things out of our house and out of our life regardless of the financial risk or supposed benefits.

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Lady E...thank you for visiting...yes..I am a deep person..thank you so much for your compliments...

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Dear Raymond...thank you so much for supporting this revelation with a testimony of your own...this would help build faith and understanding for those who are not familiar with these things...be blessed..

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Unchained Grace...yes...I absolutely agree with you...one should be careful who lay's hands on you...evil spirits can be sent into you rather than driven out...thank you for visiting...be blessed...

jesusmyjoy profile image

jesusmyjoy 6 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

amen and amen..wonderful write

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks for visiting jesusmyjoy...hope to see you again soon.. be blessed... :)

profile image

TattoGuy 6 years ago

Marliza to know you is a joy, yer words just jump out at me, now if only you did lol, great hub, loves ya loads !

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

TattoGuy...yes...thanks for visiting...oh..and I'm having so much fun with your adsence advise... thanks again... :)

2besure profile image

2besure 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

Important hub! Many believers do not realize that spirits can occupy inanimate objects. You have to be careful when buying second hand item and when purchasing trinkets when you travel.

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

That is so true..2besure...I almost forgot about secondhand items and trinkets...I must add those to the above writings as well..thanks..be blessed...

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 6 years ago

Mariza Gunter, Interesting and intense story! It is so very important that we continually welcome the Lord's Presence in our Home! Thank you for sharing, in His love Peace & Blessings!

skye2day profile image

skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Blessings Marliza, Yes sister Christ is using you to touch many. Glory to God. Powerful story. Wow. Thank you sharing the truth. There was no mistake I landed on your hubs. I am pleased to know you. God is so good. He is the way, truth, and life. Christ tells us no idols before us, Amen sister.

I am curious did you get another computer yet? Sending warm hug. In 'His' Name.

Thank you for visiting my hubs, any friend of 'his' is a Friend of mine sister. I have a heart for Africa. The little children that thirst for clean water. One day I believe Christ will Bless me with much to give the cause.

I have a good friend from South Africa. Keep writing sister, you are awesome.

+ + +

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Yes Deborrah...God shocked me cold when He told me that if I didn't get rid of those stuff, that He would not be coming here anymore...and it wasn't even a Buddha doll or something obvious that I maybe would've known that those items are seen by God as idol objects...but just the fact that it belonged to the darkness, qualified them as idol objects...be blessed.. :)

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Hi skye2day...wow...you are too kind, thank you so much for your most pleasant comments...no...God keeps me without money and lots of spiritual power, but I know His reasons why...all that I have people gives to me...but these two items was given by a non christian...ps..did this testimony mean something to you that you said there was no mistake you landed on my hub? If so, please tell me about it...I love to hear when things I've told, registered something important with them, then I can praise and thank God for showing me where His Hands work....many blessings to you!! :)

HOOWANTSTONO profile image

HOOWANTSTONO 6 years ago

XMAS TREE is also an idol and so were Easter eggs and bunnies.

There are millions of little trinkets that are curses etc.

But God has set us free from all of these things so they cant harm you as God says in the bible.

Xmas tree in the Bible

Jer 10:4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

Jer 10:5 They [are] upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also [is it] in them to do good.


Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thank you whowantstoknow for your comment..yes...but I choose to believe God, above my own understanding of the Bible...but I do know that God did always command His people to burn idol items, or to get rid of them or He warned them before a war, not to take any of their enemies possessions back home with them...Jesus..did overthrow the money tables and scattered all the birds and animals...and as you can read how my story went...I did not wish to dare God on my own knowledge and human understanding, and thereby risking that He would never return to my home again for my disobedience...so in my view of His strict warning..then so be it..if God says the moon is blue..then I choose to believe Him, since it's His moon and it can be whatever He chooses it to be...I on the other hand..chose obedience and faith..so will I then be justified more than to start an argument with God on the fact that scripture also said that Jesus became the curse for us and that we can no longer be cursed, since it is all now hanging on the cross...yes..this could be thought provoking..then..I apologize for unnecessary contradiction...peace and many blessings to you... :)

skye2day profile image

skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Hello Marliza!( - : There is 'no mistake I landed here' For starters you are a believer. The Holy Spirit led me here. I think your story is a reminder to me the enemy is large and about lies, deceit and devour.

I have really grown in Christ this last year. When we draw closer to God the enemy 'attacks' can come harder. The GOOD news is the enemy has to flee 'In the Name of Jesus' I am starting a novel and taking a missions class. Glory to God. I had an attack from enemy last week He tried to get me mad at God. He used my health I was very sick. I could barely breath. It was awful. I stood on the promises in scripture. My husband laid hands on me. Gods showed us much. It is all good, because God is good and he loved us first. I am writing a new hub about a long week. your story is a reminder. The enemy is here folks stay close to the living WORD of God. Stand on his words. God will never leave nor forsake us. Dwell in the secret place of the most high. Psalm 31. I hope this helps you. SO we have 'enemy attacks in common' I am stronger in my love and boldness for Christ today. Glory to God, he turned it all for good. He is amazing love. The Light always puts out the dark. Did I make sense? I am tired, so I am a mumble jumbo head right now. Stay in touch sister. Many Blessings

+ + +

Great comment back to whowantstono. Yes, the 'world' gets the bunny and trees, they do not believe. Some Believers get trees and eggs but Christ is on the throne. They do not worship bunnies or trees. Not if they believe. I have a tree at Christmas but do not worship it as an idol or God. I enjoy the tree. If I worshiped the Christmas tree that would be an idol. No thank you to that. God is God. He is in Charge and sits on the thrown. He owns it all. Idols will be brought down. God says 'no other Gods before me' AMEN sister. You speak Gods truth. Hoo speaks truth as well. We are covered by the Blood of Jesus. It does not mean the enemy is not going to try Gods children. He does not have to go after the lost. We do as Gods children. The enemy is doomed he knows it but he is not in hell yet. In the 'Name of Jesus Christ' Peace sis.

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

skye2day...thank you for your reply...thanks for Ps 31..."Dwell in the secret place of the Most High..." those words just came out and jumped at me...many blessings to you too... :)

enchanted13 profile image

enchanted13 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi Marliza! As you already know, you and I have the same beliefs in God and in fact, share some of the same experiences as well... Praise God! I am curious about this though. What made these objects in particular cursed? Was it because of who had given them to you or some other reason and unless God points them out to you, how do we know if we have any?

Thanks Marliza.. your hubs are a blessing and I am sure have brought many to a closer relationship with our Lord! May He continue to bless you!

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Dearest Enchanted...thank you for your comment and question...yes..it was only after God filled my room with His pure Holiness that it was then easy to see which items was cursed...yes...and they were cursed a) because the shops where they were bought does not carry God's blessing and b) the person who gave them to me is mostly of evil intent and not a saved person who belongs to our Kingdom..not all unsaved people give gifts with evil or hateful intent, but this person did...he did not give with a pure intent and a joyous heart...these things were meant to bind me...

TheManWithNoPants profile image

TheManWithNoPants 6 years ago from Tucson, Az.

Hi Marliza,

You made a comment on one of my pieces. I checked out your profile and saw you were a Christian. I'm a Christian, and will be following you. I have some hubs on divinity besides the silly one about Cher. lol


Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Nice to meet you Jim...hope to see you here again...many blessing to you.... :)

Tamarajo profile image

Tamarajo 6 years ago from Southern Minnesota

Just read this yesterday.

Deuteronomy 7:25-26 (New King James Version)

25 You shall burn the carved images of their gods with fire; you shall not covet the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it for yourselves, lest you be snared by it; for it is an abomination to the LORD your God. 26 Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it. You shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing.

I used to have a ring for every finger of my hands. They are gone. I don't know what happened to them as they were all in one place but I think they were something that represented things that stood in the way of my relationship with Him and I believe He took them from me symbolically ridding me of things that were competing for His worship.

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Tamarajo...thank you so much for reading my hub..yes...isn't it strange, how one reads something in God's Word, and just the very next day..well..something happens to affirm His Word...thanks for sharing your testimony with us...many blessing to you... :)

profile image

ash.De 6 years ago

i believe i have a cursed ring in my room from an old EX girlfriend,every since i got it things havnt been the same at home.alot of fighting going on at home,money loss, ect ect....i would just love to know how would i be able to get rid of it? or how do i get rid of it? is there any percific thing i should do? or say?...do i throw it away in the garbage? plz help

god bless

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa Author

ash.De..You could just throw it away, items that can be burned should be burned, but anoint yourself with oil first..you could also pray and cancel all curses and effects that was brought to you by cursed items in Jesus Name..

profile image

Natalie286 6 years ago

Please tell me what you think about Catholic images. Are they cursed?

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA.

Some how I missed this one...and it was once again something I needed to hear! Because of my pass, I know all to well about objects being cursed and seence I have someone who still practices witchcraft living close bye I have to be careful of any object he gives me.I will be more cautious in the futuer!

markplus@ymail.com 5 years ago

Shallom Marliza Gunter,

Can anyone know about the spirit world? can describe what is it like?

please reply to email.

Many thanks & God bless.


Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 5 years ago from South Africa Author

Hi Mark..to tell you about the spirit world would take a whole book... :) it's like a different world within our world. It functions by different laws than humans and they are superior to us in all abilities. You could read all my hubs, it would give you some idea. :)

ps..click on the profile picture on the top right of this page, it will take you to my profile page where these hubs are listed.

Vicky 4 years ago

The bible says to get rid of the cursed object you must:

Break it, if it won't break burn it, if it won't burn bury it. AND say a repentence prayer. See ministry of truth website/cursed idols.

Sarah 4 years ago


I saw your post about cursed objects. I am from a high level production company and we are making a television show about curses, specifically cursed objects. If you, or anyone else you know has a curse, please contact Kendyl. We would like to speak with you if you are interested in coming on the television show.

Thank you.


Snakesmum profile image

Snakesmum 19 months ago from Victoria, Australia

Read your interesting hub, and was wondering why the objects had to be gotten rid of. Couldn't they have been cleansed and exorcised? Or am I just being naive here? Oh Sorry, God told you to get rid of them, so that wasn't an option. Do you believe in exorcism?

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