A Letter to my Angel

I found this photo of you and it made me cry all day.

I sat around and thought of things I wish I could say to you today.

I thought of all the good times and then I cried some more.

You have no idea how much I miss laughing til my face was sore.

I remember how we use to dance, you really truely tried.

I can't take the fact that youre not here, I thought all my tears had dried.

It hurts to see your picture now, before they made me smile.

The pain is just too much to take, even though its been a while.

My love I wish you back each day and still you've yet to show.

I need you now, I need you here, more than you could ever know.

Please sleep with me tonight, hold my hand once more.

Allow me one more chance to say I love you as you walk out of the door.


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