A Pastors Reality

Got the message?

A Pastors Reality

Did you ever wonder why your pastor said good- bye?

It’s different when you request it, then he is the one who’s rejected.

So here you are and there he went, his time and energy spent.

All he could do was done, now your work has just begun.

You must learn through the loss, on God’s tempest you will toss.

Can you take the blame, more important, will you treat your new pastor the same?

How many of you in the pew, just rise and sit on cue?

You did your deed, your heard him preach.

To you it’s his job; for him it’s a mission.

Oh, how he tried to change your condition!

He would study and pray for each message he wrote,

Could it be you were spiritually broke?

So pray for your pastor that’s leaving.

Pray also that God sends a healing.

Love your new Pastor; he now is your neighbor.

For he is just as human as you, and will want to love you too!

Written by; Timely


Timely profile image

Timely 7 years ago from United States Author

Thanks Gicky, I am so glad you stopped in. It is great to have my first fan! More important you were able to relate and will keep the poems message moving in the right places.

God bless you and your work.

Gicky Soriano profile image

Gicky Soriano 7 years ago from California

Timely, you have touched my life with this pastoral/congregational reality check. The poem is searching and convicting. Thank you for this hub. You have a fan. God bless you sister.

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