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A Search and Prayer

The phone rang in the geodesic dome, but not the residence phone. It was the golf shop extension that rang.

Even though the caller had dialed the wrong number this call would make more sense than all the mystery involved in the lack of repair of the dome’s residence phone. Bills stating, “ pay your phone service”. “Why? Would you pay for no service!”, we ask, and a phone that hasn’t worked for five months. The bills arrive regularly five months after breakdown.

The caller asked, “ Do you have Saint Francis of Assisi prayer cards?”

Jack had answered, “ Transcendental Golf, Jack speaking, may I help you?”

Jack thought “ Why would the caller be asking for Saint Francis prayer cards? How would she know I had just finished doing a series of five prayers including the Saint Francis prayer?

Who designed this plot?

A series of five flags, each containing their own prayer, such as, the Serenity Prayer, and the salutation of ‘good morning’, “Namaste”, hung in suspension in the geodesic dome’s family room, tied to the 26 foot high corn plant that had befriended a spiral stair case, as it grew upward into the cupola, centered in the dome, leading to the top of the tower.

Could the caller have seen Saint Francis’ prayer at the golf shop? The colorful flags had also secured their residence and expression at the distribution center for golf balls at the counter.

Jack said, “ I don’t have the prayer card, but I do have the prayer you’re asking for on a flag along with four more prayers and four more flags!”

Jack’s inventory of prayer flags had dwindled, especially just after Christmas time. His reliable source was France Robinson, West Wind Collection, Ashland. Oregon.

The caller replied, “ No, I want the card. Do you have it?

Jack said, “ No I don’t, but please give me your name and phone number, and I’ll call you when I find the prayer card.”

“ Debbie is my name, and here is my phone number. I’m not acquainted with prayer flags”, Debbie said.

As this journey transpired, Jack knew that Debbie’s call seemed correct to her, yet knowing he had a hunch about this mysterious call that could be solved by checking the phone book. What’s the Catholic Book Store phone number that makes its way to Transcendental Golf, by mistake, on occasion?

Jack found his hunch to be correct, in fact, so closely were the numbers connected – 0333 finish, but the prefix and a touch tone phone could slip-up because of the four and seven number being one above or below the other.

Jack called the Catholic Book Store to confirm the request made by Debbie. Steve, the attendent said, “ Oh yes, we have lots of Saint Francis prayer cards.”

Jack said, “ I’m glad. Here’s the story, and this is Debbie’s phone number. She wants that prayer card, no flags!” Steve laughed, Jack continued, please call her right away. I’m sure she’s confused, not knowing she had called the wrong number.”

Steve said, “ What’s the chances of anyone having anything close to Debbie’s request – but you? I’d say ‘slim to none’, and you had taken her phone number, too!”

Jack said, “I’m glad I had researched our phone numbers, Steve. Now if someone calls the Catholic Book Store wanting to ‘strike’ golf balls and you answer, you’ll know why they’ve called you, Steve.”

Ten minutes had gone by and the phone rang once more. Jack thought it’d be Steve saying,“ Success!”, but it was Debbie asking whether I found the prayer card?

“ Yes “, answered Jack, but you need do is call this number.”

“ How many stores do you have and where are you located?”, asked Debbie.

“ Jack could barely contain his laughter and said, “ If I answer that question Debbie, I may slow you down, but here goes.”, said Jack.

After hearing about Tibetan Prayer Flags and why they are stationed in the elements, such as the wind and the prayer Windhorse, the Catholic Book Store phone number, and Transcendental Golf, Debbie said, “See you were supposed to find that prayer card for me!”

Jack said, “ I think Saint Francis designed this plot, but that’s another story Debbie. Stay on the journey. You’re right on track”.

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