A Study On Matthew 7:6

"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.” – Matthew 7:6

            My freshman year of college was a year of pure learning and discovering that taking on too much and sleeping too little is like juggling sumo wrestlers while they wrestle. It never works and you get really weak as day to day life slowly crushes you. You need an escape. One of my escapes my freshman year was playing Tackle football almost every Saturday afternoon with my fellow college friends.

            I was playing receiver one Saturday when one of my friends had invited a beast of a bulldozer that called himself human to come play with us. He was the starting linebacker for MTSU. Somehow, someway, I caught a short pass and was bolting up the sideline. I saw the bulldozer running full speed across the field to cut me off so, out of pure fear and terror, I cut hard to the right and stuck my hand out to cushion any blow my body was about to receive. The result surprised me probably more than anyone else. His momentum carried him past me and the little contact I made with my hand sent him into a flip as I ran for my life to the end zone. You would think I’d be completely psyched that I had just done the impossible, but my focus was on the bulldozer who was now fuming and running with steam and heat.

            I was starting to feel good about myself for being able to avoid him for the next several plays, and I guess now is as good of a time as any to tell you that I’m not telling you this story from my own memory. I personally don’t remember that day. It was the day I received the only concussion that I’ve ever suffered in my life.

            I was told we had lined up and that I had run what is called a flat route, in which I immediately run to the side of the field after the ball is snapped. “Hike,” the friend who had invited the bulldozer said. I was told I ran out to the side of the field just as my friend threw the ball to me. “Threw” is a generous description to his pass. It was more of a lob up in the air, and as I looked for the football, my eyes passed over the image of the bulldozer running at full speed toward me. My friends say that was the moment I yelled, “Why would you do this to me?!” to my friend. Regardless of the certain death that approached me at an exceptional speed, I went for the catch anyway. As the ball touched my hands, the bulldozer thrust his entire body into my chest in a “to form” tackle. My friends watched as my body flew into the air and my head snapped back to crash into the hard dirt ground. The only feeling I remember was the feeling that someone had put their entire fist in my mouth somehow. I had been out cold for a few seconds until I came to and began rolling on the ground in the most pain I had felt in a loooong time. I still don’t remember that entire day, but my friends made sure to remind me of every detail of that play. I actually ended up catching the pass amazingly.

            So many times we invite people into our lives who we know either, don’t know how to care for what’s sacred and valuable in our lives, or just don’t want to care. So many times in our lives we put ourselves in situations or a place that puts what is sacred and valuable in our lives at risk. These people we invite into our lives and who we surround ourselves with our like dogs and pigs because they don’t know how to handle or respect what is sacred to us as Christians. Jesus is telling us not to give people, like this, what is sacred to us because he knows something about us.

            We, as humans, are created to love and worship so that we can have an intimate relationship with our creator, but too many times in our lives we’re like the QB in my football game and just throwing our love, devotion, and worship up in the air. Now, those people who don’t know how to respect us and that precious desire we have deep within our hearts and souls, are in a dead sprint to snatch it away from who our love and devotion should be given to. And Jesus screams out, “Why would you do this to me? I’ve beautifully and wonderfully created you. I’ve come to earth to die the most painful death possible for you. I’ve loved you so unconditionally. I yearn for your love and devotion.”

            His heart breaks for us as he sees us fall away from him. We have this sacred desire deep in our hearts to love and worship Him, and we are constantly lobbing that love and worship up for the temporary self esteem boost and temporary comfort that comes from having a dog’s or pig’s attention. God’s heart breaks when he sees us lobbing the love and devotion He created us to have for Him up in the air.

            I can picture Jesus standing before people, as he’s telling them this, with tears in his eyes because he knows something that we never think about. I can picture Jesus’s heart breaking because he knows what is about to happen. I can picture him screaming out not only, “why would you do this to me,” but, as tears roll down his cheeks, I can picture him saying, “Why would you do that to yourself? If you give this sacred and special ability I’ve given to you to others, they are going to trample it. You’re going to feel as if love doesn’t truly exist, and you are going to feel like love is something that will only hurt you. Giving your love and devotion to dogs and pigs will end in your view of what love truly is being skewed.” And I can see tears flowing from his eyes when he thinks of this perfect love, and desire to be devoted, getting trampled into the dirt and it becoming deformed and unrecognizable. I can see the pain in His heart because He knows that He is the symbol of perfect unconditional love, and that drawing closer to Him is the only way to understand this true, real, and unconditional type of love.

            This is when so many of us fall into abusive relationships or become consumed by idols we put in our lives, because we hold a deformed and trampled love in our hands when we should be putting an unconditional love in God’s hands. We no longer recognize what true and unconditional love looks like. We have a desire to follow a map that has been smeared and rubbed in pain, being let down, abuse, and lies, and we get lost.

            Still, I can see tears rushing from Jesus’s eyes as we follow this smeared and defected map of love and devotion because of the temporary and conditional happiness that it provides. Because, again, Jesus knows something that is impossible for us to see when we are so engulfed in our defected maps. Jesus says, “Look up! Don’t let yourself forget that dogs and pigs don’t know how to handle you with care and can’t give you the love and devotion that you’re seeking in return!” He says, “They will trample and use your love and devotion, but then they are going to turn and tear you into pieces.”

            Jesus knows that, giving all your love and devotion to people and things who don’t have a common goal of being as close to God as possible, is not only going to skew your view of what love and devotion is, but is going to also tear you into pieces. God gave us this Yearning to love and be devoted to Him and to draw closer to Him. He put this empty space in our hearts and souls so that we could have the capability to yearn for him. Jesus is warning us to not try and fill this empty space with people and things who can’t give us what only God can. We project a love and devotion that has to be perfect on people and things that can’t possibly be perfect. We’re trying to set our hearts on God with our gaze on earthly things, which always ends up with us setting our hearts on the edge, watching it tip back and forth, until the people and things in our lives can’t hold what is sacred anymore. And they let our hearts fall. Jesus is trying to warn you to not to give dogs this sacred gift or to throw these jewels to pigs because He knows it will end in you getting hurt and torn into pieces. Don’t let your self fall into a false sense of love and comfort, but allow yourself to cling onto God, who loves unconditionally and perfectly, so that you may know what true love is and be able to clearly see God’s path for your life and relationships. Set your hearts on God alone.

            My challenge to you all today is to not lob up your love and devotion, these sacred and precious things, into the air and hope the right thing is able to grab them. Instead, know that God is longing and yearning to receive our love and devotion, because we serve a jealous God who will send His only Son to live just to die in an effort to show us that He knows better than anyone how to care for us, and He knows better than anyone how to Love us.

Girls, don’t be so quick to give away your sacred and precious gift of love and devotion to the dogs and pigs of our world, but look for the guys who know that the most important thing in a relationship isn’t them, or even you, but its God and His plan for each of you. A guy who is more concerned with drawing your closer to God than drawing you closer to Him. Know that true and unconditional love can only be found through Christ.

Guys, don’t be like dogs and pigs who do not know how to handle a girls love and devotion. Know your most important job is to put what is best for her first, and that will always be to push her first, toward her heavenly father, and second, to her earthly father. She’s first and foremost a daughter of God, secondly a daughter of her earthly father, and thirdly a treasure valued more than gold or silver; protect her, treat her, and view her as such.

My prayer for all of you is that you may feel God’s love for you each and every second of each and every day. My prayer is that you may know that God is yearning for your love and devotion, and He is yearning to show you a love story that is beyond what you could ever imagine. I pray that you will avoid throwing your love and devotion up for grabs and that you will remember that Jesus is who should be purposefully and altogether receiving your love and devotion. Finally, I pray that, girls, you are so close to God that a guy has to seek Him to find you, and guys, that you do nothing but push her draw her closer to God once you find her.

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Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

bulletproofballoo: Sometimes we do not know or realize the treasure we have discovered, until it is too late. We do not take the time to dust it off and examine it for its beauty or worth, and end up disgarding it.

Brother Dave.

bulletproofballoo profile image

bulletproofballoo 6 years ago from Nashville,TN Author

Definitely happens, but I feel that becomes impossible when we are seeking God and we are know His overwhelming love for us. Great thought though! Thanks for the comment!

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