A NEW WAY to capture ghosts on camera

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Back in late 2005 I came up with an idea that had never been tried before in searching for paranormal phenomenon. I approached a film production company who were looking for crew interested in working on a new paranormal show for 2006 and had a meeting with their paranormal investigation team. I told them my concept, they loved it and I was onboard. Unfortunately we only made two episodes before they all had a massive falling out and the whole project was canned. (This was in fact due to an incredible turn of events at the second location we filmed at called Pembroke castle in Wales. WE ACTUALLY RECORDED SOMETHING UNEXPLAINABLE. My wife was the actual person who caught the footage and we still have no idea if what happened was real or someone trying to pull the wool over our eyes? We certainly can’t explain it. The problem is it split the entire production apart. A shame, as my wife and I were having a great time.

If your interested in what happened that night at the castle you can do a search on google for ‘The Pembroke voice’ and see for yourself what my wife caught, plus all the numerous forums with people arguing about this all over the world. (Plus some of my photos in a magazine somewhere?) Personally this is the first time I have spoken about this on the internet as my wife is a private kind of person and does not like any kind of attention on her.

If this really fascinates you and you would like me to write a hub about our 3 days in that castle let me know?

Anyway…now I have discovered you lovely people on hubpages I thought this was the perfect time to share my original idea again so all you ghost hunters out there have another way of trying to capture a ghost on camera. (Just promise me if you do? to show me the results.)

Last but not least, before I get into this I would just like to let you know that my stance on ghosts is completely neutral. I genuinely have no idea if ghosts exist or not? I just love the fact that we don’t know everything in life. If you want proof that the world is a fascinating place, do a search for the hub on ‘Norway Spiral’ Man! I wish I’d witnessed that. OK…enough of the intro…

My idea:

I heard it stated that Mediums can see spirits, ghosts, light anomalies etc…because they can see the faster, higher plains. To use an analogy: Imagine looking at a person riding his or her bicycle past you very fast. When you look at the bicycle’s wheels you can not see the spokes because they are spinning too fast! Only when they slow down and finally stop can you see the spokes that hold the axle and rim together and actually make the wheel what it is. With this example in mind: The reason Mediums can see the spirit world but we cannot…is because they can see the ‘faster’ plains of life that the rest of us cannot…at least this is what they tell us.
If for a minute we assume they are telling us the truth and not pretending, delusional or acting…then it can lead to the realisation that if we also want to see what they see, then we should look at where higher ‘faster’ energy exists in our world.

The logical place to look (for me) is the ‘Electromagnetic Spectrum’. (See visual reference at the top of this page, you can click on it to view full size.)

Just outside of the ‘Visible Light’ spectrum lies (at the less energetic/ longer wavelength end) infrared, then radio waves etc…But! At the other more energetic and higher energy end Ultra-Violet light, then X-Ray, then Gamma/ Cosmos…This is when the pieces came together. I realised when sat watching these paranormal investigation programs that my wife and I love that they always film at night in their ‘supposedly’ haunted locations with infrared!!! Isn’t it obvious to them? They are searching for paranormal manifestations and trying to capture evidence at the wrong end of the spectrum. They should be looking at the higher ‘faster’ end of the spectrum. That is…within the 3 Ultra-Violet spectrums.
These are UVA, UVB and UVC. For practical purposes I realise the most accessible area to observe would be UVA; the part that lies between 400nm and 315nm respectively. The reason being it is the least harmful.

To do these observations there are 2 methods possible that I can think of: The first would be to use a Black light. (Those ultra-violet lights you get in night clubs) By filming/ photographing with this as your light source, it will reflect anything that has the relevant properties, thus allowing us to observe things that would normally be outside of the ‘visible’ light spectrum.

The second method is to place an ‘Ultra-Violet Transmission Filter’ over the lens of the Stills or Movie camera. As this filter will block all waves except ultraviolet waves, we will only be observing phenomenon that is visible in the ultraviolet spectrum. By combining both methods we can try to cover both ultraviolet ‘reflective’ and ‘transmitting’ objects/ manifestations.

This lead to my second idea regarding infrared:

Whilst thinking about the 2 methods to cover observations in ultraviolet light, I realised this could also be applied to observations in the infrared area of the electromagnetic spectrum: All modern video cameras that can film in infrared basically have an infrared emitting source that then reflects those infrared waves off objects and the camera captures these reflected images. So to try and capture any infrared waves within an area, we apply the same method as before: In other words place an ‘infrared transmission filter’ onto a stills or movie camera and try to capture an image this way! Although this is still at the less energetic end of the electromagnetic spectrum, it would be interesting to see if orbs (light anomalies) can still be caught on camera?

The final obvious realisation with this experiment is that if a result did occur in a ‘haunted’ location, the same experiment would have to be carried out in a ‘non-haunted’ location to see if the same results can be duplicated? If so then this would still be a new observed phenomenon, just not necessarily paranormal in origin. One final point: The same rule would apply as with most experiments, the more it is carried out, refined and controlled the more conclusive the results will be.

If you are not asleep by this stage and want to try this technique, please read my hub Ultra-Violet Ghost Hunting (I'll type it straight after this one) as it will provide some technical advise that I realise needs to be considered and also expands on the idea above.

Happy hunting. I hope this made sense, please feel free to ask me questions on any of the above hub :o)



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Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Awesome hub Peter!

Peter Creighton profile image

Peter Creighton 6 years ago from High Peak, UK Author

Thanks Michael :o)

chris 5 years ago

how do you capture ghosts in a basement of your own


Peter Creighton profile image

Peter Creighton 5 years ago from High Peak, UK Author

So sorry for not replying sooner. I've been so busy I haven't been near hubpages! This is what I've been upto if your interested? http://dreamingwithmykin.blogspot.com/

Anyway ...

Your basement, this sounds fascinating. If it's haunted them I for one am very jealous :) To capture them - I would try maybe using a sound recording device first. Maybe an mp3 dictaphone. Either one that is triggered by noise or just leave one recording and hope for the best. BUT before you spend money ask yourself this: "Why do I want to capture them?" Is it for proof to yourself or for others. Are you uncertain and want to figure out if it is actually haunted. If it is paranormal will that scare you or thrill you? Do you really want to know? Damn interesting question though. :)

DatapawWolf profile image

DatapawWolf 4 years ago

You never wrote "Ultra-Violet Ghost Hunting." :( I simply love this idea. I've wanted to test this out for myself ever since seeing Ghost Adventures use a video camera to see ultra-violet light.

Problem is, I don't have the slightest clue of what equipment would be needed. I really don't want to do simple camera shots; I'm looking for a way to actually continuously record in the ultra-violet light spectrum, and at a range of around 300ft.

By Lori profile image

By Lori 3 years ago from USA

Yes write the third Hub ! Your idea here is great too - very interesting. I hope you go on with some wonderful investigations. I don't like to say ghost "hunting" though.

And I have seen ghosts or spirits, they do exist. I can't see them all the time but it has happened to me.

You might like the books Doris Stokes wrote - she was an excellent medium. I wrote a Hub about her. But her autobiographies were so convincing and uplifting.

Peter Creighton profile image

Peter Creighton 3 years ago from High Peak, UK Author

Thanks Lori. I will have a look. Sorry for late response, I haven't actually been on hubpages for months and months! Best get back on here. :)

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