Could We Be Considered, a Family?

Just a thought caused by this reasoning.

We learn about life, first by family. We are mindful that it is family that forms our foundation. We are grateful for those who have shaped our beliefs and given us strength. We must remember whose beliefs and strenghts, we are shaping.

Try to keep that thought, throughout our daily lives.

Try to make this a time of grace and blessings. In our joys and struggles may we live as we are called to live: As a family, we are united in love. Ready to forgive, encourage, and be kind.

Remember to help out the family members that are hurting, lonely and alienated. Remember too, those who are distant from the family. When we reach out our hand may they feel our touch.

What are your thoughts?

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lori763 profile image

lori763 8 years ago from SWFL

Yes, I agree. Families need to take more time to really listen to each other. Being heard by another human who cares is very powerful.

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