What Will You Do

Will you stand for the truth? What if your pastor announced a change with in your church that is heresy to Christianity? Would you stay and fight it out for pure doctrine or would you leave? Or are you blinded enough to think it could never happen in your church? So with these questions let me ask one more, are you ready for Jesus to come back and see the state of apostasy the church has decayed to? 

Jesus will soon return, are you ready

Prophecy is being fulfilled at an increasing rate these days and one of those is apostasy of the church. Preachers are preaching with itching ears. They hear what the congregation wants them to preach and that is what is spewed out week to week. Back to some questions, if that is ok? When was the last time you heard a good old fashioned Hell fire and brimstone message from the pulpit? Not from a street preacher preaching doom and gloom but a real, old fashioned, Thus saith The LORD GOD message. When was the last time you heard a pastor leading his flock, shepherding the people by preaching on sin and confessing your sin at the altar before God Almighty? 


Furthering this approach let me ask a few more questions and I will get onto my message. When was the last time you heard an evangelist preach one particular sin? Did he preach on, lust? Envy? Strife? Depression? Coveting? I can go on with listing sin! This in no way is meant to be a tolerance sermon. Tolerance is sin in my book. Yes, you heard me correctly. The act of tolerance, allowing humanistic views has corrupted our churches today and has ushered in the Apostasy of the last days. Have you heard a message lately on alcoholism? I do not believe it is a disease, it is sin that has caused it. Drug addiction? Again, sinful desire. Homosexuality? Once more sin from, pride. I know with these last few I have lost some readers, hopping on to another hub or listeners closing a deaf ear to the truth. There is only black and white with our Holy, Sovereign, God, sin is sin, period.

The Message

How many of these sins and more are we all guilty of? Yes, I did say we all. I include myself, for I am living in a fleshly body also. I do know though I have a mediator an advocate between me and God and that is Christ Jesus. He bore the sin of my flesh nailing it to His cross so I bare it no more. Praise God!

But brother Michael you say, I am a pretty good person. God loves me as I am. And, if I am a pretty good person not hurting others by how I live then I am ok! Yeah, by whose standards? By God's standards?

God gave us standards to live by, He gave us His law. Let us take a simple journey through the law of God and see if we meet His standards. Are you willing to do that? Ok, let me start.

So you think you are a good person let's see. Keep in mind by breaking even just one of God's laws you are condemned. You are unworthy of being in the very presence of God.

1. Have you ever told a lie? Come on be totally honest here. Then what does that make you? Correct a liar.

2. Have you ever stolen anything? Taken something that did not belong to you without rightful permission? It does not matter the value. What does that make you? Correct again, it makes you a thief.

3. Have you ever taken the name of God or Jesus in vain? In a matter of disgust? What does that make you? Right you are, a blasphemer.

We have discussed just three of God's commandments and so far, more than likely all of us have failed to live up to the expectations of God. That in itself leaves us condemned. Without God!

4. Have you ever committed adultery? You may so no, no way, but, Jesus said whoever looks on a woman with lust in his heart is guilty of adultery. Yeah, this one used to get me, I had this problem until I gave my life totally over to God and became a new creation in Christ.

Are you converted

So you have failed the test and by your own admission you are a lying, thief, guilty of adultery, and a blasphemer. Are you guilty of murder too? See Jesus said whoever holds hate in their heart for another is guilty of murder in his heart. My dear friends I have been there too, I harbored such hatred in my heart for so many years only the Spirit of God could soften this hardened heart. The good news is He loves you so much He is not willing that you perish but become whole and cleansed. Not just a little religious but converted. Converted to His way, His life, His truth. Romans says all have sinned, there is none righteous, none that doeth good. It goes on to say the wages, what we would receive if we were paid for our sin, is death. Death here is eternal separation from God. It all sounds so bleak doesn't it? Paul was not done in the book of Romans yet, he went on to give us our hope.

In Romans 5:8 But, God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. There is our hope. There is our peace. Jesus said come unto me all ye that are weak and heavy ladened and I will give you rest. Lay the bond of sin on Jesus. Ask Him into your life to forgive you and change you. II Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

I have found that newness in Him, and you can too. It matters not where you have been He will take you in. Jesus said he that comes to me I will in no wise cast out. He wants you to come. Will you come before Jesus today, He is waiting.

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Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 5 years ago from Roseville, CA

AMEN! How many preachers would NOT have a congregation, if they really preached the unadulterated Word? Oh, praise God we have HOPE and redemption in Christ! We DO need to see our sin as God does. It keeps us ever humble and thankful to Him for what He's done. All the more we seek to know Him and please Him, which can only be accomplished by faith. Without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God! By grace we are SAVED through FAITH, amen! Faith in Christ produces transformation, regeneration!! We should be ever growing in Him. Thank you for your holy boldness, brother! God bless you!!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Wow what a reply, I am having revival right here right now from this writing and your reply within just a few seconds of publishing this hub, it is amazing sometimes to the AWESOMENESS of GOD!

aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 5 years ago from Malaga, Spain

Hi Michael, I would guess that you are familiar with Ray Comfort and his evangelistic works! Well done!

I have used his tracts many times, and supplied them to other evangelists to use, but we need to be prepared to disciple those we bring conviction to or they will end up in Apostate churches.

I heard a pastor (my former one) castigate another pastor for preaching what Ray presents to the world, yes you will lose readers, but you will also reach that lost sheep, and that is more important than readers.

Check out ApostasyNow dot com, been online since 1991 and preaching well since then, you will learn the next stage, it may frighten you, but it will move you forward.

Do NOT adopt it 100%, it's a staging post, not a destination.


3 John 2 to you!

skye2day profile image

skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Hello Michael Very GOOD Thank YOU precious wondrous Jesus Christ for coming for sinners. We all fall short!

Many churches have twisted scripture to keep em coming in the doors and they will not stand!!

God does want us to have burning fire in us not lukewarm!

Keep sharing the truth Michael. The ones that have left Bless them maybe seeds were planted on their hearts. I have had some leave my hubs too. It is all good GOD will send more I can only pray somewhere these individuals were touched. They must have been or they would not have left. Let us pray their hearts are softened to the truth of Jesus Christ. Praise God mine was.

I keep working at being made more Holy in Jesus. We must keep our minds Renewed in His living Word. So you keep on Michael. Keep touching and preachin it bro In truth and In His name. U will Phil 4:13

I pray many are led to your works for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming soon. Hurry Jesus. I love ya brother. You keep on and on In Him. Hugs Galore.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 5 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


Sin is a lost topic in churches anymore. I think that helps to explain why America is so spiritually poor. Someone needs to stand up and preach, "Thus saith the Lord." Thank you for doing so. Keep it coming!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Yes I am familiar with Ray Comfort's evangelism series and teachings. One of my best friends teaches his courses here and I am interested in going to L.A. to take his 3 day class. Yes, I o agree we need to disciple those that come to know Christ and help them in their new creation to grow. Thanks so much for your input and the website suggestion will look it up soon.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, this verse has never meant so much to me as it does now. Thank you so much for the awesome reply, yes we need to be on fire for God and PRAISE GOD TAmmy and I are. Not to boast on ourselves at all but rather that is the only place we want to be, we know the times we are living in and want to reach as many as we possibly are able. I too feel if people leave this as they read it from not being in agreement it is because they are offended or convicted of their very own sin, may God keep that conviction in them, Amen Praise God. Keep up the good work and let God lead.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Yes sin is a forgotten subject, pastors would rather keep the audience than preach a message that offends the corrupted heart and brings conviction. They want the attendance because that is what brings the money. Then some flat out deny the presence of sin in their church, been through that one too.

tinamarie9884 5 years ago

Michael, Thank you for such an excellent hub, very well written, it could not have been written any better. I am glad that I took the time to stop by!!

Chasuk 5 years ago

I'm disappointed, Michael. You didn't seem like the type who censored dissenting opinion. Oh, well. C'est la vie.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

tina thanks again glad to have your support

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Chasuk, I don't mind someone who disagrees with me, I know what I wrote is God's truth. As far as deleting your comment that was being up too late with eyes that should have been closed in sleep my apologies. Dissenting opinion though I feel is best left to forums instead one's hubs. C'est la vie hey I took French a couple years and that is one I remember. Plus you did help me out this time last year on the strawberry problems I had. So no I didn't intentionally knock your comment out.

Chasuk 5 years ago

@Michael: Thank you for your reply, Michael. No problem. :-)

Jisblessed profile image

Jisblessed 5 years ago

Interesting hub, It's the way I heard it preached for years. But what about grace and truth that came through Jesus? What is grace? What is truth? What does Romans 8;1 means? It's like a mixed message of law and grace, somewhat confusing. Wondering.

SaiKit profile image

SaiKit 5 years ago from Toronto

As I read your hub I feel a sense of peace, because I know there is a guy here who is preaching against sins, and know the End Time is near. Time to pray brother. Let intercede for the nations and the people around us, that they may go back to the biblical churches and prepare for the Rapture by giving to the poor, preach the gospel, heal the sick, adopt children, build true churches, and pray.

hemustincrease 5 years ago

Good hub. I am very blessed to attend a church where preaching is 100% from the Word of God, without any watering down. @ Jisblessed. The law reveals to us Gods glory. His character. His image. If we are honest, it then exposes our shortcomings. We can see that we do not glorify God. We don’t look like Him at all (morally). (We all fall short of the glory/law of God). Any transgression of that law is punishable because God is just. Christs death and resurrection meant that Gods wrath against sin was redirected to His Son, and those who trust in Him, are set free from the condemnation, and as such the punishment of the law. But they are not released from it as a rule for life because God/truth never changes. He is eternal and so is His law. When we are born again, the life of Christ is imparted to us. By grace (giving us what we do not deserve) we are saved. Saved from the wrath of God against our transgressions of the law. And saved from sinful living in the here and now. Grace provides the power required to live according to Gods law. We are not compelled to obedience through mere black and white rules or because of terror. The law is written on our hearts. We long to be restored into Gods image and through grace we are. Our corrupt nature remains with us until death and there is a constant battle between the old nature and the new. But we know that Christ already gained the victory over sin and death and hell on our behalf. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. But there is continual conviction of sin, and grace applied to put it off more and more each day. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the truth. Truth never changes. Gods standards are eternal. Law and grace are not contrary. Grace simply provides the power to obey the law. Something the law in and of itself was powerless to do. The law without grace can only ever condemn us. Grace without the law is meaningless. Grace and law perfectly joined is where the true power of the cross can be seen. The law is then written on a persons heart and they begin to look like/glorify God more and more increasingly. Those who say the law is not applicable today, forget that Christs perfect obedience to the law is what saved them. And we are saved, not to lawlessness, but to a liberty that enables us to love His law, as we understand more about His character because of it. And to increasingly love the only One who was ever and will ever be capable of perfect obedience to it. He who is our example. :) Romans is the best letter to read on law and grace. If you can get hold of Charles Prices series on Romans you will NOT be disappointed. He does an amazing job of expositing it in such simple terms. I have listened to it many times through and the Lord has used it as such a blessing to me.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Follow my next hub that you have just inspired me to write. I will be writing on the law of God and the Grace through Christ Jesus as explained by the Apostle Paul from Romans chapter 8. It is such an in depth chapter that I cannot do it justice without a very deep study prayer and meditation. It may take a few days. But I will get it done thanks for the great comment and inspiration for a new complex hub.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Amen sister, I am grateful for Christians that are replying in such truth and conviction this is how revival for the nation will begin when we humble ourselves and pray and seek God, seek truth, seek Christ and seek to speak to as many as we can giving them the true Gospel of Christ died buried and resurrected for our sin.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


What a supereb reply, I am so grateful for such an awesome reply, this is what grace is the law showing our failures and the free gift~~ grace~~ showing our way, access to God by Christ Jesus through His life, death, burial and resurrection. You put it out there so well, I hope others take time to read your reply and apply it in their lives.

fred allen profile image

fred allen 5 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

You bring out some very important points and ask some very pertinant questions. I go to a church where anyone can feel comfortable, even in their sin. I sometimes wonder aloud why God would have me there. I don't disagree with the messages, but I feel there is a real need to confront sin. Not to condemn, but to expose it's cancer and see the need for healing. I am there because God has me there. That's what I feel in my heart. If and when God wishes me to leave, He will make it clear as He has done before. There is a core of believers there that stand against sin and love the sinner. I am not all that God is calling me to be, but I do absolutely HATE sin, especially my own. While I am there, I will shine His light as He leads.

Thank you for causing me to reflect even more on these things.

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

Michael: This is a simple one for me, for although I know that the Roman Catholic Church is Christian in some ways it also teaches wron doctorines. I stay within the church in order to try and correct from within that which is wrong, by giving witness to others from what I have learned. Their problem is they never pick up their Bibles only take the knowledge, right or wrong from their priest. Just like the High Priest Caiaphas misled the hebrews back when Jesus lived, the priests today misguide their own flocks in false doctorined that are not biblically sound and correct.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Fred, I agree so much with your comment not to condemn but to expose the sin bring it to light that the sinner may find the cross and wash his sins from the blood that flowed from Christ. His sacrifice of His own blood cleanses us and all that follow. God moved us from the apostate church we were in praise Him for doing so. In your case fight it out, stay strong for the truth, God does not want us to leave our local churches just because we have a few problems, BUT, He will lead you to go elsewhere if He sees fit. Wait for Him!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


That is such a major concern I have that people are in churches where it is always left to the priests or whomever to tell them what the Gospel says in truth. So many actually tell parishioners that they are not qualified to read the Bible and must only listen to a priest as he reads it. Yet the Apostle Paul spoke to Timothy saying to study to show thyself approved a workman rightly dividing the Word of truth.It is up to all of us to read and study God's word, keep it up my friend.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Fred Allen, By the way good to see you here again

Tamarajo profile image

Tamarajo 5 years ago from Southern Minnesota

Excellent exhortation. I do not believe in "seeker sensitivity" Our church went through that phase and I have concluded that people actually want to know the truth that sets them free. As the gospel is preached unashamedly people seem to flock back to hear more. Our human heart is not always comfortable with its message but our hearts really want to know.

SaiKit profile image

SaiKit 5 years ago from Toronto

I am a man... lol You made me relook at my pic. I might have good skin but I couldn't be feminine enough to be mistaken as a sister!

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

Michael: This is why I remain where I am. My Lord is asking me to testify to God's truth as well as to Jesus's Gospels and the writings of the Apostles. I testify to our Catholic bretheren all the time and many listen and actually go home and read their bibles after chatting with me.

the week before Holy week I stumbled across some documentation wherein someone was teaching the youth in the church that Jesus did not die for the remission of all sins, thus trying to say that this is why priests do confession weekly. I immediately sent of a scathing letter to the pastor of this church explaining that even though he maynot be the one teaching this class and this document, that God would hold him personally accountable for permitting such teachings in the church and I slammed him with scripture after scripture to prove where this was false doctorine and false teachings. I then asked him if he had read the document and was aware of it for even though he personally was not teaching this falsehood, it was his flock as pastor so he should have been aware of it.

I am not afraid to tackle any wrong teaching that is not scripturally sound.

I feel Our Heavenly Father has kept me in the right place and in the right timing to correct just such wrongful teachings.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

SaiKit, I am So sorry, I really just glanced at pic but thought by name it was female my apologies.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


I too believe the people though preaching on sin may offend that we need to hear it and also WANT to hear it, the churches I have been around that are the strongest are he ones truly preaching the Gospel as it is.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Dave, That is great to hear, we all need to stand for the truth all the time, keep up the work God has given

heavenbound5511 profile image

heavenbound5511 5 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

Hi Michael!

We must stand for what is the truth. Their are too many churches that are becoming more and more twisted these days and it's crazy some of the stuff that's going on in the church. The mixing in with and partaking of idolatry is on the rise. It's as if the are trying to say God didn't mean that when he said not to sin or follow false gods. We are not to become like the world when we are called to come out from among them and not be conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of our mind. The only way to renew our mind is to have and know the truth and DO IT! True conversion = a mind renewed.

Nice page and yes I would leave my church if they ever taught anything different from the truth, and I hope everyone else knows the truth of God's word so they can recognize lies & sins also.

God bless you!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


What a great comment, There has been so much outside influences come into our churches it is sickening to see. Unfortunately so many of the smaller churches are from families that have been there forever and they will not leave no matter what. They do need an awakening.

Caleb DRC profile image

Caleb DRC 5 years ago

Tolerance is also sin in God's Book; it is hatred of others(Lev.19:17). Your hubs should be required reading in our schools.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Wow thanks it would be good to have Christian teaching in our schools AGAIN. In the early days of American schools the Bible not only was taught for its values but as a guide to learning to read.

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