Adultery: Being Ignorant of God's Present Move

 Sex without marriage is adultery. But there's more.
Sex without marriage is adultery. But there's more.

Strengthen with Jesus!

Ignorant of the Obvious

See it in Matthew 16. The Pharisees and Sadducees were at it again--testing Jesus. They asked him for a sign from heaven. Funny they should ask him that after Jesus had just fed some 20 thousand people (if we counted the women and kids with the 5000 and then 4000 men). In fact, Jesus had done countless signs and wonders and healing. What sign were they looking for?

When you pretend ignorance of the obvious and look for more evidence, that's wickedness and adultery in God's eyes. Jesus said God's present move is as clear and obvious as when dark, heavy, and low clouds surely signal rain. Only idiots would deny that dark heavy clouds carried rain. It was like, Jesus had been producing rain out of nothing, and then here came the religious leaders asking him if he could make it rain from heaven.

Signs of the Times

Jesus asked them, how come you can easily interpret rain from the sky, and yet not do so with the "signs of the times." To Jesus the signs of the times were so obvious you could hardly miss them. And they were what really mattered, not some sign from heaven. If you didn't know the signs of the times then, you're wicked and adulterous.

Complacent people hardly notice the times they're in. It's because they're too comfortable and settled to pay any attention. People settled in their comfort zones are never aware of what's truly going on. In Jesus' day, the signs of the times were obvious--the Word was being preached powerfully and signs and wonders and miraculous healing were being done right and left.They once confessed that "the whole world has gone after him." And yet they pretended to be unaware, like nothing news worthy was happening.

Well, if you're so at home with the world and dead to the Spirit realms, obvious things in the spirit will be trifling matters to you, if you see any of them. But if you're updated with God's minute present move, you easily see what God is doing a mile away. Thus, many today stick blindly to their denominations when among God's present moves is one glorious church, without spot or wrinkle.

Why Adulterous?

Adultery is having sex outside marriage. Why did Jesus call that generation that looked for a sign adulterous? Were they really committing sex outside marriage? The whole lot of them? Even the religious leaders?

In the Old Testament, God had always referred to idolatry as adultery. Having other gods was sexual immorality in the spirit. God was the husband and his people the wife, so to speak. And in Jesus time, idolatry had taken a new turn--getting comfy with the world so that you become ignorant of God's present move (signs of the times) was sexual immorality or adultery in the spirit. It was as good as idolatry, though they never worshiped statues or images.

The Present Move of God

Today, the present move of God--or the signs of the times--is the restoration of the apostles and prophets in the church. The move of man removed the apostles and prophets from the church (and it still does today, with denominational churches operating without apostles and prophets). As long as the church exists, God wants it to have apostles and prophets. "And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets..." (1 Cor.12.28).

God has restored the teachers and the pastors through the years. Then the evangelists. Then, in these last days, apostles and prophets. To the apostles and prophets are supernaturally given the last days plans of God for the church. "(The mystery or the plan for the church) is now revealed by the Spirit to God's holy apostles and prophets" (Eph.3.5). Thus, a church, especially denominations, without apostles and prophets will be like the Pharisees who were behind as far as knowing the signs of the times were concerned, ignorant of God's present move.

The next move of God is transforming the true church into a tremendous spiritual power house to display the manifold wisdom of God to angels and devils in the heavenly realms (Eph.3.10). Angels and devils have not yet seen the full force of God's awesome powers, though these spirits have been around for centuries. Well, they're about to marvel at the mystery of God in man in full power and authority, through the church. When the perfect God mixes with perfect men, the result is awesome! And this can only be possible with the restoration of the apostles and prophets in church.

in fact, Ephesian further says, genuine maturity, Christ-likeness, the one true church being built up, knowing Jesus deeper, and unity of all believers cannot be possible without apostles and prophets (Eph.4.11-13). If your church or denomination does not have genuine apostles and prophets, woe to you!

God's solution to many church problems (like hypocrisy and falsehood) is sending apostles and prophets and also sending persecution (Lk.11.49).

Even a minute of not being updated with the present move of God proves dangerous. When you are engrossed with the activity of man even in church, you risk being rebuked like Satan was. For a minute there, Peter was absorbed with man's activities, beginning to be comfortable with his lot in life so that he rebuked Jesus about his plans of offering himself to be killed. Jesus rebuked him in return, saying, "Get behind me Satan, you're a stumbling block to me--you do not have in mind the things of God but the things of men."

Having the things of men, even if they are done with good intentions for the Lord (like church activities), will render you blind to the signs of the present times and be left out from the move of God. To God having the things of God alone is acceptable. And the things of God are his present moves, not denominational church activities of men.

Nothing of the World

Don't get comfy with the world like the Pharisees and Sadducees were. Friendship with the world is enmity against God--and adultery. "You adulterous people, don't you know that friendship with the world is hatred against God? Be a friend of the world and you become an enemy of God" (Jm.4.4).

If you are ignorant of the move of God (genuine or pretended) while it is going on around you, at times even on a global scale, you have become comfortable in the world, and have become among its friends. You're an adulterer, idolater, and sexually immoral all rolled into one.

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Shadow Of Elisha profile image

Shadow Of Elisha 6 years ago from Coweta, OK. USA

Excellent piece here! When Jesus rebuked Peter, Peter was offended. One thing that people, as Peter, don't realize is that, a person can be used as a pawn in the devil's chess game! Satan used Peter to try and manipulate Jesus into walking away from His destiny. When we let our spiritual guard down, we become open targets for the enemy! Your hub is packed to the gill with truth and convictions that are good for the soul. Very well thought out and delivered. God bless you!!!

Shadow Of Elisha

Christinme profile image

Christinme 4 years ago

False gospels are popping up everywhere in the church and you are so correct that God is raising up mighty men and women to shake the nations back to repentance.

I am blessed myself to have the glorious gift of knowledge . It is a gift from God to encourage and edify the church . Sadly this gift from God has led to alienation for me in the church , many Christians draw close to me, then when they get to know me they back away. I was even asked to leave a church assembly as they believe the gifts have ceased and tried to convince me I had a demon inside of me. However I know my gift is from God and I know I will do his work faithfully and show His glory through my humble being.


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