After the Rapture Services - an Animal Shelter and Safe Storage

What Does Prophecy Say, Exactly?

Nobody knows the day or hour.
Nobody knows the day or hour.

Will People Need Services During the Great Tribulation?

In Minnesota there’s a company with a CEO that thinks outside the box, way, way outside the box. He runs a company called Eternal Earthbound Pets. It offers Christians a way to plan for their pet’s future should they be taken away by the Christian Rapture, leaving their dedicated pets behind. Some people are calling it tongue-in-cheek but it’s a real, bonafide business and they’re very serious about it.

Ask anyone what will happen to their pet after the Rapture, and you’ll get answers as varied as there are kinds of pets. Among other answers, some believe all animals are already saved, some believe animals have no souls and therefore don’t need saving, and some sign up their pet up to be taken care of by loving, dedicated Atheists in their absence.

It costs a one-time fee of $110usd for a ten year period, if the Rapture comes they will come rescue one pet; for another $15 they’ll rescue two. If you die before the ten year period is up, it’s not the same. You must be taken Home by Jesus when he comes to get everyone else. No early departures, and if no rapture comes within that ten years, you don’t get a refund. No, they’ll hit you up for another decade.

Loving Care in The Tribulation Period

Everyone on staff goes through a background check, so none of them can be criminals, like in most businesses. They have to swear that they’ve blasphemed, they don’t believe and will not be saved, so these are not on-the-fence Atheists. But at the same time, they have to be deemed moral and ethical and must show the ability, desire and means to retrieve and rescue pets and ensure their care for the rest of the pets’ natural lives.

But, I have to ask, if they believe the bible teachings that the rapture is coming and Jesus will take away the Christians and they will be left behind… are they true Atheists? I may have to look up the definition of that word again.

Eternal Earthbound Pets operates in 22 states, so far, and they’re looking for representatives in all the other states, too. Their motto is, “Animal-loving Atheists Will Step in When You Step up to Jesus.” You can pay by credit card or PayPal, for your convenience.

At the time of this writing they can take care of dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits and small caged animals and just recently have become capable of caring for horses, camels, llamas and donkeys in four of the states.

A Peaceful, Safe Place to Live out the End of Times Prophecies as a Pet After Rapture?

It’s hard to imagine, but, during this expected extreme of hard times (the end times Rapture) it doesn’t seem food would be abundant, nor peace. But there are others that are counting on things running fine, too.

There’s another company, called, You’ve Been Left, whose motto is, “Because no one knows the day or hour.”. Here, you can sign up for an account at $40 a year that stores your passwords and important documents in the event that you die unexpectedly and leave a spouse without access to income accounts, etc. At least, that was their main aim, when they started.

Customers are trending toward using this service as a last chance to minister to their loved ones and friends and get them to accept Jesus at the last chance. Emails with notes of love and last-ditch efforts await patiently in their easily accessible file stores.

Different clients have different methods of delivery when the account should jump into action. One man has his set up so that if ever he and three of five hand-picked employees don’t log into the site for a period of six days straight, the account gets activated. Others have arrangements made to have a certain number of people known as ‘verifiers’ to call and deliver the news of the client’s death. Information nobody would want accidentally expedited, or activated by mistake.

It’s a Bit Confusing. After the Rapture of the Church...

These clients who want to send a last-minute efforts emails to loved ones befuddle me, a bit. Will computers and electronics be working after the Rapture comes? During the Great Tribulation? Will life go on as normal for those left behind? It’s not how the story goes.

Nobody has all the answers, dang it anyway. I guess if you have the money to spend on such a tentative venture, then you won’t be losing much but your money. But, for those who think they’ll need services after the Rapture, they can rest assured that their pets and important documents will be safe.

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