Against His Will

Once a friend told me of the time in his childhood, he believed it to have been at night, a man came, promised to be his brother, and took his innocence away.  As his mind had done him the kindness of blocking most of it, he relayed only what he knew for sure--fragmented pieces of a trauma that was starting to return.  Upon hearing this, I remember the only thing that burned hotter than my own tears, was the rage.  It was the kind of rage that makes a person nervous when they find out they're capable of it.  I would swear it thickened my blood.  Against his will, a person he can't remember, an adult, stole from him as a defenseless child in the most profound way possible.  As I absorbed this, I tried to understand why he wasn't more angry, I was only listening to this, and I was furious. He wanted to let go, and to forgive, and to move on.  I thought that was a nice idea, but what I noticed more poignantly, was that he hadn't realized how wrong it was.  Yes, as an adult, he of course could conclude logically, and morally that being raped was wrong.  But the forgiveness he was offering this predator was the kind of forgiveness a child offers to a parent who has been harsh with a punishment.  The child inside, the victim inside, had not arrived at the conclusion that he hadn't deserved it.  He hadn't figured out how atrocious an act it was, and that there were absolutely no decent excuses for what had been done to him.

I hate that we use the word molest in discussing, or avoiding the discussion of child rape, as if pedophiles are annoying these children.  They're rapists.  I read the news, and try to hold down my lunch, while men in red capes, sufficient in their own royalty, cry, "holy, holy," and rape children behind the shield of the church.  Any cover-up, or protection of predators performed by ANYONE, including a religious leader, makes that person a child sex offender.   I will not spare them with words like molest, or with the mercy of looking the other way, or keeping my mouth shut about the crimes against these children.  Shame on them.  In positions of authority, of mentoring, of teaching--father figures, and most importantly as men with the audacity to represent Almighty God, and His Son, they are raping children and have made a dark cartoon of the judicial system--and justice itself.  What is more criminal than ruining how a child sees the world in an instant, in one act, all the while subliminally whispering the message, this is okay with God.  Where can a person find more depravity than that?

It is little wonder, than, that those of us in this upside down world, with any regard for the Nazarene that died like a criminal for speaking meekly of the God he loved, can not so much as utter the name Jesus, without being thought an uneducated, uninformed fool.  "Christian" religious leaders have cost far too many their interest in Christianity.  Upon learning of the life, and work of Jesus of Nazareth, Mahatma Gandhi was enthralled, and yearned to learn more; he went to a church in South Africa.  He was greeted at the entrance of the church with belligerence, and prohibited from entering due to his race.  He never sought Christianity again, but implemented the teachings he learned of Jesus on his own into his life.   He once said famously:

"Oh, I don't reject your Christ, I love your Christ. It's just that so many of you Christians, are so unlike your Christ."

My studies of holy writings have lead me to the conclusion, without any doubt, that the Great God of creation sees everything; will hold those in religious authority to a higher standard, and will judge accordingly. From what I've studied, there isn't a faith on earth whose religious leaders will not be handled by God appropriately, if they have unrepentantly damaged how people view Him. At least that's what I've read.  Most religions claim to start with the foundation that 'God is love,' and best I can tell, this madness, this living nightmare of religious affairs is, without doubt, against His will.

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colordecaramelo 6 years ago

This may seem biased, as I also am an avid student of the bible, but I feel that, while you mince no words in condemning the perversion that has been permitted in the clergy, you still build a strong case for a Christianity true to its name. Very, very, VERY well done. I never thought I could read about something so horrifying, and yet still feel so positive at the end of the text.

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 6 years ago Author

thank you, I appreciate that.

joann 6 years ago

Well written. Good job, of listening to others pain!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

What you say is truth and people should stop looking away.

What did God say to the high priests when they bragged of all they had done in his name? Go away. I never knew you.

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 6 years ago Author

Thanks for reading and your comment, always exploring. It's certainly accurate that high priests, reverends, ministers, the papal system, elders, and whomever else in a leadership position in a faith will answer to God. Joann, thank you for reading, thanks for the comment.

aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

This is a superb hub, thanks for following me, duly repeated by me, and I'm glad I found your work.

Precise and concise writing.... love it!


ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 6 years ago Author

Hi, John. I'm actually surprised I wasn't already following you, I've seen your forum postings. "Precise and concise?" That just might be the best the best compliment I've received about what I write. Thanks!

aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

You are welcome, and it's the first time I've offered such a compliment, but your hub leapt off the page at me and held me to the end, something which is rare!

Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

Your studies of holy writings aren't in vain. This is an explosive one- strongly worded- both to condemn and be judicious combined. Lots to ponder on here for the scheming religious hiding in masks. Good work as usual!

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 6 years ago Author

Hi, Lita! Great to hear from you. I'm glad this comes off as explosive to you--that's where I am on the subject. You know, I have friends I've had for years who will tell you that they've never seen me angry. I'm not easily provoked. But two things that get under my skin are the misrepresentation of my God, specifically by religious leaders, and the harming of any child. With this subject we have both, and it's all I can do not to lose my ever-loving mind.

You say, "the scheming religious hiding in masks." I agree. I believe all those participating in church cover-ups, or who deny, or minimize the filthy actions of their religious leaders share the guilt of their crimes. Too many times believers have a form of godly devotion, and prove false to its power. Too many times believers make the insidious and foolish mistake of viewing God's self control as indifference. It is willful ignorance. Child rape by religious leaders is the epitome of evil. I could go on for some point I have to stop ;-). Thanks so much for reading, Lita!

Rusty C. Adore profile image

Rusty C. Adore 6 years ago from Michigan

Powerful piece. You write with passion and that is so great.

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 6 years ago Author

Thank you Rusty, I was very happy to write this.--SJ

PK2010 profile image

PK2010 5 years ago from United Kingdom

You have that special gift that draws readers to your hub titles and keeps them captivated as they read the contents from start to finish.

Your words are true and just. Yesterday I listened to the sentencing of Jaycee Lee Dugard's captors on the news. I still struggle with the thought of what Jaycee went through and I pray fervently that she is healed physically, spiritually and mentally.

Its so scary to think that Holy men hide behind the cover of religion to prey on innocent and helpless children. As always its not up to us to judge, God will deal with them in the right measure that they deserve. We have to look beyond these religious leaders and believe in the higher being, not view him through their atrocious acts. They are just vessels albeit some of them misleading in their conduct. God is indeed love and love is God.

Thank you for this powerful and thought provoking hub.

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 5 years ago Author

Thanks for your thoughts, and you couldn't be more correct about the actions of religious leaders in particular, and God's views of their actions. I think it helps make a great case for there not being a hell in the traditionally understood sense, because no "hell" could be hot enough for people who abuse children. I wasn't abused as a child, but you would never know it for how easily wound up I become over this, and Jaycee's case is particularly disturbing.

Thanks for reading.

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 4 years ago

Child abuse is one of the worst crimes in my opinion. Just because you were not abused as a child doesn't mean you should not react as you did. Probably the fact that you had a good childhood makes you realise how bad child abuse really is.

Maybe abused people become immune to decent feelings because abused people often become abusers themselves. It is all they know.

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 4 years ago Author

Thanks for reading. I think one of the most heartbreaking aspects of child abuse is that the child, even when the child becomes an adult, never truly gets how dead wrong their abuser was, and how awful a crime it is. It is a risk than a sexually abused child can become a sexually abusive adult. I'm not sure if it is "often" or not. I don't have the numbers. I'd like to venture on the side of sexually abused children not wanting to ever inflict what they went through on anyone else. Their abuse can lead to advocacy and activism as well. I really appreciate you stopping by, and reading!

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