All my Dreams come True

What if everything you wished for came true? Can you imagine that? What if you already have everything you need? There is one not so small caveat to these questions though. What you see is not all that you get. Further, as collective consciousness expands the concept of “you” or “I” is both expanding and unifying. We have always been a collective one, Human Race, but till recently this experience was reserved for Saints and Sages. What I am observing is that everyone is having these experiences now more frequently and at a level they understand. So where is the Human Race headed? It depends on what we all decide as a collective race of beings. Never have more people been hopeful for the future.

There have been some really great movies that give hints to reality and possibilities for the future. “The Matrix” comes to mind first as this movie has both wisdom and entertainment. Not that we are all running around in a computer somewhere, but that what we see is not all there is to life. What is the “more” to life? Well that is for each of us to discover for ourselves because it will present differently to each person. I may find that “more” in the small gestures of kindness shared between strangers and you may find that “more” in the magical beings that exist in nature. Either way the "more" is there to discover!

 The movie “What Dreams May Come” is another movie that hints at the deeper meanings of life and how life never ends.  There are many others and I am sure you have your favorites.  The question I started off with needs a little more explanation so let me get on to this.  Everything “you” wish for indeed is given even before you ask.  How this works is since we are all connected and what we really desire are the experiences things give us and not the material things themselves our wishes are answered as we believe.  Now this looks different for each person, but in my experience if I wish for a new red bike, but don’t believe that I deserve one or will get one then my experience is such that maybe my best friend gets one or the neighbor, or maybe I just start to see them everywhere I look.  Eventually if I let go or “give up” wishing for one, next thing I know I have one too. 

Sculpture Garden, NJ
Sculpture Garden, NJ

 Let me share a few larger examples of desires I have had over the last few decades.  I often get ideas for businesses or projects to work on that I think would be fun and beneficial.  I had this idea for a Sacred Garden Resort that would cater to seminars and conferences of a metaphysical nature.  The Gardens would be themed and have grand sculptures to accent each garden.  I even wrote up a business plan but since I have no idea how to raise money or even begin a project like this I just let it go, filed away and forgotten.  Not a year later I was in NJ and ran across a beautiful sculpture garden outside Trenton.  When I arrived and took it all in I was blown away in the similarity to my vision of the Sacred Garden.  It was as though my dream had come true!!  The only thing that was different was there was no lodging facilities, although they did have apartments or condos right next door that were a part of the complex.  Still to this day I am amazed at this gift!  I wish and boom there it is.  Another example is my desire to travel and explore new places.  I was living like most people do in suburbia and working a job making the ends meet but without anything left over.  In my desire I pondered each day, what do I really want?  I could remember loving to travel when I was a kid and how much I would love to do that again but for more than a two week vacation.  Then I just happened to find an advertisement for temp jobs that allow you to work and get paid to live in other cities!  Wow, that was scary but it also was an answer to my desire to travel.  I ended up traveling for 12 yrs and visiting every corner of the USA including Maui and getting paid to do it!   What a blast!  Now not every step was roses but all in all it was a great adventure and I got to the point I needed to stay put for awhile.  Another wish that came to me through this method is my soul mate.  I had read a book by Shakti Gawain called “Creative Visualization” and I decided to give it a try so I sat down in my comfy chair and began visualizing my perfect mate.  I was very detailed and held a vision in my mind of this person.   I was very doubtful and had given up on it within the first two weeks and as soon as I did, the next day this person walked in the door where I worked and the rest is history.  The funny part is it is easy to see the beauty in this when I look back on it, but at the time all was hazy and doubt clouded each step, yet I still enjoyed these adventures tremendously.  The point I make here is that it often looks like things are going all wrong when in fact they are just right!  The important thing is to not get hung up on things you don’t want and stay focused on what you do want, letting go of the things that do not fit into your dream.  It is a day by day process of creating the life of your dreams and does not end.  To this day I am still doing my best to live the life of my dreams even though the dreams have changed quite a bit.

Florida Coast
Florida Coast

The “you” I speak of here can have several meanings as human consciousness grows we are aware of more and more. The “you” that makes up humanity is waking up! There is the individual “you”, the larger “you” that encompasses your entire known world, friends, family and such. Then there is the Universal “you” that includes the entire Universe. Pronouns in the English language sometimes come up short in describing consciousness, but when we are in touch with our Larger “you” we have a sense of knowing all there is to know, we can see other places as clear as we were there, we can hear other's thoughts, we can communicate with animals and all the creatures of this world, we have a sense of how large the Universe really is. When we connect with the Universal “you” we have no thoughts or feelings at all, except a sense of calm ecstasy that is so natural we barely notice it; we are pure being-ness. So when I say your every wish comes true, it means that yes it is true, but maybe you are not aware of it. When we move into our larger selves we become aware of all the gifts that are here for us.

Let me just finish with the wonders of Surrender, Trust and Gratitude. These three elements when combined with your desires are a path to freedom. It begins with a desire that we then surrender to Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, God, Universal Mind or your choice of word. We trust that our desires, wants and needs are heard and that they are met as we speak. The experiencing of them will occur when we are ready and it is in the Best and Highest Good for the Universe. This could mean that it will be in one minute or one year, maybe never. We are still grateful for the process of life and know that it works. Doubt slows things down and can block our desires if let go too far. As if in the above example if it is meant to be it will be; no ifs, ands, or buts! The challenge for most people is if they do not see results they give up and move on, which sometimes can be just the thing needed. Most of the time it just moves the focus on to something else which will direct the creative forces toward the new subject of attention. One of the things I have always known and felt is that I am wealthy, healthy and wise beyond measure. It is such a wonderful positive feeling that I am experiencing even now as I sit here without a home of my own, no job, no car, and all my belongings fit in two suitcases. I am the richest person in the world! How can I feel this way? It is because we are all one, everything is connected and we either are all rich or no one is! The appearances may be to the contrary from where you are sitting, but I assure you if things appear this way it is an illusion created by your beliefs. Let go…listen…Love

Rainbow Whale - taken in Maui, Hawaii
Rainbow Whale - taken in Maui, Hawaii

Love is the way

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Juanita V. 7 years ago

that was beautiful Hon your writing wow thanks 4 sharing xoxoxox Nita

lisa roma 7 years ago

oh Sequoia! What a superb sharing, so true so true.

And I love that amazing photo at the end of the rainbow and the whale. It looks like the whale's aura, but scientifically it is probably light reflected in the mist from the water. Still, how lovely. We are all connected. Aho! Love and blessings, lisa roma

Michael 7 years ago

very inspiring and absolutely true...a beautiful and inspiring site my friend

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Wow, it was so extraordinary experience to read your Hub. It brought tears of joy in my eyes. I am deeply touched.

Thank you from all my heart SB.


Kimberly Bunch profile image

Kimberly Bunch 7 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

Awesome Hub! Here's another good one:

Sequoia Elisabeth 7 years ago

Thanks for the vote of confidence Kimberly.

sarairiarte profile image

sarairiarte 7 years ago from Argentina

Thanks for sharing! =) I come here now and then but every time I do it, I find something I need to hear even (or specially) when my "concious me" does not know what is looking for. I think it is the learner who goes to the master but without the master's love for sharing there's no possible learning. Thanks again!

Sara (Argentina)

sequoiablessed profile image

sequoiablessed 7 years ago from USA Author

Writing is something we do out of compassion for the world and to fulfill our soul longings. I am honored that this Hub has touch so many ;-) Blessings on your journey of Love! Sequoia Elisabeth

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