Amber And Its Magical Properties



Amber really isn't a true stone however we still call it a gemstone today. This golden yellow, rock like piece is actually the fossilized resin of coniferous trees from millions of years ago. Still, though this piece is not truly a stone, it is beautiful and it still has plenty of properties and a history to be written about and shared.

There are several crystals and gemstones that have properties, magical and healing that can help someone out. This part of magic has been used for many years. Egyptians, Aztecs, Native Americans, these are all just a few cultures who took part in it. Amber has several helpful properties and in this hub you will learn the associations of amber, the uses of amber and even what amber can do in the healing department.


First we will begin in the Lore and ancient times department. There is a legend that states that that Amber gems are actually tears of daughters of the God Of Sun, mourning for their brother who was called Phaeton. The Gods transformed his sisters into trees and they would these hot tears that would fall into cold water of a river. It is because of this cold water that the tears would harden and would result in amber.

Ancient Romans believed that would protect them from evil forces and from rubbing small amber balls on your palms would strengthen love power. They also believed that amber could heal them from illnesses.

The Greeks believed that it held electrical properties because when rubbed with a piece of silk it would attract dust and ash. They also believed because of the stone including insects and small animals from time to time that it contained the essence of life.


Amber has often been used to stimulate metabolism and treat the skin ailments that would result in metabolic imbalance. It's said that because of the warmth of this stone that it can also be used to treat asthma and any kind of allergic respiratory issues, if used as a necklace.

This stone is also believed to relieve physical pain. Amber is actually believed to be quite the healing stone. Some believe that there is nothing that Amber cannot heal. It has been used for stomach ailments, hearing problems. Amber powder is said to be inhaled to help accute respiratory disease.

In the ancient times people believed that by gazing into the stone it could improve their eyesight and that it could help during child birth when used as incense.

As always I'd like to add that I am not a doctor and that it is still important for you to seek out professional help. Whether it be a doctor or a healer. Crystal healing can prove to very helpful but do not rely on it fully unless you truly know what you are doing and even then I still suggest you seek out a professional.

Magical Associations And Uses

Amber is associated with the element of Fire and Spirit also called Akasha. The deity of this stone is the Great Mother.

When it comes to the zodiac this is a stone of the sign Gemini, Leo and Virgo. For the rest of astrology it is also connected with the Sun.

When it comes to using Amber for the Chakras this stone is great for past life work and even inner child work. You can use this stone on the solar plexus chakra or Sacral Chakra.

This stone is said to protect from evil spells and the evil eye. It is also said to be used as an anti-demonic talisman. If you hid an amber bead in your baby's cloths it is said to counteract any malicious forces.

Amber can soothe the nerves of the spirit. It may be used to increase the strength in spells and to attract money. It may be used to attract love as well.

Amber of a dark red color will contain or destroy negative emotions and will calm the spirit. While clear golden brown amber will help sharpen intellectual focus, clear mental confusion and help balance the third eye. Milky Golden will do the same as a clear golden except it will also add a more inspirational energy. Sea amber will help one to remain neutral or realistic and can be used on the throat chakra.


Amber has so many uses and I suppose there are some that are still yet to be discovered. It is beautiful, attractive and lovable. You can choose to use this stone, like any other stone, any way you choose. Whether it is to help balance certain chakras, to carry around to attract love or money or for healing purposes. Whatever it is that you may need.

Crystal magic has been used for several years and I don't think it will ever die out. Not as long as people still believe.

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ePetNation profile image

ePetNation 5 years ago from Maryland

I Love Amber. I wear a handmade Amber and sterling Sun necklace. I am a leo therefore I love the sun so my sun amber necklace is perfect for me. I have had it on from the day I received it as a gift from my partner,in 2007. I wear it on ashort black leather cord. I really appreciate this article about Amber. It reminedme of my sun. :) Thanks!!!!

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Sounds like your partner got you the perfect gift and it sounds like one beautiful necklace as well. Thank you for reading ePetNation.

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