An Atheist that called Me Evil??!!

An atheist recently called me "ignorant and evil, or both" when referring to my Christian beliefs.  I found this person to be extremely confused, how can you believe in evil when you do not even believe in God? Hummm...makes me wonder what is really in this persons heart and mind.  Personally, I believe Satan has a hold on his soul, mind and heart and is speaking through him.  Evil cannot exist without God.  Satan himself was one of God's angels, the angel of music.  But then he demanded to be at one with God and the Archangel Michael fought him and kicked him out of heaven.  Isn't it a wonder how our secular music is Satanic these days more and more?  Lucifer otherwise known as Satan is the leader of this part of society.  But back to the atheist.  He claims to not believe we have souls.  Hummm, again, where is there anything to support this "theory"?  I asked him, "How do you love your wife, don't you get fuzzy warm feelings deep inside? That is your SOUL man that makes you care and love!"  No response, must have struck a nerve....he had no answer.  I got chastised for sending him a Christmas card and an email video that had a Christian message in it.  I do this out of love for my family and friends, I would not be a good Christian if I didn't share my faith and what Jesus has done for me and making my life wonderful.  I only want this for others, so I share.  But his response was "we don't care".  Okay then, off the contact list you go!  I say to him like I say to the other so-called atheists out there, if you don't like something on TV that is Christian or religious, just change the flippin channel!! What is the big deal?  We just turn you off and don't go protesting to the state senate or congress about having your ideas and TV time removed from the air waves.  It is easy, just change the channel.  Rip up the Christmas card and trash it.  Don't click on the video and watch it....ooooops, it might make you have to face your sins, oh my gosh, please don't watch that video, it might teach you something about life, God forbid... go ahead and live miserable, angry and cynical lives and let Satan use you to try and make Christians miserable...but I am here to tell you it won't work.  NOTHING can come between us and God.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God.  Romans 8:39---"not height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Sorry Atheists, I read the end of the Book, we win. 

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ORLY???? 4 years ago

Everything about these guys completely contradict your story. Please stop being so ignorant and believing in complete bullshit.

just a man 4 years ago

the reason a lot of people don't like religion is because it brainwashes their children into believes that have not and can not be proven. They don't want their children to believe that some mystic force will do everything for them.

anteater peter 4 years ago

stop using religion as a crutch.

The Kawaii Atheist 4 years ago

Christian Logic:

"God exists, because the bible says so."

Also, Love is not soul related, it is related to chemicals in the brain that trigger feelings, including love, hate, and many others. Also, most atheist hate on Christians for their bigoted, homophobic, and sexist outlooks on life.

Connie 4 years ago

Hummm...bullshit, brainwashing, using religion as a crutch, bigoted, homophobic and sexist..funny I do and am none of these things. I am a Christian simply because I am forgiven not because I am perfect, far from it. I would rather have religion as my crutch than a 5th of whiskey! or sex outside of marriage and live a life knowing when I die I will be in heaven rather than burning forever in hell. I would rather live life believing in God to find out he doesn't exist than to not live believing in God to find out He does. May Jesus bless you all and may you find your way to his salvation and peace....

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