Apophyllite And Its Magical Properties

Green Apophyllite
Green Apophyllite | Source


Apophyllites are crystals that naturally form a pyramid shape. These crystals are well known for there powerful healing and protection uses.

There name actually comes from the Greek word apophyllein which means flaking off. They were named after this word because when they were placed under any kind of extreme heat the crystals would break into flakes.

Like any other crystals and gemstones Apophyllite can be used for healing purposes and magical purposes. They can be added to spells or just even carried on you to aid you in certain purposes, in whatever purposes you charge the stone for.


These stones have been located throughout North America and even India. However like many other stones I feel that there are still locations that they are at but that they have yet to be discovered. Hopefully we will find them because these crystals are very beautiful as you can tell in the picture to the right.


These crystals are said to do remarkable workings on one that sufferers from negative emotions. If you are one that has anger problems perhaps you need some healing in the department. Maybe you should start carrying this stone around with you. If you are one that suffers from depression Apophyllite is said to ease the symptoms that can make depression almost unbearable. This crystals has also been known to be able to relieve any tension one may be feeling. You may choose to start carrying one on you, whether it be in a pouch, in your purse or pocket. You may keep it in your home in a room that you'll be spending most of your time in. You could choose to incorporate the crystal into a spell that may have something to do with these emotions as well.

It is said that this crystal can aid with addictions, fatigue and can even improve memory. If you are one that suffers from any kind of skin disorder/allergies then this crystal may be able to help you too. It's said to also help with your eyes and respiratory problems including asthma. With these problems I suggest keeping the crystal against the area that is needing the healing. If it is your eyes keep your eyes closed and lay the crystal gently against them. You may choose an elixir with this crystal as well.

Keep in mind, however, that I am not a doctor and it would be wise to consult a professional healer or doctor about whatever is ailing you first. If you are seeking help for your emotional problems already then all the power to you to add the help of this crystal. When it comes to the physical stuff and you are already seeking help then you can add this crystal's aid as well. Just note that I believe it is important to seek out help first.

Magical Associations And Uses

This stone is associated with the following zodiac signs Libra, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

When choosing to use this crystal for your Chakras the best one to use it on is the third eye however you may also choose to use it on the crown chakra and even the heart.

Apophyllite has been known to aid with your auras, clarity, intuition and past life recall. On a spiritual side this crystal can heal on all levels.

This piece does remarkable energy work and is great to use during meditation. It can help one to connect to higher plains, bringing new wisdom through the subconscious. It can also help one to connect with your spirit guide/s.

It has been used for astral travel and remote viewing. The clear crystals have been known to activate the heart energies and by doing so can help with love, including with loving yourself. Green crystals can help connect us to the ocean and whales and dolphins.

This crystal has been known to correct imbalances and can connect us deeper with our spirituality. If placed around your home it can cleanse any negativity and can bring in the divine.

This crystal may also be used for protection.


Apophyllite comes in a few different colors. You may see it in a clear color up to a almost pearl white color. You may see a green colored one and some are pink. In either case no matter what the color they always form a natural pyramid shape.


Just by looking at this crystal I can sense the magic in it. For those who have an open mind but don't follow a pagan path I am sure you can even feel at least attracted to this beautiful crystal. And for those who do not have an open mind and cannot even fathom the idea that this stuff is even possible, then you have to admit that this crystal at least holds some beauty in it whether it can heal or not.

It's remarkable that Apophyllites form their shape naturally, untouched. Of course some are still messed around with in the end but the pyramid like shape is natural and that alone is an interesting little fact.

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