Aradia In Paganism

possible depiction of Aradia
possible depiction of Aradia


Many forms of Paganism, including Wicca spreads around world wide as should the name Aradia. If you are looking to start a new path in Paganism or Wicca this is a name you should get to know even if you choose not to connect with it. Aradia is a the daughter of the well known Goddess Diana. She is known as the Great Goddess, The Moon Goddess and even as Queen of the witches. Therefore you may understand why this name is important in Paganism.


In Italian folklore Aradia was a supernatural figure however there's a Neo-Pagan witch that goes by the name Raven Grimassi who says that she was a real being who was actually called Aradia di Toscana. This wowan led a group of witches that worshipped Diana in early Italy. Whether or not Aradia was a true person is still a mystery but the name is still imporant in Paganism.

She may have once been a leader of witches at one point but some see her as the daughter of Diana and in my point of view that is how I see her. The daughter of the Diana.

If she was a leader of witches and this story is indeed true, then this woman learned witchcraft from her aunt and helped spread the word of witchcraft to many. She was born in the year of 1913 in Tuscany. However there are many who fail to believe this story.

Aradia As A Goddess

In the piont of view as a Goddess she protects witches and has power like no other. A man by the name of Charles Godfrey Leland wrote a book titled "Aradia, Or The Gosple Of The Witches". He claims in the book that she is the daughter of Diana and Lucifer sent down to earth, the first of all witches to teach others the path. According to Leland he got the information from texts that was given to him.

As the first witch Aradia is mentioned in many charges, one titled "Charge of the Goddess". Some incantations that are of her have warnings because she was so powerful. She was and still is a very powerful figure in Italian witchcraft tradition but now is spreaded throughout all kinds of neo-paganism and Wicca beliefs.

Protection Incantation

There's a protection incantation written by a woman by the name of Barbara Morris who brings up the name of Aradia. I will share it with you if you ever feel the need to use it. I find it comforting even just to read it.

I am a witch of ancient lore,

I petition these trees, and forest floor.

Converge myself upon this site,

spider weaving, power and might.

Air and Fire, Water and Earth,

aid in my quest, I call you forth.

Aradia, Aradia, I intone,

thrice the power you have shone.

Open my spiral of strength and sorcery,

encompass the soul, you have granted me.

Pentacle of old, stones of deep,

protection around, assistance I seek.

Marry my veins, to this Earth,

Cernunno's I summon you forth.

Steele needles and pins,

red blood of sins.

Buried deep in clandestine dusk,

linquid Venus, scent of musk.

Hear my words, from Moon to Moon,

cite the Lord and Lady's Rune

By the law of three times three,

So mote it be...


Personally I am not sure whether or not to believe that Aradia indeed was a real person or a mythological being. In my eyes I see her as a Goddess, as Diana's daughter. I like to involve her name in protection rituals the most for she is said to be the protector of witches and queen of witches. To this day she still protects us.

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stephaniedas profile image

stephaniedas 5 years ago from Miami, US

I'd never heard of this figure but its really interesting. It's cool to learn about Italian folklore before the Romans.

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

That it is stephaniedas. I came across Aradia right away when I first stumbled across wicca and paganism.

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