Archangel Azrael And Magical Associations

Angel Of Death
Angel Of Death


Archangel Azrael is the one that may send shivers down your spine, that is if you know what this archangel was best known for. This is the archangel that is depicted wearing a black cloak, the one you see carrying a sickle in his hand. He is an angel that has no aura for it is said that is light is inner. That is right, this angel is known to be the angel of death.

Though he is best known to be the angel of death that does not mean that this Angel can not be helpful to you in your rituals. He is not any less useful as the other archangels. Do no let death fear you for just like the Tarot card, the angel of death can help aid you with more than just death.

In this hub you will be surprised what is associated with Azrael, other things you won't be so shocked. You will learn what spells he could assist you in to give them a little helpful boost, what crystals correspond with him and what planet as well. You will also learn what the best time is to work with him.


There are many different names that Azrael goes by and each of the names can be used during a spell or ritual that you plan on including in him. If you do not connect with the name Azrael as much as you do with one of the others you will see listed then by all means feel free to use one of the others.

His celestial title is Angel Of Death, of course. His Egyptian name is Anubis and his Hebrew name is Azra. I like his Hebrew name the best. Now there are a whole lot more names as well. He has also been called Azazel, Azrail, Azraille, Azrie, Esdras, Ezra'il, Izrail, Izrael, Kemuel and Ozryel.

Each one of these names prove to work just as much as the other. As I said I personally like Azra the best.


Azrael, like the other Archangels has certain times that he can prove to be the most help to you. Now may I remind you that this does not mean you cannot include him into your works at any time. You may do as you please for this Archangel does not have a day that you should avoid working with him on. These times are just times that he can be of the most help.

His months are February and March. I am unsure about his hours, as are many. A lot of people believe that he is powerful at all hours and I would like to agree with that. As for his day his day is Tuesday.

So a Tuesday in February or March would be the best time. However, again, anytime would work. Sometimes you may just feel the need to work with him and it may not be anywhere near that time of the year. Feel free to do so.


Azrael is of the planet Pluto. His element is Water however is direction is not west, but instead is southwest.

Colors of Azrael include dark red, brown, black, gray and green. When working with a ritual candle a dark red one would be the best.

Crystals of the Angel of Death include Ruby, Garnet, Topaz, Bloodstone, and Tiger's Eye.

I'm pretty sure you can take a guess to one Tarot card that corresponds with him. Death. Of course. The other is Judgement.

There are three trees that are associated with this archangel and they include the pine, the cypress and cedar.

When it comes to animals one insect is said to connect with him and that is the scorpion. The fox also is connected with him. There's also a creature that is said to correspond with the angel of death and that's the Phoenix.

With his connection to the scorpion you can probably take a guess to what zodiac sign is associated with him if you haven't already. Scorpio. Were you right?

Deities that are said to go along with this angel are Thanatos,Osiris, Sekhmet, Janus, Ganesha, Anubis, Hel, Hades, and Death.

You may be surprised but this angel is surely not just about death. Like mentioned before, similar to the tarot card you must not be frightened of him. He can help you in your spells with certain intentions. If you working magic that has anything to do with regeneration, transformation, change, coercion, cooperation, or rebirth then he can help you. Even desire, obsession, cleansing and healing Azrael can come to aid you. Elimination, generational changes, ancestral memory and ancient knowledge are all workings this angel can be incorporated into. The unconscious, inner journeys, radical change in consciousness, death and Resurrection, endings and beginnings, last but not least spiritual goals are all areas that this angel can come to use for you. Now are you amazed?


Certainly upon first hearing and reading about the angel of death, Azrael the idea of one can be frightening and a little eerie but know that he is so much more than death. He is about change, about rebirth, about healing and cleansing. And this angel can certainly come to help you if need be. Do not be frightened to ask for his help, I never have been.

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breffoo 5 years ago

I always love hearing about the angels and archangels. This was a delight. Thank you.

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Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Breffoo, you're welcome. I enjoy learning about the angels, reading about them and basically anything to do with them. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Frater RC 6 weeks ago

I'm curious what some of your sources are for this. Interesting, thanks :)

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