Archangel Metatron And Magical Associations

Metatron's Cube
Metatron's Cube


Metatron, said to be superior to a lot of the angels including Gabriel, Michael and Uriel, isn't well known. Which is strange because of him supposedly being higher ranked. He is said to have once been Enoch in his earthly incarnation and is considered one of the Angels of Prayer.

Though there isn't much known about him he can still be incorporated into your spells for a unique and special boost. He may not have very many magical associations but he is actually one angel that is very powerful and very helpful.

In this hub you will learn what other names are connected with him, times that are best to incorporate him into your workings and many other things such as herbs and deities that are said to be associated with him.


Though there aren't many other names besides Metatron that are mentioned there are couple and these include Enoch and Ambassador of God. As mentioned in the introduction he was considered to be Enoch in his earthly incarnate so he has also been called Enoch. You may use this name instead of Metatron, if you feel more comfortable. Ambassador of God is his celestial title and is yet another name you may use if you choose to.


What I like the most about this Archangel is that he is at his most powerful during all months and this is probably because he is indeed so superior. The day and hours that are best to incorporate him into your spells are between the hours of sunset of Friday and sunrise of Saturday. Keep in mind you can ask Metatron for his help at any time there is no day that you should avoid him. These are just the hours he is at his best. Though he isn't very limited as you can see.


Metatron is of the planet Earth and therefore his elements is Earth. However his direction is not of the North. Instead his direction his considered to be of the center.

There are a few deities that are associated with this archangel a few you may have heard of and a few you many not have. The Egyptian God Thoth, Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Greek God Hermes, Iao which is the Greek form of Yahweh, and Jehovah.

He is said to influence nerves, stress, confusion, neurosis, and insomnia.

This angel is best to use in certain rituals or spells with specific intentions. These intentions may have anything to do with helping to find a suitable teacher or a magical group to work with. It may have something to do with nature or enlightenment. Metatron is a great Archangel to include in a spell that may have something to do with finding your life path or if it has something to do with spiritual knowledge. He is also an angel that is great to incorporate into your workings if they have something to do with seeing and understanding Karmic paths in life.

His symbols are the spiral, cord, and a symbol called Metatron's Cube which you will be able to see at the beginning of this hub. Any of these symbols would be great to include in spells. I personally feel drawn to the Metatron's Cube.

Two tarot cards are also connected to him and these are The Judgement card and The Fool.

Any kind of crystals can be used when working with this angel but Diamonds especially are the best.

When working with ritual candles and even for colors white is the color for Metatron.


There is so much to learn yet about this angle, so many things unknown. If I have to bet you probably never even heard of the archangel Metatron. But it is true he can be very helpful if you just open your mind up to including him into your life. I hope you have found this information very useful if not anything, then at least interesting.

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lilyfly profile image

lilyfly 5 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

Well, if I ever become a witch,( tho I'm accused of being one already), I'll be well stocked with knowledge because of you... lily

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Well thank you for saying that. I am accused of being a witch from time to time too, and not for religion based reasons which is far from true. I am quite the gentle person who from time to time will speak her mind. :)

Gregory Simmons 4 years ago

How is the ritual preformed?

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 4 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Depends on what kind of ritual you want to do Gregory. There's all kinds of different ways you can perform a ritual. You can create your own ritual for Metatron or anything if you want. I actually belief creating your own stuff is the best thing to do. However if you're just beginning then I can give you a few ideas.

If you're wanting to include Metatron into your life more to feel his affects for example if you are trying to find your life path. Then you can light a couple of white candles and have Metatron's Cube by you. You can light the two white candles and place stones like diamonds by them and the cube. As you light the candles sit before them and visualize your life. Ask Metatron to help you find your life path. Or ask him to help you with whatever you may seek. That is just an example. Basically in your ritual you cannot make ne mistakes. Just use things that are associated with Metatron. Such as the white candles, Metatrons Cube. Diamonds. Stuff like that.

Yudha 23 months ago

Hello,I have had a Numerology reading with you in the past at Misty Meadows. I am frdines with both Wendy and Ann. Please put me on your mailing list, and keep me in mind should someone you know need a Reiki healing session or would like to take classes.This winter I would like to take your Numerology classes if you offer them.I have liked your business on my facebook page. I would appreciate it if you would consider liking mine as well: Diane Marie Gallant River of Light Reiki. I am in the early stages of building a business, and every little bit word-of-mouth helps!Thanks, Diane

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