Are You Catching 11:11 On the Clock?

Photo by Mary Soliel
Photo by Mary Soliel

Imagine someone asks you the time. You look at the clock and it’s 11:11 a.m. Then later on that night, after going to bed, for no good reason you open your eyes and catch 11:11 again. You may think it’s purely coincidence. Then it happens the next day, and then again and again until you say, “What on earth is going on?”

People all over the world are noticing 11:11. You too? If not, you may start noticing as well. Google the 11:11 phenomenon and you’ll question how it could be mere coincidence. I used to believe in coincidence but an abundance of remarkable synchronistic occurrences completely convinced that nothing is a coincidence! People are seeing these numbers not just on the clock but in all kinds of places where there are numerical digits (i.e. on signs, license plates, store receipts, etc.). For those who are acutely aware, they're noticing (symbolically) when four vertical lines are seen next to each other. However, the clock is the most prominent messenger. Yes, I say ”messenger,” because it is widely thought that we are receiving a message through this set of numbers.

In my book I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives, I write: “More and more people are catching 11:11 repeatedly on their clocks, and this phenomenon is known to reflect humanity’s collective permission to change the course of earth toward peace, instead of prophesied destruction. Many believe it’s a wake-up call, a reminder that says we’re on the track to earth’s new reality. This connection most resonates with me. However, the meaning should be ultimately left to the individual. I’ve heard many different interpretations of this number combination. Some simply regard it as good luck and make wishes when they notice it.”

In numerology, the study of numbers, the number 11 is known to represent illumination. When my spiritual awakening began back in October of 1994, I kept catching 11:26 on the clock, and elsewhere. That was the first time I realized that there really was something to numbers and the Universe was really trying to get my attention.

The number 26 is my life path number which then adds up to an 8 (26/8). It took me some time to realize that I kept seeing 11:26 because it was marking the illumination of my life path. During this time, I was receiving all kinds of messages that the intensive exploration of my spiritual path was my life path and that I would become an author and teacher, and disseminate information about synchronicity and help others grow their own spiritual awareness.

By the way, you get your life path number by adding all the digits of your birthday. For instance, if you were born on 1/6/1960, you would add 1 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 and get 23. Then you add 2 + 3 = 5 (23/5). Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Living Your Life’s Purpose is an excellent resource for understanding these life path numerical meanings.

With the 11:11 phenomenon, many report tuning within to discern the meaning for themselves. Are you catching the 11:11 fever? What does it say to you?

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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

Cool....I'm a (25/7)....will look into this more...thanks. :)

Mike Dennis profile image

Mike Dennis 7 years ago

Hello Mary.

A great HUB and MORE TO COME. I know the 11:11 energy so well. SOLARA had a lot to say but NOT ALL.

Mary HAS some to say too. Please check her out. This is SOUL WRITING at ITS BEST.



jennyonaquest profile image

jennyonaquest 7 years ago

thank you for this hub...i have been haunted by that number for a while, at least i am not

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks for your comments everyone; 11:11 really is a blessed set of numbers!

fenzero profile image

fenzero 7 years ago from Arizona

Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed this read. From 111 degrees outside, to track #1 playing at 11:11 , I've grown accustomed to this. It always makes me smile :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado Author

I'm smiling with you! Thanks Fenzero!

Soulstress 7 years ago

I haver been seeing 11:11 for about 2 years now, I also wrote a hub on it and I agree it means more than 1 thing

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Soulstress, I tried to read your hub but could not find it...

soulsteph 6 years ago

hello everybody, thank you for sharing. my experience of 11:11 started 5 months ago, during a 90day goal program and now it gets so condensed, with all other numbers as well, at least 3 times a day. i smile, make a wish and feel that i am on a path. i don't need to understand or reason it. i feel i am getting messages of my direction, if that makes any sense. aloha

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author


Lee Horbachewski 6 years ago

Hi Mary,

This morning I was woken up with a knowing that I needed to log on to facebook. Low and behold one of my first visits was to Awesome Women Hub and your post about forgiveness from Archangel Michael was there. As I commented I was told by a friend a couple of days ago Archangel Michael would have a message for me when I was ready to listen. Mary - YOU are my angel this morning.

All my life I have seen 11:11, my Mum used to call me and still does "Legs 11" I have had spiritual coaching to understand this phenomenan and am finally opening to this realm of understanding.

Thank you for this post, your message about it being a shift to peace.

I have read Dan Millman's book and plan to revisit it, once my house is unpacked. A lot of change and shift taking place to my life and I have had a huge awakening in this past 48 hours...

Thank you

With love and peace


Sarah 5 years ago

I have been seeing 1111 on the c twice a day since i met my boyfriend a month ago, i just did my life path number equation.. 7/12/1988 = 29. 2+9=11. Did i meet my soulmate?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

What a great path number, as 11 is a master number as you probably know! Only you can know the answer to that question and in your heart the answer lies... Happy for you, Sarah!

MummyTales profile image

MummyTales 5 years ago from Australia

I'm always getting 11:12... and I always have a laugh when I see that :D

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Your angels may be having some fun with you, Mum! Just like I keep getting whispered to catch 4:43! LOL :O)

serry 4 years ago

I catch 11.11 , 1.01 , 5.05 , 4.04 etc... Every day , I heard it means that's someone is thinking of you , and my life path is 31-4 but I don't get it.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Tune in, when you catch it, and you may have a better idea what it means to you, Serry.

profile image

StarchildPia 4 years ago

It's 111, 11:11, and 444 for me hey. 444 more of a recent occurrence, whereas 11:11 has been making itself apparent for years... to the point now where I can lock eyes with someone in a bar, "know" and say to them "11:11"? And have them smile and go "yep, you too, eh?" It's a beautiful thing. One consciousness, Love and Light, people. Blessings :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Wow, glad you can connect with like minds like that. No one is really a stranger, right Starchild?

KT Banks profile image

KT Banks 4 years ago from Texas

Oh my goodness! My husband and I are both born on the 11th day of the month. His is on 1-11. I was born at 5:30 am and he, at 5:30 pm.

We have been blissfully married for over 25 years now : ) and have 3 wonderful sons.

My numbers add up to 44/8. I always seemed to notice 11:11 on the clock, and just guessed it was because of our birthdays.

I think I've already said this elsewhere, but I'm so happy to have found you!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Wow, KT Banks!

It sounds like you are totally with your soul mate/twin flame! Today is 11/1 by the way! ;)

Again, thank you for your kindness and so happy to meet you here!

Alex Wark 2 years ago

We'll to start, my life path number is 4. For the last couple months, I've been catching the number sequence 12:34 both am and pm. It's been so frequent, I've stopped believing it to be conencidence. Curious what your thoughts are.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Alex,

I couldn't agree more, not a coincidence. When you catch numbers in ascending order, like 1234, that is great, it's a sign you are on the right path and it's positive--numbers going upward. But you know best what it means to you!

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