Are You Following Your Own Works Or Listening To God's Word ?

I was sitting and reading through other hubs on this site and was thinking of their lives as well as mine and it hit me how do we know if we are living our lives our way or the way God wants us too? When I lived in Florida i was very active in my church and now that i have moved back to where i grew up I'm not active. Being a Southern baptist is alot different than being a Northern baptist. The churches are totally different. I miss the activeness of the baptist church. I still do alot of Bible study and reading and I spread the word every chance I get but am I following my calling? How do we really know what our calling is? Mine is to be a apostle of the word. My girlfriend is new to being a Christian and we have decided to raise our new daughter that way. Alot of people oppose me because of the way I left and my alienation of old friends. Some oppose my hubs but I keep on writing because it's one of my passions,even though I was thinking of quitting,but thanks to an awesome friend who told me I'm a good writer and i would be foolish to quit I decided not to give up. The people who oppose me and what I write can do so all they want I don't have to approve their comments. I write about all kinds of subjects and I enjoy writing about God. The Bible says God guides all our steps and in alot of peoples eye he guided my steps to be back here where I'm happier and more content. God has blessed me through the years and will always bless me like he did last month. When ever in doubt if you are following god or your own steps look at your life and where you are now and decide if it was you or God that got you there then you'll have your answer. I got my answer. Lord, I want to thank you for everything you have done and still do for me. I know it is you that is guiding my footsteps and always will. I will forever go where you tell me to go without question. I know you will never lead me into something I wouldn't be able to handle. This I pray in Jesus' precious name. Amen!


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