Are You God's Fall Guy?


To Reveal the Inner Man

A fall guy is someone pushed forward to get all the blame. Later, as the innocent guy gets the unjust punishment, the real culprit feels guilty and comes out to admit the guilt. Truth is revealed. Well, it doesn't end like that all the time--sometimes innocent guys rot in prison all their lives--but sometimes there's hope that it would end like that--help the cause of justice.

God often uses fall guys to reveal the hearts of other people. Jeremiah was a fall guy and so were David and Joseph. God made them do something to make them suspects of wrongdoing and then later suffer unjust treatment. Why did God do this? To reveal the hearts of folks around them. In Jeremiah's case, he was thought of siding with Babylon when he urged Israel to just surrender instead of fight the Babylonian army. A lot of bad hearts were revealed then, especially the hearts of Zedekiah, Pashhur the priest, and Hananiah the false prophet.

David, on the other hand, won wars so that the Israelites shouted how he killed tens of thousands while King Saul only thousands. That revealed the heart of Saul. Later, when Saul wanted him dead, David's predicament revealed the good heart of Jonathan. And we all know the story of Joseph the dreamer--his dreams revealed the hearts of his father, brothers, and Pharaoh.


Not Blessed or God's Fall Guy?

You'll find some of them living simple lives in Christ, never in the limelight but used by God to cause major changes. I've heard true stories of how someone did what God wanted him to do and later, instead of being appreciated, suffered people's scorn. And the hearts of people active in church and doing great ministry achievements were revealed--most of them bitterly fought against what God did through the fall guy, some kept quiet and remained neutral to "preserve unity," whatever that meant, a few sided with the fall guy, and fewer got the revelation and started living transformed, radical lives in Christ.

The fall guy, meanwhile, didn't understand what was happening to him. He had prayed fervently that his church mates would not misunderstand him and that his obedience to God's command would start a wonderful revival in church and boost its numerical growth. Not one prayer seemed answered; on the contrary, it seemed that God rejected every prayer. He was grossly misunderstood (in fact, the church was split), was severely persecuted, his friends left him, and he was kicked out of church--and he was its pastor!

He didn't look blessed. In fact, he didn't feel blessed because everything seemed to have gone wrong. Then he started doubting God's command. Did he hear God's voice or was it just his imagination? Later, he tried to start his own ministry but he and his wife and kids suffered financial setbacks. They were close to being bankrupt. Then influential church people saw it as God's curse which he should repent of. Was he suffering a wrongdoing?

However, he missed seeing how everything was revealing the hearts of those around him--the church people and the influential people, those who persecuted and derided him, and the very few who supported and prayed for him. To him, it was as if God had abandoned him. But to God, this fall-guy pastor was achieving God's purpose. In truth, he was blessed beyond measure. It's a rare privilege to be used by God in separating sheep from goat and cleansing and promoting the hearts of those who obey his voice.


Good Samaritan or the Victim?

You see, someone has to play the role of "victim" so that the hearts of good Samaritans can be revealed and identified by people. Many are called to be good Samaritans, many more react as the Levite and priest, and several people opt to be bandits. But few are called to be victims. Without the role of the victim, the Good Samaritan would not have surfaced and stand out as a good model to exemplify.

You're probably called to be a "victim." You suffer the cruelty of people (even some church people or leaders), are shouted at like a slave, pitied and helped like a beggar (not a brother or sister in Christ), treated unjustly and unfairly, belittled, looked down, and considered a scum. Nobody appreciates anything you do (you're everyone's errand boy) while the rich and titled get appreciated for every little thing they do, and you wonder quietly, why the unfairness? But you choose to ignore it all because you've finally accepted what a trash you are to other folks and also learned not to take it against them. And you live like that all your life and wonder what sin you committed to deserve a life like that.

Well, get this revelation--you are highly favored amongst men. God has declared--the least among us is the greatest in the Kingdom. God has chosen the despised--the things that are not--to nullify the things that are [1 Corinthians 1.28].


God Has Been Gathering Proofs and You are Instrumental

Actually, God has been gathering evidence of our inner man, our true character and spirit, and will use it as "Exhibit A" on Judgment Day. When he judges he also presents evidence. Remember what Jesus said about the imprisoned and the sick? If you visit the imprisoned, it's as good as visiting him when he was "in prison." When you visit the sick, it's as good as visiting him when he was "sick" [see the whole interesting story here Matthew 25.39], and so on.

In short, anything you do to the least of your brothers (not to the greatest of your brothers), you do to him. So, someone has to assume the role of being "the least of the brothers." The Book of James tells of this guy who sees his brother in need and tells him, "Go in peace. Be warmed and be filled," but doesn't do anything to help [James 2]. Many people are given the role of being the brother who prayed for the one in dire need, but some are called to be the one in dire need. Brothers in dire need has a ministry--they are used by God to reveal the hearts of many.

In the same breath, 1 John 3.17 tells of a well-to-do believer who sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on the same. The brother or sister in need is used by God to reveal who has God's love in him or her and who has nothing. But this is no excuse for poor folks to remain poor and take advantage of those who have material possessions. You have to use God's power in you to produce wealth [Deuteronomy 8.18]. The bible never encourages laziness and begging. But there are those who will be poor [Matthew 26.11] and we should not look down on them because God uses them to test our hearts.

So learn to genuinely love and respect those who are least--people who beg, who live in poverty, who are lowly and title-less, who do menial jobs, who are not rich, who are simple and quiet, or those who are not as smart as you are or not achievers like you are. Be able to see Jesus in them. God uses them to test your heart--to gather evidence he will use on Judgment Day to show you how you treated people on every occasion.

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To God's Fall Guys

If you're God's fall guy reading this article--now you understand. Now you see clearly, face to face. If it seems your prayers fall on deaf ears and God doesn't seem to care--every wrong thing seems to be happening in your life--although you are hungry for God and His Word and are faithful to him, be sure that you are his utensil for noble use. There's not much glamour in your life, but in spirit, you have radiant glory.

When will it all stop? No one knows except God. But one thing I know--if God continues to use you this way, you are great in the Kingdom of God. You are highly favored.

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