Are we the true Christians we claim to be? Part I

Are we the true Christians we claim to be ? Part I

God sent his one and only son (Jesus) to die for our sins. The only thing we are told to do as disciples is go and confess Jesus to our fellow man. Do we really do that? How many of us claiming to be born again Christians really do that? God made each one of us in his image and we are suppose to be like Jesus and represent him. i admit I'm one of those who doesn't do as Jesus would do and i don't live my life the way a Christian is suppose to. I do however profess the name of Jesus to people. I have planted alot of seeds and I have led alot of people to Christ. OK sure you're involved with church auxiliaries and events but that doesn't make us true Christians. As Christian we are suppose to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I know alot of Atheists who probably know the Bible better than I do and I've been reborn since may 2001. I was very involved with my old church but at the same time I didn't lead the Christian life. I've committed adultery,smoked cigarettes,cussed,gotten drunk. Just because you go to Church,put money in the collection plate doesn't make you a Christian.The bible says you're suppose to give ten percent (10%) of your gross income to God. How many of us really do that? I know we live in a rough economical time right now but God said He would provide us with what we need. Imagine if everyone put their ten percent in the offering plate. We wouldn't be hearing the pastors say "we need money for this,we need money for that". I'm not saying all of us professing to be Christians do that,I know alot of Christians that not only talk the talk ,but do walk the walk. Peter was a disciple but Jesus knew peter would deny Jesus three times. Alot of us are like that because we are afraid of what our family,friends,and co-workers would say. If you think about it none of his disciples professed they knew him. If Jesus was alive today and was to be put to death, how many of us Christians would be willing to die with him? I also know alot of preachers who don't live the way they should either. The Bible warns us about false prophets. I don't know about everyone else but I've decided I'm going to start living my life the way a true Christian is suppose to live and start reapplying the gifts God has given me into that life.Everyone makes mistakes in their lives and I'm no exception but it's never too late to change your life around. So my question for today's blog is : Are we the Christians we claim to be?

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Linda's Hub Pages profile image

Linda's Hub Pages 7 years ago

Amen to this hub,you hit it on the head.May God continue to bless you with great mind thinking,soul searching hubs.And may God continue to bless you.My prayer for you would be that your walk & talk with God become so full of love that you couldn't stop if you wanted to.I also ask that you pray this for me.Thank you.

Sciantel 7 years ago

My 10 percent goes into my ministry but you can give that 10 percent to family who is in need too beside the church. We are to take care of our own. As of being a true Christian. Do what the Spirit puts on your heart to do because the Father gave to each and every believer the true Spirit of wisdom. Some will put Him on a back shelf though, sadly losing out on the riches of the Lord.

A.Thomas 4 years ago

Give a list of things to be a true Christianm

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