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I decided to use this hub page to display some of the articles I have written for the I write articles that speak on many various, relative subjects, but the underlying subject of each and every article I write will always be Spirituality. Through the years, I have pondered many spiritual studies. Did you know, if you Google Search Spiritual Magazine, you get over 16 1/2 million results? There is a magnitude of people out there looking for answers. Some of them want spiritual counseling or perhaps spiritual guidance, some are looking for tarot card readings or psychics, some are looking for spiritual mediums; and then there are others who are just beginning to test the waters of their own spirituality, and are looking for knowledge. It is the never-ending quest for knowledge that leads people to ask themselves if they are truly happy in their belief system. My articles all speak to my own knowledge in spiritual matters. And knowledge gained every day as I continue on my own journey. Read them. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Choices We Contemplate On Our Spiritual Journey

Photo by Robert Kelly
Photo by Robert Kelly

Life Is All About The Journey

In this lifetime, we are all on a path leading us toward our destiny. How we get there is a different matter for each individual. We all make choices each and every day that affect some aspect of our lives. Our lives are defined by these choices. Some choices or decisions have a major impact on our lives. Some decisions are simple and easy. Some are more complex, and therefore they possess more significance. Some affect how we define ourselves spiritually, thus altering our spiritual definition. At times we all need someone to talk to. Someone who will listen to our spiritual comments without judgment. There are many spiritual websites that offer various help in many forms. Make sure the one you choose is the best one for your needs. The following articles are ones that I have written for the The articles offered here may be changed periodically, as I frequently publish articles. If you enjoy reading them, then be sure to "subscribe" (which is FREE), on one of the article pages. You will then get an email each time I publish a new article. Please be sure to leave me comments. Thank you so much for reading and making me a small part of your life journey. Many Blessings...

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