Ascension - A Poem


From deep within

Soul promptings arising

Illusion and truth revealed

Ascent begins the journey home

The veil finally lifted

Seize the moment

Always NOW

Never gone and yet

The elusive future is in the present

Soul longings to beget

Stand tall and true

To the Source of all

Loving freedom and being

Untouched by chaos when truth unfolds

Serenity’s calm not losing

Love perpetual

And indestructible

With one condition affixed

Yield most freely and completely

Love All There Is full-hearted

On angel’s wings

Fly above the needs

Of attachments low and base

To heavenly Earth where Love abounds

And life contains just grace

In Cherubim wake

The heart throbs higher

To heights of human choosing

Grab a hold of renewed presence

From loving hands unjudging

Let peace reign

For all creation

All and one divine

Known, re-acquainted and yet to meet

Purified ageless design

Imagination with

Love unclouded

Enchantment is conceived

Surpassing beauty bedazzling the eye

A Golden Age devised

Cherubim hosts a gathering

Light seekers undeniable

Aspiration of form perfected

What’s done is gone, resplendence restored

To universal jubilee escorted

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mattdigiulio profile image

mattdigiulio 5 years ago

Bella! Voting up.

Best, Matt

JBSNVNY profile image

JBSNVNY 5 years ago from Upstate NY Author

Thanks Matt! My first poem too...might have to try another :-)!

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