Ask, Believe, Release and Recieve

You may have all heard of The Secret. It is about the Law of Attraction which became very popular recently.

Do you want to know a way how to get what you want? Do you want the perfect relationship of your dream job? If you are then try using these steps. Ask...Believe...Release...Recieve...

Ask the universe for what you want. It could be anything but be very clear about your desire or you may end up getting mixed results.

Believe what you want can happen. Visualize it and talk about it like it is happeneing already. Feel that it is on it's way.

Release it. Don't think about it anymore once you put it out there and are on a positive vibration. Forget about it and focus on something else.

Recieve. There is no time limit. Once you did all of the steps you will recieve it. Be patient and let the universe bring it to you the best way possible.

It may not happen right away but the law of attraction does work. Once you give up on it you are showing the universe that you don't want it anymore. So be positive and experience all of your wishes.

Do you believe in the secret and the law of attraction?

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