Ask and you shall recieve


According to Luke 11:9, if you ask for something you will receive it.

It's true.

I dated a guy for over a year -- we ended up breaking up because of differences. It took me at least 9 months to get over him. I would cry every single day because I just didn't understand why God would break us up. We were perfect for each other. . . Oh by the way... his name is Brandon.

Every day when I cried, I would always ask God "why" I asked God to put him back in my life. . .

Just so you know... God has a sense of h u m o r.

A couple of months later this guy came into my life. He was a christian just like I like them. He was fun to hang around but he wasn't who I thought he was. . . We talked for about a couple of months and realize it just wasn't working. Oh by the way... his name is Brandon.

At this point, I was still like... God just put the FIRST Brandon in my life. But God was like... not yet my love.

A few months later... I met this guy he was so sweet, but at the time I was still in love with the first Brandon that I didn't want anything to do with him. So we broke it off. I hated having to do that, but I was really not feeling it. Oh by the way... his name is Brandon

So months went by and I told God that I wanted the first Brandon still.

A few months later the third Brandon came back into my life. He had completely changed into being someone different. He was compassionate, sweet, understanding, non-judgemental, and most of all he loved me for me.

That's not to say they all didn't love me for me. Because they did.

After three months, I have my Brandon back. It wasn't the Brandon that I wanted in the beginning but this one is a lot better! God really does have a sense of humor. I may not have gotten what I wanted at the time "brandon" but he gave it to me plus more.

I'm very much in love with my boyfriend of 7 months. He has been a real blessing to me. I thank God every s i n g l e day for him.

I still talk to all the Brandon's and all of them have been a blessing to my life.

So remember... you may ask for something and you may not get it right now. But you will get what you ask for. Just be patient. It was a trying time for me and I had to learn to be patient on getting what I want. In the end, he was so worth waiting for, and I'm glad I waited for him.

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magodis profile image

magodis 5 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Good Luck!

bell du jour profile image

bell du jour 5 years ago from Ireland

Hi Shemiahl!, I completely agree, if you ask for something you really need you will get it.

B d j

feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago

Hello, shemiahl,

First, welcome to HubPages. Second, you effectively expressed a very important fact: God knows what is best and He always provides us with what we need.

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