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Motherpeace Tarot Cards

Tarot cards originated over 500 years ago in Italy. There are many deck options to choose from on the market today.

When I started playing around with tarot cards about 30 years ago, I used what is called the Rider-Waite deck. It is my thought that many of the cards in that deck have dark, dire, negative definitions, often appearing even darker by the position and slant of the card in the reading.

The Rider-Waite deck has been around a very long time. Many people likely use them and enjoy them. I prefer a lighter read.

I was shopping one day, about 20 years ago, in a cool little store in Harrison Hotsprings. Harrison Hotsprings is a beautiful little town outside of Chilliwack on British Columbia's lower mainland. I picked up a deck of Motherpeace cards. They felt very comfortable in my hands. The pictures on the cards are positive and welcoming, even the 'darker' ones. The Motherpace tarot deck offers two size options, both round, large or small. I prefer the small cards as they fit into my hand easier and are not as cumbersome to shuffle as the larger ones.

Motherpeace cards were designed by two women in the early 1970s, Vikki Noble and Karen Vogel.

A trypical tarot layout
A trypical tarot layout
The Fool
The Fool

Major and Minor Arcana

I read my own cards. I study the cards in their positions in the layout, attempting to figure out the message that is offered.

I do not believe the tarot holds any deep secrets about where we have been or where we are going. I simply feel the cards and meanings have been designed and honed over many years to offer suggestions of a more positive way of to look at one's life experiences. These messages can pertain to any circumstance in the seeker's life. The cards are meant to help gently guide one to a clearer thought process. To help open the mind to possibilities that the Universe does give us help in finding answers when we ask.

I see the use of tarot as a logical and somewhat mystical, magical way to help define how you are and who you are.

I have included some pictures of the cards below. One picture shows a typical 11 card layout. The other two cards, the Fool and Strength, are two of the Major Arcana cards. They are my favorite cards of the deck. Strength speaks for itself. The Fool reminds me that we all have a responsibility to remember to let our inner child out, to allow ourselves to play and be happy.

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards and 22 Major Arcana cards. There are 78 cards total in the deck.

The Minor Arcana cards are said to represent the inner workings and self influence, of the seeker. The Major Arcana are supposed to represent the influence of the Universe at work, helping and guiding us in the right direction.


How the Cards are Read & What They Mean

The meaning of individual cards is determined by the picture on the card and it's position in the layout.

While the reader is preparing to read a seeker's cards, they will ask the seeker what is the predominant issue they are hoping for guidance with. The seeker can offer up what is in their thoughts or they can choose to keep their question or issue private.

The reader will then shuffle the cards.

As the reader is shuffling the cards, she (or he), thinks about the seeker, the circumstance, the issues the seeker has presented. When the reader feels the cards are sufficiently shuffled, she then cuts the deck three times to the left, using the left hand. Sometimes the seeker is asked if they want to cut the cards.

11 cards are then laid out, starting with the center card. Often tarot readers will determine additional meaning of the card by it's slant, or if it is placed upside down. I do not do this. I choose to read all my cards in an upright position. It's simply personal preference. I prefer living in the light.

I explain to the seeker what the position of the #1 card means.

I share what I 'see' in each card, one at a time in chronological order, what I feel the message is.

I touch on the darker side, if appropriate and necessary, to get an accurate reading, and to remind the seeker that sometimes life has bumps in the road, hiccups. Sometimes we need to call upon our endurance and courage to walk through our fears.

Below is an explanation of the significance of the 11 positions.

1. The card in this position represents the seeker.

2. The card in this position represents something in the seeker's life right now.

3. The card in this position represents a crossflow of energy concerning the seeker's issues.

4. The card in this position represents the root of the issue, the problem.

5. The card in this position represents something that is passing, an event, relationship or circumstance that is currently being experienced by the seeker.

6. The card in this position represents energy coming in, the influences of the Universe, what is coming at the seeker .

7. The card in this position represents something that is going to happen in the seeker's life. An event, coming or going of relationships, a move; change.

8. The card in this position reveals the fears of the seeker. Things they may be holding the seeker back from living their true destiny.

9. The card in this position reveals the hopes and dreams of the seeker. What they long for, what they perhaps haven't found the courage to do yet in their life.

10. The card in this position represents what others think of the seeker, their opinion. Whether they feel the seeker is doing good, bad, struggling, content etc;

11. The card in this position represents the final outcome. It wraps up the story. A Major Arcana card is ideal in this position. If a Major Arcana card doesn't fall in this position, up to three more cards are drawn to see if one shows up. If the final card is from the Minor Arcana, there is no conclusion to the seeker's reading at this time. It is still a work in progress.

After the 11th card is deciphered by the reader, the reader will then look at the overall layout and give the seeker a summary of messages, advice, lessons and suggestions offered by the cards in the reading.

I don't follow the tarot with any reverence. Having said that, I very much appreciate the messages I see offered in the tarot deck. I have developed my own relationship over the years with my Motherpeace deck.

I am willing to do short online readings for anyone that may be interested in a light-hearted tarot card experience.

If you are interested, leave a comment below and include your email address. There is also a link to the right that you can use to contact me privately if you don't want to put you remail address on line.

Make it a Great Day.

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ShyeAnne profile image

ShyeAnne 3 years ago from Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada Author

Thank you so much, Jean and Julie, for your comments. A bit long on the thank you to you Julie, I see you left your comment some time ago. I love the Motherpeace deck, even the dark cards have a light energy, and that's what it is all about, energy, how we feel it, our ability to let it flow. Livin' in the Light!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey


It's so nice to see someone else writing about Motherpeace! I was pretty new to HP when I wrote about each card, and never got around to showing anyone the layout for the readings. Every time I changed the hubs, I had a devil of a time getting the right card to line up with my text!

I've been amazed at the interest in it, the group of hubs have always been among my highest 7. I just finished complying with all the new rules, and had to revisit them again. I love the deck, its so different. I recently got interested in the Revelations deck. Zack Wong is the artist, and he puts the Reverses in so that you don't notice them when the card is Upright, yet if you turn it around there's a whole different scene! I've been using them on my blog, but some are kind of dark, so I switch around and compare a Rider-Waite card to the same card, but in another deck. I think that's good for beginners, since each artist sees it differently. Well, enough from me. Take care.

julie58 profile image

julie58 5 years ago from Fareham, UK


I've seen this deck in one of our local stores, it's so unusual - especially the shape.

I agree with you about the Rider-Waite cards, I know a lot of people are fans but I find them slightly old-fashioned and, as you say, some of the cards are quite dark and negative. I prefer something I can relate to and feel comfortable with ...

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