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Aura Reading Jennifer Lynch
Aura Reading Jennifer Lynch


Having an aura reading is like taking a "snap shot" of your energy field at a particular moment in time. Our aura changes continually and our chakras respond to our emotions as well as to our physical health. We could say that most illnesses are first found in the emotional body. If you are feeling really out of sync emotionally and you are unable to "heal" or come to terms with what is going on within your complex emotional state it is fair to say, that quite often these feeling will then start to be felt in the physical i.e. pain in the neck, frozen shoulder,or possibly bad knees.

Interestingly when my younger son was leaving middle school to go to High School, he had continual unexpected problems with his feet including breaking his toes. He also developed what is commonly known as policeman's heal from jumping off an apparatus in gym at school. I believe this condition is very painful and it led to him not being able to take part in gym for several months. We were told that it was plantar fasciitis at the time and that it was extremely rare that boys of twelve should get it. This was on one level but on an emotional level, he may not have wanted to move forward in his life? Certainly, I have experienced similar physical symptoms when I refused to move forward in my own life. I would mentally restrict myself which led to pain in my hips. I have also found that I can go out of balance very quickly, by being too one-sided. I can be all in the mind (intellect) and forget about my creativity and spirituality until my knee starts to weaken and sometimes literally gives out in unexpected places. This is a sharp reminder that it is time for me to re-focus my energy.

So what is an Aura Reading? Basically, it is looking at the functioning of the chakras. Being clairvoyant I am able to see which colours are dominant in the aura and also which of the chakras are letting in plenty of light (energy) and which chakras appear blocked. Most of us have blockages of some sort or another, this is not unusual, unless we are extremely fit and healthy. Spending nearly all our time in meditation is not necessary to improve the flow of energy to our chakras. All we really have to do is to spend approximately ten minutes a day in meditation. In addition chanting, using vibration through sound i.e. tuning forks, chimes, bells or tibetian bowls or by using "OM" which has a very powerful effect especially on the heart chakra can quickly pull your energy field back into balance.

Some chakras appear smaller than others and in addition, they may have accumulated a certain amount of negative energy. If they are cleared through either sound healing or changing life style habits you can get back into balance fairly quickly. Experiencing a shock, such as a death, or a car acciden,t can certainly make your chakras go out of alignment rapidly. I remember going for a healing session with a lady after having a head on collision with a lorry and I literally felt all over the place, my chakras were! After she realigned me by using Reiki healing and a tuning fork on my feet I felt back in my body again. It still took several months of healing though before I was up and running in the same way as I was before the accident. Another time when you energy field feels particularly out of alignment and depleted is after a relationship breakup. This can play extreme havoc on your throat chakras and your heart chakra particularly if you have been surpressed.

The Throat Chakra

This chakra is blue and it gives us the ability to communicate. I always recommend if this chakras is blocked using a small sodalite crystal or even a piece or turquoise to help open up this centre. Quite often it is blocked because the person cannot express their self emotionally. They really want to say something either to the world about who they are or to a partner. Either way they feel suppressed and restricted.

Singing, chanting, acting or just being heard can certainly free up this chakra. As well as putting a small crystal on your throat chakra, wearing a blue scarf for a few months is also very good. Practising saying the things that you want to say in a mirror. Sometimes the throat chakra is very closed as a result of not being able to say "No". If you have difficulty with this it may well go back to childhood. Practise saying it in front of a mirror.the vibratio Feel the vibration within you. It may feel a little alien to begin with but stick with it. You throat will begin to find it's true note and a happier vibration!

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra of healers, nurses, carers, teachers or people that are really in a "giving profession" is normally very open and seen as large or open hearted. The heart chakra is green with pink and responds well to being out in nature. If your heart is aching because of a romantic breakup just go and sit under a weeping willow tree or surround yourself in green fields, your heart will soon start to heal.

The heart chakra is the balance between the higher or wisdom chakras and the lower chakras which are more concerned with the hear and now issues rather than spiritual aspects. The heart and throat however are very connected. If there is a blockage in the throat it will quite often come as a result of not feeling "loved enough" or feelings of low self esteem. We need to be able to communicate our feelings in order to love who we are. It is not very often I find some one's throat chakra blocked in isolation but it does depend on the individual.

Yesterday I did a reading for someone and I said her throat chakra was recovering but it had been blocked for about two weeks and she said that's right that's because I lost my voice shouting at a Bon Jovi concert! There was no emotional pain in the heart she had just been literally shouting her head off in appreciation!

I use pastels to show the main colours of the aura as well as showing the size explaining the dynamics of the energy centres. Obviously the colours can change very rapidly. Red is good as it gives us energy, drive and enthusiasm. Without this, we would not be able to achieve our goals. On the other hand too much red can mean suppressed anger. Red can also mean passion that is why so often people paint bedrooms in red and bold colours. Red is a stimulator and also gives you motivation.

Through my readings, I try to keep a balanced perspective of what I see. Obviously as in all psychic/clairvoyant work a lot of it is down to interpretation and with any serious condition it is advisable to always seek a health care professionals advice.

However if you are interested in having a reading which explores things in a little more depth then an aura reading is a good idea. I believe that readings can help on an emotional level but again they are not intended to replace a course in counselling. Personally I use 6 angel cards as well as doing a picture of the aura in pastels on black paper for the client to take away with them. I combine counselling, psychic work, art and basic common sense!

The aura is very interesting. It is also possible to see more and more white light entering a person's aura over a period of time especially with people who chose to open up and let in the light. We are like flowers uncurling our petals. Sometimes we are too open and need to recoil a little until we find a place where we are comfortable and can really bloom. We have many a flowering but it is always important to remember than we all need watering, nurturing and love.

Aura above has Archangel Michael putting his loving wing around my client. Chakras vary in size depending on the energy flowing through at the time and also vary in brightness and vibration.

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klarawieck 6 years ago

Jennifer, thanks for the beautiful article. I am able to see the outline of a person's aura but I haven't been able to detect the colors. It's something I need to work on. Interesting I happened to read this article... I have been having knee pain for several days now. I wonder!

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 6 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Meditation is the key to good health!

TheHopefulPoet profile image

TheHopefulPoet 6 years ago from Florida

Very interesting hub. Thank you for sharing! :)

chisom emmanuel profile image

chisom emmanuel 6 years ago from NIGERIA

can u read my aura

instantlyfamily profile image

instantlyfamily 6 years ago

Could you suggest a special meditaion to help keep the flow open?

Karen Porritt 6 years ago

An absolutely FANTASTIC aura reading, thank you so very much!

ursula 5 years ago

Thankyou I recently had an kirlian aura photo taken and it's similar to the one portrayed and I got a lot out of the article thankyou Ursula

NiaLee profile image

NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

Very interesting hub. I didn't know about that reading even though I know that my instinct does take a snapshot and indicate things to me quickly with some people.

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Now recorded and sent via email!

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Hi Ursula - I am pleased that you found my Hub useful.

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Hi NiaLee - I am pleased that you read my hub thank you.

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Sorry, I did not come back to this but had a lot going on for a while!

If you are still interested - I will post a hub with a good meditation in the next couple of days which will help people stay in the NOW thank you! Jennifer

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

If you have Skype I can read your Aura Jennifer

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Thank you for reading! Please see my website details on here.

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Everything about you is contained in your energy field. Many thanks for reading my hub.

tvs290 profile image

tvs290 3 years ago from India,bangalore

Wow interesting, those are chakras right?, I'm from India I can recognise them.

Jennifer Lynch profile image

Jennifer Lynch 3 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk. Author

Yes they are chakras - our health is governed by how well our chakras are functioning and emotional well being, of course! Thank you for your comment.

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