Aura color meaning of BLUE

Blue aura

THE BLUE GROUP: This interesting group of astral colors represents the varying forms and degrees of religious emotion, "spirituality," etc. The highest form of spiritual, religious feeling and thought is represented by a beautiful, rich, clear violet tint, while the lower and more gross phases of religious emotion and thought are represented by the darker and duller hues, tints, and shades until a deep, dark indigo is reached, so dark that it can scarcely be distinguished from a bluish black. This latter color, as might be expected, indicates a low superstitious form of religion, scarcely worthy of the latter name. Religion, we must remember, has its low places as well as its heights--its garden grows the rarest flowers, and at the same time the vilest weeds.

High spiritual feelings--true spiritual unfoldment--is indicated by a wonderfully clear light blue, of an unusual tint, something akin to the clear light blue of the sky on a cool autumn afternoon, just before sunset. Even when we witness an approach to this color in Nature, we are inspired by an uplifting feeling as if we were in the presence of higher things, so true is the intuition regarding these things.

Morality, of a high degree, is indicated by a series of beautiful shades of blue, always of a clear inspiring tint. Religious feeling ruled by fear, is indicated by a shade of bluish gray. Purple denotes a love of form and ceremony, particularly those connected with religious offices or regal grandeur of a solemn kind. Purple, naturally, was chosen as the royal color in the olden days.

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Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

Thank you, again!

perfumer profile image

perfumer 9 years ago from California Author

You are welcome!

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 9 years ago

Greetings Perfumer!! Thank you for a GREAT Hub on the color BLUE!! My name is Sapphire Grace (yes, real name!!) and I am the founder of Earth Angel Publishing!! I am at brand new Hubber at Earth Angel!! Please keep up the good work!! I just joined your fan club!! Blessings, the BLUE Earth Angel!!

perfumer profile image

perfumer 9 years ago from California Author

Hello Earth Angel,

Welcome to Hubpages! And thank you for your kind words & also for joining my fan club. I will be creating more hubs on human aura and related matters. So please stay tuned.

Good luck hubbing!!

Kaitlin 6 years ago

Haha! Apparently, I have a very bright blue aura when I looked in the mirror!!! Cool!

anonymous 6 years ago

I was looking at my arm today, saw an ice-blue aura. what does it mean about my personality?

Klaus 6 years ago

Mines Foggy blue does anyone know what this means?

anonymous 6 years ago

thank you

Max  6 years ago

Hey thanks first of all

I have been wondering on this if there is any way to read peoples emotions that they have at the moment through their aura.

And is there anything you can do whit an aura besides watching them.

I found out i have this natural ability to see auras whitout training or such so i wondered what i will be able to do if i train it

echo_hypno 6 years ago

My Aura is a very very dark was actualy mistaked for black when I first saw it but upon looking deeper it was a very very dark blue. So thanks for the explaination. My bf's aura is gold and if your the same writer of both it was great to read thanks :)

iOliveJuice 6 years ago

My aura is a bright blue, and it has sort of greenish specks in it. explanation please? ^w^.

DrkRyder 6 years ago

i have a blue aura Energy Its Just A Blue Aura In My Third Eye On My Fore Head

Aura guardian Y 5 years ago

Can any one use aura and not just see it or is it just mr

Aura guardian Y 5 years ago

Perhaps I should explain. Ever since I was born I could see aura. But my sight is a bit different. I close my eyes and I see the world in dark blue but people and animals are different colors

Aura guardian Y 5 years ago

I can also form an shield of aura around me and others. I can also heal people and myself. Also i have a very weird abilitie I can form spheres of aura and hurl them at people. The thing is that they cause serious physical damage to whoever gets hit by them. If anyone knows any thingabout this please send me an email at

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

AuraGuardianY, - Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. Do you create these shperes at will? Have you tried to use them to heal others instead? Could you please tell us more?

Aura guardian Y 5 years ago

Yeah I can create them at will but I usualy choose not to because of the damage they cause. Yes I can heal people but when I do a pulsating light emits from my hand and onto the persons wound

Aura guardian Y 5 years ago

Is these normal abilities or are they weird

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Their is nothing weird about your abilities. They are not common but I wouldn't label them as weird. Just don't do anything that is harmful to others. Keep using your healing abilities, maybe someday the spheres of aura that you can create will transform into something positive.

Aura guardian Y 5 years ago

Alright but have you ever heard of anything like this

profile image

AuraGuardianY 5 years ago from California, Los Angeles

Hi im a member now

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

welcome to the hubpages Yanni,

we will be waiting to read your hubs.

to answer your question above, yes I have

many times.

profile image

AuraGuardianY 5 years ago from California, Los Angeles

How did you know my name

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

That was very easy - from your profile.

Tyler 5 years ago

I asked my spirit guides through automatic channeling what color my aura was and they said blue. So I stumbled upon this site to see what that meant as I know nothing about aura colors.

profile image

AuraGuardianY 5 years ago from California, Los Angeles

Lately I have been having these odd dreams. Im on a glacier and this dragon thats made of ice appears. Then I wake up and the room is bloody cold

Someone 4 years ago

I don't see only one color in the aura like a lot of people here (maybe I'm weird :/). But usually 4 or more (as long as the person isn't moving), so I can't really say "Your aura is dark blue". My aura is :

-Bright light blue around my hand

-White between my fingers

-Pink on my forearm

-Light red on my shoulders

-Yellow around my head and right leg

-Turquoise left foot

-Orange hips and right foot

-Purple left leg

Yes it's a lot of colors :D

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