Aura color meaning of BROWN, GRAY and BLACK

Brown, gray and black aura

THE BROWN GROUP: The brown group of astral colors represents desire for gain and accumulation, ranging from the clear brown of industrious accumulation, to the murky dull browns of miserliness, greed and avarice. There is a great range in this group of brown shades, as may be imagined.

THE GRAY GROUP: The group of grays represents a negative group of thought and emotions. Gray represents fear, depression, lack of courage, negativity, etc. This is an undesirable and unpleasant group.

THE BLACK GROUP: Black, in the astral colors, stands for hatred, malice, revenge, and "devilishness" generally. It shades the brighter colors into their lower aspects, and robs them of their beauty. It stands for hate--also for gloom, depression, pessimism, etc.

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Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

I can almost 'feel' these colours!

Chloe 6 years ago

How interesting! I wish I could see auras...!

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Thanks for stopping by Chloc!

jerzee 6 years ago

i was told that i have a black aura when i was a teenager. the lady even made me leave her trailer. i was a happy kid who didnt get into much trouble, with a decent set of parents, so i guess it stems from something in a past life?

Landru 5 years ago

I wish we taught this in schools instead of the useless nonsense of today. Our world will be much better off. Our ancestors knew these things as their minds were not contaminated with greed, envy, hate and war.

Emily 5 years ago

tryna teach myself to see auras, not going to well. i swear i saw someone with almost like sparks in their aura recently. It was sorta weird.

NJW 4 years ago

Is their a way to change my aura , I keeping being told I have a gray one. I try to not be like that yet its still there. Help please.

Kelly 22 months ago

Yes, you can change it!

Kelly 22 months ago

Look up Change your Aura Change your life.

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