Aura color meaning of WHITE

White aura

THE WHITE GROUP: White is the astral color of Pure Spirit, as we have seen, and its presence raises the degree of the other colors, and renders them clearer. In fact, the perception of the highest degree of Being known to the most advanced occultist is manifested to the highest adepts and masters in the form of "The Great White Light," which transcends any light ever witnessed by the sight of man on either physical or astral plane--for it belongs to a plane higher than either, and is absolute, rather than a relative, white. The presence of white among the astral colors of the human aura, betokens a high degree of spiritual attainment and unfoldment, and when seen permeating the entire aura it is one of the Signs of the Master--the token of Adeptship.

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Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

thanks, adding to my info bank!

Scott 8 years ago

Thank You for that, I've been receiving a white aura lately I feel that's been emanating from me lately. Thank you for your response about white aura's.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 8 years ago from California Author

Hello Scott,

Thank you for visiting my HUB and leaving your comment!

Felipe Lugo 8 years ago



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perfumer 8 years ago from California Author

Hi Felipe,

If you could describe the event with some details may be someone will be able to help you.

dn 8 years ago

so im a master? i don't get it, i have seen and been told by people i have a white aura.

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perfumer 8 years ago from California Author

how do you know that you aura is white?

rod 7 years ago

yes please tell me more about the white aura i myself don't get it either. i suposedly have a white aura as well. please explain to us stupid people in lamens terms!!

perfumer profile image

perfumer 7 years ago from California Author

Hi Rod!Thank you for your comment.I will write another hub on White Aura.Please stay tuned.

tezcatlepocca 7 years ago

is it normal to have a white/blue aura and to be able to move or control the area/direction that it emenates from the body??? I am not sure of the significance of this in me but it helps when I try to manipulate energy in and around people and things. also dark beings do not like this. and I cant seem to change my aura often. so they will usually know when I am near. although some spirits seem to like my precence. I have been told that I scare them or they look for ways to chalenge/aattack me. no attacks yet though.

Amanda 7 years ago


i just wanted to say i have a white aura. I know that having a white aura these are some charicteristics:



-higher dimensions

-abundance of energy

-pure energy


-spiritual teachers

and much more.

I know for me this was big i use my aura a lot in healing.. i clear others energies by having their aura mix with mine and i actually have it flow in and around inside my aura cleansing it. I am able to hear, see, feel, all those around me with out them saying anything simply because of my aura of who i am. I am a mirror to others of who and what and where they are in life (while holding my own)

so trust yourself and you know who you are and why your here. do what makes you happy. keep your aura clean by "sage"ing often (because we can pick up other's energies very easily and be weighed down by others with out even knowing it.) be conscious of how you interact with others and what you choose to do. spend time by the water it will keep your aura clear and clean and assist you in being able to funtion better in this realm. any other questions ?


Elleyra 6 years ago

A white aura has been traditionally been attributed to serious disease, impending death, or artificial stimulation(as in drugs). Could white be mistaken for silver? I was also told today that I had a white aura.

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perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Elleyra,

White is the perfect color because it is all color. It is in perfect balance and harmony at all times. It is the color of God, the Spirit; the light of Perfection; the light of the Christ consciousness and the Divine Light. White is always received through the top of the head into the aura. This is where it is pure, full of clarity and glory of all the colors.

Adam 6 years ago

not to sound like an idiot, but i have a white aura, i've seen it, my girlfriends seen it....are we just seeing things?

what does this mean?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Adam,

Would you please tell me a bit more about your aura?

I need to get some more details so I can interpret it correctly.


Britny 6 years ago

I am 23 years old and just recently have I been (consciously) ventureing into the world of auras, especially my own. I was first told by a psychic that I was too a psychic...a psychic healer. Then I met an intuitive healer who told me I had a halo in my aura. He told me I had white surrounding my crown chakra and a yellow aura eminating upward from there into the shape of a halo. My body is indigo and my face area to my heart is magenta. He told me I was a spiritual teacher and that I needed to start writing. What does this all mean and how common is this halo thing. :) Much gratitde and I look forward to your response.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Britny,

Reading auras is a process that can be very personal, because many factors go into an interpretation. The meaning of a person’s aura can change depending on the type of personality they have, the life they live, and the values they hold dear.

If you have a particularly clear, yellow aura around your head, like a halo, then you are advanced in your spiritual development. When your brow chakra is very active, it can create a yellow glow around your head that looks like a halo. Both Jesus Christ and Buddha are depicted as having yellow halo-type auras, so as you can imagine, a yellow halo is a very powerful sign.

Britny 6 years ago

Thank you so much for your response. I think I am going to take the advice of the intuitive healer- I will start writing. :)

Blessings to you.


Chris 6 years ago

I recently had an experience where I was suddenly surrounded by a white aura almost was like being bathed in white light. All around me where I looked I was surrounded by the white aura and it was clear that it was coming from me.


SPIKECZAR profile image

SPIKECZAR 6 years ago

Hello, I am 20 years old and was told the other day that my aura was white. I also performed one of those aura self-mirror tests and saw only a bright white in my aura. I read somewhere on the Internet that it could be because of "beings" looking out for me. I do know that I was my grandmother's favorite grandchild and have seen her spirit on a couple different occassions.

Now back to the original thing, could someone please explain how my aura could only be white? I do not understand how it could only be one color.

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perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

You are welcome Britny,

I look forward to reading your hubs!

Blessings to you too...

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Chris,

Do you meditate regularly?

Please tell me a bit more about your lifestyle, that way I can give you a more accurate interpretation.

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perfumer 6 years ago from California Author


Who told you that you have a white aura?

Do you see this yourself?

SPIKECZAR profile image

SPIKECZAR 6 years ago

Hello perfumer,

For the first question,

I know a kid (a little younger than me) that saw everyone's aura in a weekly group that I am in. He did study everyone in the room for a while before telling them (and I) what our auras were.

For the second question,

Yes, I do see this myself. I did see a bright white 'thing' coming out of my upper body area (mostly my head) when I tried to see if he was just making this up or not. Like I said the other day, I saw this white 'thing' when I looked at my "3rd eye" area in the mirror for about 30 seconds or so.

Well, I hope that this has helped you.



perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author


Thank you for clarifying this for me.

You definitely have a white aura.

Now if this is a clear white as water then it is very good but if it is chalk white then the meaning is totally different. Then this is not really your own aura, this is more likely something like what you suspected your Grandmother's aura.

SPIKECZAR profile image

SPIKECZAR 6 years ago

Hello perfumer,

The aura is pretty much like you said, "clear white as water", if not very, very close to it at the least.

It also appears that when my Gram when to the 'next life', my aunt saw her spirit leaving her body, which was a grayish as my Gram was extremely ill (ALS). That and my other aunt saw my Granddad's that I never met's spirit leaving his body (1970s), which he had a seizure condition and his spirit was a deep gray if not black.

Well, I thank you for responding back, I just need to find what my 'calling' with this aura of mine is now.



xxxilybabixxx 6 years ago

hi. ive become a vampire. and i havnt ran into vampires around me. my friend is a werewolf. he said it is because i have a white aura around me and it is to bright for them to come near me.. is this good or bad... if it is bad how do i get rid of it.

Denise Meginness 6 years ago

I see white light and must admit I have always seen white light surrounding people and places where the people have been. I have not concentrated to view a light around me, mostly because the light is so visually captivating. I actually have kept this sight to myself because people have said so many times that I just said what they were thinking and that they aren't actually comfortable with that. So I pretty much talk as little as possible and am just now beginning to not be so accepting of the first thought that pops into my head. I would like to know what the white light is.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Denise - does this white light emanate from everyone has the same intensity?

anne 6 years ago

Hi perfumer,

I've been told by my friends (3 of them) who can see aura that mine is white. Could you tell me what's the meaning? Is it something good or bad? Thanks.

Jaden 6 years ago

I was told I had a white sparkling aura, and for some reason I doubt it. Plus what does sparkling mean? Thanks.

Cathy 6 years ago

My friend said my aura is sometimes white and sometimes blue. What could this mean, if it is such a combination?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Anne,

When reading the white aura we need to distinguish between clear, brilliant, transparent, white light and opaque milky solid white spots.

Clear or brilliant transparent "white" light in the aura Can indicate highly evolved spiritually. In the aura, White does not indicate purity, it indicates change and appears in an auric field when an individual's life or personality are undergoing changes.

It is often seen in the aura when a person is going through events like marriage, divorce, change of employment or other life changes.

On the other hand opaque white spots in the aura can indicate serious disease, disharmony , or even drug use, this opaque white color in the aura is like a noise or etheric mucus and indicates problems.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Cathy,

Please read the above comment on white aura.

Blue in the aura often indicates a natural healer and can be seen in people in nurturing and or protective careers such as therapists, physicians etc.

People who are concerned for the welfare of others often have blue in their emotional body. Pale blue shades can be found in deeply spiritual or creative types.

Clear rich shades are seen in intuitive individuals, and those gifted in psychic perceptions. Auras in which blue is dominant belong to people with strong personalities, they may not easily express.

Amy 6 years ago

I have always been told by a good, trusted friend who knows how to read aura colors very well for almost all their life that my aura is a really, really pretty combination of white and blue. In self mirror tests, I have barely been able to detect a brilliant blue and a pretty clear white. However, late the other night when my retina was exhausted I saw a bright green shade I'm not too fond of, it pretty pure bright green but a tad bit more on the yellow side than the blue side.

What could this mean? It was only a fraction of my body too (the right side of my head, by my ear).

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your post.

Please visit my other hubs listed below

About the right ear - how often do you use your cellphone?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Cell phone radiation may cause this type of temporary change in your main aura color. Please visit the following link for more info

another white 6 years ago

my friend can see auras but I can't see auras so it's hard to beleive in these things for me. he said that I have a very bright white aura around me he said he will help me. I refused the education that he offered because it seemed nonsense to me at that time. nowadays we don't see each other but I am still curious about it. How can I know if I have a white aura or not? They say that sometimes white aura can point that the person will die and angels are around her/him. Will I die or am I a really high souled person? Why did he try to help me? what do you think?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

another white,

thank you for your comment. to answer your question, i need to ask you another question - why did you refuse the education that your friend offered and what part of it didn't make sense to you?

another white 6 years ago

Thank you for your good intent. The whole story is more complicated:)I began to have health problems after I met that friend. I had the same dream for 5 or 6 times. An old lady was talking to me. I couldn't understand if she wanted to help me or she wanted to hurt me. sometimes it seemed that she was trying to warn me and sometimes she made me frightened because she was saying horrible things to me. I don't remember her words but she made me confused. I have never told about dreams to anyone but him(my friend). he told me they tried to communicate with me and he also said that I had a bright white aura. He added that if I didn't have the education I should keep away from them and this kind of knowledge. I was afraid of being concious of other energy forms. So I chose to keep away from these and after that he refused to explain the meaning or white aura and why they tried to communicate with me. I was curoius but also frightened. I thought I was going insane it was like a horror film. Nowadays my eye is very healthy and I feel comfortable about my life. But sometimes I can not stop thinking about what he told me. I also want to say to you that I sensed something dangerous about my friend. I was feeling uncomfortable when he was nearby. This is the second reason of my rejection. Thank you.

miranda 6 years ago

for the first time the other day i saw someones aura, i am totally taken by this and want to see mine. i have tried by looking in the mirror, but cant ever see anything. pls help me i am very interested in this but come up empty each try?

thank you :)

Sharon 6 years ago

Hello perfumer, I've been looking for more information on transparent auras, but its difficult to find and I see you really know and are serious about this.

I have a friend for some years now that is clairvoyant, from time to time we have sessions where helps me take decisions etc in my life.

I've asked which was the color of my aura, and said "it has no color, it is transparent... you know, like a transparent quartz, with some little shines here and there".

I've read your post and all your answers, and its hard for me to see myself as the "highly evolved spirit" that this aura color means. Not that I'm a bad person at all, but it's not like I'm a saint either!!

would love to hear more about this aura color from you, thanks!!!

Kate-Lynn 6 years ago

Well um, where do I start...

Okay well, my aura is usually a bright emerald green with the occasional violet and pink.

But one morning I woke up and a great portion of my aura was bright, pure, white, like it was glowing off of my skin 4-5 inches into my aura, the rest was still emerald green. I just thought it was odd and shrugged it off, thinking it would "wear off" over the day. But it didn't, and now most of my aura from my crown chakra down is white and bright emerald-green. I haven't gone through any sudden changes in my life, besides puberty, so it confuses me.

I mean, I'm only 13, turning 14 soon (not to say there are no spiritually aware 13 year olds, just that I haven't spent a lot of time on Earth yet). And honestly, I don't practice a lot of "reaching to higher planes/higher spirituality" stuff. I just practice basic energy work/healing, and some self defense methods.

I've been searching around Google and can't find a good answer so yeah. xP

I mean since my aura has turned white I've felt nicer, kinder, calmer, my mind has been less clouded, and I've been more energetic, but other than that I'm not much of a different person. :P

christina Waterman 6 years ago

Hello, My aura has been seen and was indeed very bright and all around me.It was by my dad only recently, and only two weeks before he died to cancer he said to me he saw my aura clear as day. Me and my dad was very close and had a very close bond. We were both always spiritually aware and felt energy and positive goodness. I feel energy orbs very strong and I energize through my work as an Artist. I have had many life experiences to know and feel other presences around us in an energy way. I have opened the third eye within myself and seen amazing possibilities and feelings. We are all energy and have vibrational connections and movement.....^^I^I^^Al.....Christina Waterman.....

christina waterman 6 years ago

My Aura was bright white all around me.....^^I^I^^Al.....Christina Waterman.....

christina waterman 6 years ago


perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Miranda,

Thanks for visiting my hub.

Please visit this and try the techniques mentioned here.

Good luck!

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for visiting my hub and your question. I will be publishing another hub on "Transparent Auras" soon.

Please book mark this hub or if you would like to receive an email once I publish the hub, just let me know by sending me an email and I will let you know as soon as I publish it.

Thank you for your patience.

Sharon 6 years ago

Hi perfumer, thank you for taking the time to answer, and so fast too!

As you see I've bookmarked this hub waiting for your answer ;) I'm sure your next post on transparent auras will be very interesting, so I'll read it and comment too.

Thanks again!

Andrea 6 years ago


I don't see people's auras very often, and I've never seen my own. Today I met someone who was speaking to the kids I work with. After about 15 minutes or so I could see silver and white surrounding him. Then at one point he was speaking and looking directly at me and something happened that I've never had happen before. Everything surrounding me went kind of blurry and the light eminating from him got really intense and thick. What could this mean?

jonathanbl 6 years ago

hi my name is jonathan and i am a spiritual person

today on oct,11,2010 i llooked at my aura and all i saw was white around me but when i think about it i feel like it is blue does anyone know what that means?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Andrea - Thank your for your question. I think this is a case of aura projection. It is possible to project your own aura which others can feel and experience if they are receptive and match the frequency of the person who is projecting the aura.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi jonathanbl - Thank your for your question. Are you using a mirror to see your own aura?

changer  6 years ago

My aura colour is both white and blue and I heard from other people that some are able to change other people's aura. Is it true?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Changer - Are you saying that someone changed your aura color?

Krista Claire Sanders 6 years ago

were do I start... I've been trying to get into spiritual things for many years now... but I keep ending up with no good results... I meditate two times a day... and I've been told I have a white aura... I can only access the high powers when I'm extremely relaxed, but that doesn't happen often. I've seen other peoples aura vibrations, but not really the colors... and I've heard a lot about crystal children, and I've been called crystal/indigo many times... I'm in desperate need of guidance, or a reading of some sort... I can't afford anything like that at the moment though...

Fairy77 6 years ago

Hi, I have just seen my aura for the first time, doing the mirror test. It was very distintively clear brilliant white, what does this mean. I am currently going through a lot of huge emotional changes after a rollercoaster of a year. I have been meditating a lot and trying everything to heal.

Elizabeth  6 years ago

okay I don't know nothing about this stuff but anyway everywhere I go I see, well I guess their call auras around people, what does this mean??? I never seen my aura but I see everybody's elses auras. I even see auras and there is nobody standing there but i can see the outline of a person Please tell me what this means and in a way I will understand it all. Thanks

Dante 6 years ago


Can someone tell me about DEEP RED (crimson). I'm really obsessed with this color/s. DEEP RED together with background BLACK..


ETNAD 6 years ago


I'm just curios about the BOND BETWEEN BLACK AND YELLOW. And BOND BETWEEN BLACK and RED. What could it mean?


Victoria  6 years ago


I've been told that my aura is white and bright, I always thought that it was a line. recently I was looking through old photos and discovered one photo of me holding my niece bathed in white light. I am glowing. Another photo is of me standing and there is a swirl if white that starts in my stomach and curls up to my head, another photo is of a white circle on my throat. Can you please explain what this is? I doubt my Aura is white anymore ~ these photos were taking about 5 years ago. If I do have a white aura or had ,how can I get it back ?

linda 6 years ago

Hi could u explain for me ,i was in work today talking to one of women i work with ,i had to say to her sorry i just need 2 say i could see a solid white outline all around her even when she lifted her arm it did shock me as i have never seen anythink like it befor could you explain plz .

Jamie 6 years ago

Several years ago, I met my best friend. Out of fear that she though I would believe her a "quack" - she didn't tell me about my aura until about a year ago. She has described it as a pure, brilliant white (almost blinding light) sparkling - around my entire body. She has also told me it has never changed (except under stressful circumstances - though, still pure blinding sparkling light,but spiky). Now, I had known about auras and had read up a bit about them before she had told me this. On a hunch - I discovered that I am a healer (I can't completely cure but, alleviate others pain and anxieties).

My question is this: what exactly does it mean when the entire aura is an almost blinding white light, is sparkling, covers the whole body and does not change?

MM 6 years ago


I had my aura photo taken by special camera and what it shows is a clear white aura surrounding my head down to my ears continued by green aura from my ears down to my shoulder and continue to my arms. The green aura is stronger around my right side than my left side. There is also a slight violet/pink spotted above my head, to the left of my head and in between my heart/ throat. The appearance of pink is showing more like a circled and not a dominant colour within my aura.Can you tell me what does it all mean and what should I be doing to reflect my aura? Thanks so much.

charles hurley 6 years ago

my gf and i have captured on video orbs of light near us and leaving our body in clear visual evidence and two shadows in backround it was captured on my cellphone windows shades cloded

Meekz 6 years ago

well perfumer i'm a 16 yr old boy and i believe to see auras at first my aura and the auras of other things were a yellowish-white color know matter the background.

Recently i've tried the "mental picture" aura and at first i saw a from the waist up a light green color then the bottom half pink, could you pleasse be kind enough to tell me what does this mean?

AAlso i was meditating and I pictured i believe was my body and an aura of red,blue,green,black,yellow,orange and white was around me and a gray cloud was hovering over me and I tried to i guess open up the cloud but then I lost focus, can you please alsso tell me what this means?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

@Meekz - light green and pink are the colors emanating from the heart chakra and the colors you mentioned you saw while in meditation are the colors of your seven chakras.

MM 5 years ago

Hi perfumer, could you tell me what does my aura mean? thanks so much.

I had my aura photo taken by special camera and what it shows is a clear white aura surrounding my head down to my ears continued by green aura from my ears down to my shoulder and continue to my arms. The green aura is stronger around my right side than my left side. There is also a slight violet/pink spotted above my head, to the left of my head and in between my heart/ throat. The appearance of pink is showing more like a circled and not a dominant colour within my aura.Can you tell me what does it all mean and what should I be doing to reflect my aura? Thanks so much.

Alexandra 5 years ago

Hi Perfumer,

I was wondering if you can help me to understand the meaning of this white light I have? I'm not sure if it is my aura or something else.

The first encounter with a Psychic, I was at the store with my aunt. The lady came up to my aunt and started talking to her and my aunt got scared and told me to stay away from her. The lady then turned to me and said I see a great bright white light around you and angels. As she was saying this she was looking up above my head staring.

The second time I was at a festival with my family and another Psychic came up to me saying that she sees a great white light above me, again staring up.

The third time I talked to a Psychic and she said again a white light and that she saw me at a ceremony with everyone wearing white and asked if I had a Confirmation. I told her no I'm not Catholic I'm Greek Orthodox and we don't have Confirmations we get baptized when we are babies and receive our first communion right after. But she kept insisting there was some ceremony with me wearing white and everyone else? And that there is a some sort of connection with the me and the Virgin Mary? I'm so confused. I really don't know what this all means. Hopefully you can help.

sanddie 5 years ago

Hi Perfumer:

I am new to learning about auras, and I did my first read on myself about 2 days ago. I did this quite a few times, because I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. I did the procedure where I stared at the area of my third eye, and each time I did this (about five times) I saw white around me, very white, and it almost seemed like some other color was trying to be in there as well (a bluish-purple). But what surprised me wasn't that. It was the fact that I also saw with my perepheral vision that to the right of me there was also an outline of a person. That is why I repeated this about five times. I was by myself when I did this. I don't really know much about auras, as I am new to this and just learning about this, as I was told by a friend that they thought that I was different, sensed something about me, and thought that I would benefit by looking into learning about my aura, as well as studying about natural magic, as she thought that I had natural attributes. I really don't know about all that, as I have never thought so myself, but I have had things happen that I cannot explain. Anyway, I just wondered if you could shed any light on this for me. Thank You.

SB19 5 years ago

I recently got told I have a white aura and I then did a lot of research on it and according to some things written about it, it means that the person is going to die or is troubled.

Does this mean I am actually going to die?

This has really shocked and I really do not want to die and I'm nearly 19 and want to live a full life up to an old age.

Am I just being over reactive or is this really true and can happen soon?

Tinkerbell 5 years ago

When I look in the mirror I saw a yellow color above my head in a honeycomb pattern. Then, now I see yellow spots on everything. What does this mean?

Evans333 5 years ago

I was in the park with my neice who was only 3 at the time and when I looked back at her I seen a bright white glow coming from her, I rubbed my eyes in disbelief looked away and looked back and this white light still was shining from her. I have never experienced this before and I haven't since. Any idea what this was?

yukanaoe 5 years ago

perfumer. i hope your still active. I joined this community cause you seem to have the knowlage i'm looking for.

Someone has told me that my 19 month old son has a blinding white aura emenating from his 3rd eye.

from reading your post it seems like one has to work tword this. can one be born with such a level of spirituality?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Thanks for your question. Even though it appears that someone has to work towards this, in most cases people are born with this which they are carrying from their past lives. It takes a few lifetimes to get to that level.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hello Evans333,

I think when you saw the aura emanating from your niece, your 3rd eye was open. There are many factors that can contribute to the opening of the 3rd eye. In most of the cases this opening is temporary but regular meditation will keep it open.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi Tinkerbell, please give me more details about your experience so I can give you an answer. Thanks

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi SB19, no one can predict death. You are only 19, most probably you will be living another 70 years or more. So don't pay attention to this kind of remarks.

Val 5 years ago

I had a friend tell me that my aura is a bright thick clear white. He also said when I talk about my future goals that the aura starts to flash in and out very fast. Have you ever heard about the flashing of auras before??? Thank you.

Stuart 5 years ago

Hi perfumer,

I'm 19 and have been able to see and feel auras whenever I am in a relaxed state for a few years now. In the past I have had difficulty seeing my own, seemingly because my ego interferes by trying to dictate what I see based on what I know about myself. The times that I have seen it though, both in photos and mirrors, it has been violet, until recently. A few weeks ago I was doing some unrelated research on the internet and stumbled upon some really interesting information that engulfed my mind. A few minutes after getting off the computer, I looked in the mirror and saw a vibrant and very clear white aura. I was aware of an very intense and very positive energy. Since then I have been able to see my own aura, as well as those of others, much more clearly and regularly. At one time mine was predominantly violet again, but has remained the same clear white for the most part. My questions are:

Why might this change have happened?

What is the significance of an aura that is sometimes white and sometimes violet?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author


I think your aura colors react to your thoughts and emotions when you talk about future goals.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

@ Stuart

The color for this chakra can be a combination of silver, gold, violet and white and at times one of them could predominate the others.

tray lewis 5 years ago

a few weeks before my sister died i saw a white light come around her back and seemed to come around her side but not close to her everything around her was white and all the other colours seemed to fade away. not long after she died that was eight years ago. recently i saw the same thing around my partner within a few weeks he too had passesd away that was only two weeks ago, what does this mean am i spiritual

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi Tray - thank you for stopping by and asking. What does the word "spiritual" mean to you?

Lexie 5 years ago

Hi, perfumer.

I hope you are still active.

I can do the eye-unfocus thing since I was little and I didn't even assume that it is my aura, not until recently, when I accidently read an article about human aura. It take me from 1 to 2 seconds to see the "inner-white" line coming out of my finger (the wall behind me is white) and after 3 to 5 seconds I am able to see another 'line' in the white one, it is more like dark blue/dark purple (sometimes sky blue) (it is more like quick vibrations, I cant define the exact colour before it change) sparkles that opposite to the white line, which follow my fingers, doesn't have shape. If I "focus" even more I can see the white line coming out of its shape, but thats it. What exactly am I seeing? How can I find out my aura's colour and is it white.

Just before dinner, my mother was standing on the white door and I cant help, but to 'look' and after 3-4 seconds I was able to see clearly something between green and blue glow coming out of her, but she moved and it was for just a tiny part of the second, so I cant be absolutely sure. That is the first time when I 'focus'on someone else than me. Is what I saw her aura?

Honestly, I was always able to see the clear white glow around my body, I am 'practising' it and I didn't knew it, it is like.. kind of instinct to calm myself before I fall asleep. Can you help me to understand more about what I see, I found myself more and more confused after reading different articles about that matter.

(I'm really sorry if you cant understand me well, I'm from Bulgaria and I'm studying enlish, but I'm still a newbie)

Thanks you so much:)

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi lexie, - Yes I am still active and thank you for your comment. I understand you clearly, your writing style is excellent! I believe you are seeing auras and this ability will get stronger over time if you keep an open mind and don't let any self doubt interfere. Try not to disclose about your experiences to anyone who don't understand or believe in this type of abilities. We look forward to hearing about your progress. - Best wishes.

Dak 5 years ago

I have a strange case....I have no imidiate aura uless it is way outisde my body andis black and white. I cannot find any documentation. On this at all anywhere my friends see this aswell any help is good

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Dak - Please give me more details so I can help you. Thanks for visiting my hub.

dak 5 years ago

WELL I HAVE a large aura like feild around me but in mymy immidate aura location appears to be void of one and the black and white seem clash 4 to 20 fro outside my body my friends see it I see it any info

dak 5 years ago

Sorry for the shotty typing my phone auto inputs words

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

who sees your aura like this? you or others?

dak 5 years ago

Me and my friends morso my friends

scott 5 years ago

if your aura is white , then you are an angel?

dak 5 years ago

hahaha im no angel... what does it kinda concerned

scott 5 years ago

if anybody can help....

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

scott what is your question?

vic 5 years ago

Well, i have so many question. When you answer my post i will tell you where i have reached and what i want to know. Please response. thank you.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

OK I am ready Vic - ask away...

Yuka 5 years ago

Hi again,

I wish to ask another question. I have been told that when my son and I are together that our auras change to purple and become as one.

I always could tell that something changed in me whenever he is near me. But I assumed that was the bond that I have as his mother.

What does this mean?

Gwaiieagle 4 years ago

My son and I had our Aura photos taken at a Psychic fair several years ago.

James', an infant was a purple aura.

Mine was red, but in the center of my chest was a bright white light.

When the girl showed her partner he thought it was an overexposure.

Is that what you think?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Gwaiieagle, - I need to see the picture in order to determine if this is due to overexposure or not.

anya 4 years ago

my aura picture,I have bright white light on my forehead. what does it means?

Claire 4 years ago

Hi and thanks for your wonderful information!

I have recently heard about auras and I am also into psychic stuff, currently looking for all ways possible to develop psychic abilities to help others as I believe I can do that.

I have been recently noticing the aura of my hand, which has been showing as a very bright white light which turns to very bright highlighter green at times. I have also been experiencing a sort-of vibration in my palms at times, especially in my receptive hand.

What do you think it is please? Thanks in advance :)

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

I need to see the picture in order to tell you the meaning.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Claire, thank you for visiting my hub. Green is a color of the heart chakra. I assume there is a partial activation of your heart chakra. What do currently practice to develop your psychic abilities? Do you have healing abilities.

claire 4 years ago

Thanks for answering :) I actually don't know if I do have healing abilities, haven't gone into this yet and wouldn't know from where to start with developing healing abilities. What I know though is I have had one premonition which I know has helped avoid a death in my family, as it was kind of a warning. I have also had vivid dreams which happened exactly as I dreamt the day after, and I had no clue before about all happenings. I actually had a near death experience back in January 2000, that was when all started.

I also feel rush of emotions even by looking at persons or their photos, I get feelings of hate/pain/happiness depending on the persons concerned...have managed to confirm that these feelings were actually true at those times I could verify, with the persons actually confiding in me regarding situations happening in their lives which confirmed my feelings.

I also get similar feelings through buildings/houses and even streets sometimes.

I have also had occasions of smelling men perfume in the kitchen and dining in different spots and it couldn't have been coming from outside or from anyone else as I was alone. This happened couple months after my grandpa passed away and it reminded me of him instantly, though it wasn't as if he used a lot of perfume when alive.

I have been listening to meditation music a lot lately and though I lead a very busy life I have been teaching myself to manage to slip into a dream-like state even whilst doing chores.

I have been doing exercises lately that claim to help enhance the 5 senses which supposedly whould help with developing psychic abilities.

If it helps, I am the type of woman who would go out of my bounds to help anyone in need, even if it means I have to go out of my way...I also love to teach others all I have learned in the past...and what I wish I could do is actually being a paramedic/doctor and am also fascinated with finding missing persons/detective work related to solving crimes to give some closure to victims' families. Know I cant literally do any of these physically but I kind of feel I can do more to help in this world through other ways...psychically.

Sorry for the long comment, but I really feel I am destined to do much more in life and I feel I need as much help possible to be able to do so.

Thanks so much for helping me

light23 4 years ago

I just woke up to bright white light. Before this i was trying to sleep and during that i felt like a magnet on my forehead. I saw this white circle to the left of me about a foot away but it only lasted 2 seconds because i got scared. What was that i felt on my forehead and what did i see?

What does it mean? my eyes were closed by the way.

anya 4 years ago

dear perfumer,

how to send my aura picture to you?i tried to post on this comment but i could not. last year on december,i took an aura potho but i noticed that my picture 's different from friends(it's very bright and look like it shining).is it ordinaly or strange? i search in internet but noone like me. thank you for your help.

Michelle 4 years ago

Hello, I have never seen an aura before, but my little sister can see them. She said that mine and my mothers auras were black, smoke like, and it engulfed us. It also pulsates around us. What does this mean?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Hi Michelle, according to the aura color experts black aura usually draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it.Usually this indicates long-term unforgiveness (toward others or self) collected in a specific area of the body, which can lead to health problems.

4 years ago

i had an aura photograph taken when on holiday as a child, the only thing you could see was my face every thing else was white, the guy taking the photo looked surprised saying he never seen that before, he took another photo of the next person and it came out as he expected. He gave my dad a strange look and asked if he could take another photo, my dad just grab the photo mumbled something to him and dragged me out of there.

Ive heard lots of different idea what colours mean, seems dependent on what text you read.

Mary 4 years ago

THAnk you! I went to a catholic healing mass last night, the lights were low, and I could see the clear white glow around the priest. It was almost in motion, like heat, glowing around him. This definition confirms what I was thinking "white auras" means.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Hi Mary,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

cara 4 years ago

This man was telling his story and he suddenly said that I had a white aura around me? We were sitting like a meter from eachother. I was happy listening to his life story. We are both from the same church and I didn't respond to it. And he kept telling more of his life. Then afterwards I started to think of it. Then I remembered a lady from church telling me that while one of the missionaries held his speech, she saw like white light around him. And I must admit that sometimes when searching for it, I do see it but not often... And I only see it at church... what is this you think?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Hi Cara, thanks for sharing your experience with us. When you say you see aura only at church, what colors do you usually see?

Chris 4 years ago

I recently had another experience where I was suddenly spontaneously surrounded by a white aura and again it was being bathed in white light. It was clear that it was coming from me. I do meditate. I'm interested in what others have experienced

Marlen 4 years ago

if you see white aura and angel wings on a person,what doest it mean?

Sonji04 4 years ago

Hi, My Husband can see auras and he says my Aura is white with light blue.. Sometimes i get grey around areas that i have pain or when i get a chest cold. Right now he says My aura around my stomach is sparkling white.. Please can you tell me what this means?

kefer360 3 years ago

my friend says I have a white aura and it shines brighter then the sun and I am really confused

Amanda 3 years ago

I had an experience once I've been wanting answered. I was shopping at a store, in my own world when I notice this elderly man in a wheelchair staring at me. I smiled and looked away thinking ok, weird. Then he went past me staring then backed up to come talk to me. He said "I have the ability to see and read Auras and I usually never come up to anyone but I was compelled to do so. You have the biggest and brightest Aura I've ever seen in my whole life. You truly are an Angel." He looked at me so excited and amazed and kept going on about how bright my Aura was and how he could barely look at me because it was so bright and insisted I was an Angel. I'm kind of shy so I blushed and said wow, thank you. I've been curious ever since to what this means.

Denise Meginness 3 years ago

Thanks Perfumer for your regards of my post nearly 3 years ago. God bless your sharing the information with all of us. Since my other post there has been opportunities to visit other spiritual plains, and personal spiritual understanding. The energy fields are comprehended, and the less developed sensitivity has grown into a patience to allow others to speak their minds. To answer your question, yes all areas had fields of white surrounding the objects and people and the intensity of the white was like looking at a thin glow, transparent. I've noticed an ability during conflict situations to project an energy of truth seeking and have caused a few unusual reactions people have unconsciously. With practice my ability to discern energy junkies is fruitous. God bless to all.

meme 2 years ago

Why is it the only aura I ever see is my one friend,and she is always surrounded in a white aura,like an angel......she is extremely kind,she is the only aura that ive ever seen in anyone,and ive seen hers a few times.

mirandamandy profile image

mirandamandy 2 years ago from Los Angeles, California

hi there my name is Miranda i hope u can help me. When i was a child i was able to see and hear spirits as i grew older it stopped but i can still feel them at times. Iv had one spirit that threaten to kill me once. Iv had two previous life before this one, this is my third. The first one is that i was a witness of jesus crucified and the other i was an old native american that lived in a house as a servant and passed away with my child in a tornado. My Aura is bright white i always have problem with my weight i have a round face im super nice and forgive easily, I cant hold a grudge very long always had a had time fitting in, im a all around loving person to all humanity, but im also very sick always having asthma attacks and HTN. I don't think im an angel but if i am why am i sick all of the time i work in the medical field and i always am sympathetic with all my patients and they love me,but im not happy lateley i have changed a lot due to inlaws they have changed me. I have a lot of hatered towards a lot of people but no matter what happens i always forgive but don't forget. Am I like this because im taking in there feeling or bad auras how do i get rid of it? thanks so much for ur time

Panda 2 years ago

Hi Perfumer,

I recently had a photo of my aura taken. My aura is in rainbow colors and I have this beam of intense white light coming from my third eye, like a flood light. Also, my left hand is engulfed in white light, and my right hand in red. The color closest to my body is red, then it moves out to orange, then yellow, to green, blue, then the outer color is indigo.

Also, many family members have told me that once in a while they see sparks coming out of my fingertips. I have only seen this once when I was tying my shoes. Lastly, I have seen my aura around my hands when I place them before a dark backdrop. I only see white though, and the aura moves like a slow flame.

I have search all over trying to find an explanation for all of this, with no luck. I was wondering if you could help me understand all of this. Thank you much. :)

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