"Automatic Writing"

YOU can do it, too!

I've had an unquenchable thirst for all things metaphysical since I was 12 years old, and I frequently raided my Mother's bookshelf for her books about reincarnation, Karma, numerology, and "life after death." When I was in my 20’s, a friend introduced me to Shirley Maclaine's "Out on a Limb" and that was it, I was off on my own personal search for the truth!

In 1989, my dear friend, Sunna Rasch, and I decided to take a course of study in psychic development from Cyndi, a well-known psychic at the time in Monticello, New York. There were about 15 people in our class, and every week Cyndi gave a workshop and demonstration about different “New Age” topics like seeing auras, contacting your guides, and past life regression. It was during one of those classes that I first began to channel through automatic writing. About 6 weeks into the class, the topic for the evening was “automatic writing,” and that night my life, as they say, changed forever! I picked up my pen, held it over the paper, looked around the room and confidently proclaimed, “This isnotgoing to happen!”

Suddenly I felt something (or someone!) firmly grip my hand and arm. Before I knew what was happening, the pen was going around and around in a circular motion on the paper! Everyone in the class was watching me and I was watching my hand—because it wasn’t like it was it was attached to me; it was like it had a “mind” of its own

Cyndi rushed over and directed me to “take control.” Take control!? How? Take control of what? I continued to draw circles on the paper, until, after a couple of minutes went by (it seemed like an hour at the time), I felt my arm relax and my hand and the pen stopped moving. No words were written on the paper that first night, just a lot of circles and scribbles, but the channel was opened. I was so surprised and excited!

Cyndi explained to the class that automatic writing is a way for us to communicate with our guides and with our higher selves. She shared with us that we are all born with at least two guides who stay with us throughout our lives, and that others come to be with us when we need them. She told us that our “higher self” is the part of us that is connected to the Universal Consciousness, and is the part of us that is aware of why we are here, and what we need to accomplish in this lifetime.

Cyndi was very emphatic that we must always say a prayer of protection before starting an automatic writing session, or any channeling session, to keep lower level entities from attaching themselves to us. Like attracts like, and for the most part, only spirits of the highest intentions will come through, but for those occasions when others might try, you want to be sure you are protected from unwanted attention [I’ve included Cyndi’s prayer of protection at the end of this article]. Cyndi taught us that it’s best to do automatic writing at the same time every day; and my meditation teacher said that it was best to meditate at the same each day.

After that night at Cyndi’s when my hand first starting moving around on the paper, I had no trouble at all making the connection again; in fact, I drew hundreds of circles! After about a month of that, even though I was happy to make the connection, I quickly became bored and frustrated. I wanted words! I wanted wisdom! Finally, I called Cyndi for advice. She told me to ask who was trying to come through, and then to ask that entity to give me a message. I did so and almost immediately, the name “Jeremy” was written on the paper. Jeremy is one of the two main guides watching over me during this lifetime.

And so I began happily writing with Jeremy every day. As time went on, other guides and entities started “dropping in” to write with me for short periods of time, including Olexoporath, Selena, and Charles. Jeremy led the Guide Group that channeled information for my book, “Windows of Opportunity,” and these days I’m “writing” with Gilbert and the Guide Group, and working on my second book, Raising your Vibrations for the New Age.”

It’s very important to understand that there is absolutely nothing special about me and the fact that I channel my guides through automatic writing. You can do it, too, if you want to. It just takes practice and patience to make the connection. Here is the procedure I follow when I do automatic writing . . .

· Choose a time of day when you can sit undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.

· Sit comfortably with a pad of paper on the table in front of you and hold a pen or pencil loosely in your hand with the tip of your writing instrument touching the paper. You can use a computer keyboard instead of pad and paper.

· Say a prayer of protection; for example: “I am protected by the love of God, only those entities of the highest intentions can pass through my door. If others should try, my door will immediately close, effectively blocking them out. This is my prayer of protection. Amen.”

· Write on the top of the paper, “Will someone write with me?”

· Clear your mind and wait. If it helps you to burn incense or candles, go right ahead. Don’t forget to blow them out when you’re finished.

· If nothing happens within the first five minutes, end the session, it won’t be happening that day.

Your first connection:

· When you first connect, it will feel like someone is grasping your hand and or your arm. Just relax—let it happen.

· You will most likely experience circles, figure 8’s, and back and forth movements with your pen or pencil.

· Ask the entity for his or her name and ask the entity what his or her relationship is to you. Don’t go any further until you start to write words and you know who you’re writing with.

· Next, ask the entity for a message; i.e., “Do you have something to share with me?” Write this down on the paper and wait for a response. As you get information, you can ask questions about what you’re receiving—just write them down and wait for the response.

· When you and/or your guide(s) are finished, you’ll feel the pen (or your hands if you’re typing) relax. Be sure to thank your guide(s) for working with you. After I say “thank you,” or when my guides are finished, they generally write, “Go in Peace” to signify the end of a session. You’ll establish a similar type of routine with your guide(s).

Continued sessions:

Always do your automatic writing at the same time each day. Just because an entity doesn’t happen to be in a body, doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have things to do! Be respectful of your guide(s) time. If you can’t make a session, tell your guide(s) you aren’t coming that day. You can use paper and pen or your computer keyboard; ALWAYS say a prayer of protection before each session.

And there you go! Soon you’ll be writing with your guides and I’ll be reading your articles!


Sherri Cortland is the author of Windows of Opportunity and Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age. For more about automatic writing and her books, please visit www.SherriCortland.com or www.Ozarkmt.com. Sherri’s books are also available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and Barnes & Noble stores.

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Mike Dennis profile image

Mike Dennis 7 years ago

Sherri Cortland is destined to become a prominent well respected voice in the metaphysical New Age field. I enjoy all of her writings. This one has some nice pointers on "Automatic Writing" Michael Dennis

diazd 7 years ago

Wow, I have to say that this is exactly waht I have been looking for. I have always felt that I had a special connection but had now way to really tap into it. This is truly a user-friendly article. It's almost as if she is talking dircetly to me. I look forward to reading more of her articles!!

Kathy Seeley 7 years ago

I will certainly try to follow these instructions. Sherri is an inspiration to us all.

Sandra 7 years ago

Oh my goodness. What an eye opener. Sherri's tips and suggestions are so clear and precise it should make "Automatic Writings" an easy task to accomplish. Thank you Sherri!

Debie Marocchi 7 years ago

WOW!!! I cant wait to try it! Very Interesting!

Debbie 7 years ago

I have always been interested in automatic writing. I attempted it once many years ago, but after nothing happend, I grew bored. I'm sure it didn't help having young children around when I was trying! After reading Sherri Cortlands article, and since my children are all grown, I'm going to give it another try!!! Thank you Sherri...!!!

ezmarelda 7 years ago

This is amazing. I am very interested in this and I can't wait to get started!

imaneogirl 7 years ago

My Aunt directed me to Sherri's Hubs, knowing I would love this one inparticular. She was right!

LorLor 7 years ago

Ive always wanted to excel in automatic writting, hopefully these instructions will help me accomplish that goal

Laura M. 7 years ago

Sherri, even though I don't know you personally, I heard great things about you through my sister Abby. Look forward reading it.

Leigh Herr 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips on Automatic Writing Sherri. You make it sound possible for even the lay person to achieve.

Leigh Herr 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips on Automatic Writing Sherri. You make it sound possible for even the lay person to achieve.

IsabellaRothchild profile image

IsabellaRothchild 7 years ago from Orlando, FL

I will be trying out your method right away. Thanks

heidi009 profile image

heidi009 7 years ago from Orlando, Florida / Waikoloa, Hawaii

I'll be working on this. Thanks for giving me the inspiration and the instructions.

Monica Grant 7 years ago

I always wondered how to do this. I'm going to try it. Thanks for the easy instructions.

Steven Scott 7 years ago

I just read Sherri's book and she goes into this subject in a little more detail in "Windows of Opportunity." I've been inspired to give this a try--I've always wanted to contact my guides.

maddison 6 years ago

It hasn't worked with me. I wish it would... I am not religous so I did not say the prayer, but i highly doubt this would stop contact.

Sherri Cortland profile image

Sherri Cortland 6 years ago Author

Hi Maddison,

Not saying the prayer of protection isn't stopping you from making contact with your guides. Stay focused, do it at the same time every day, meditate a little first, and be patient--it will happen. It took awhile for me to break through.

I'm not religious either--the word "God" is interchangeable--you can put in Creator, Goddess, whatever you like. Or re-write it and make it an affirmation--something like: "I am a powerful entity and only entities of the highest intentions may pass through my door . . ." I always think it's a good idea to protect yourself against lower plane entities.

Let me know when you break through!

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York

I love it! I have been trying this on and off for a few weeks. Nothing yet. I know someone who has been doing it for 30 years and bascially said the same thing about the same time every day. Very hard for me. I have studied various metaphysical things for about 15 years with a break but am now one the road again. I think one of the big things with this is self doubt. Thanks so much for this hub. Bravo!

Sherri Cortland profile image

Sherri Cortland 6 years ago Author

Hi Scarlett! Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate the feedback. I think doing it at the same each day helps us focus and helps make working on it a habit. It's all about perseverence--it took me several months to "break through." Take a look at my hub about meditating with crystals--maybe incorporating crystals in your meditation practice will help you with the automatic writing. Keep me posted on your progress!

sheely 6 years ago

I keep getting bad ufos i say a prayer and they say i am not doing it right

nat 6 years ago

thanks for this article. I said your prayer of protection and I started it and it was amazing! I felt as if someone else had taken my hands and started typing, and every-time they did my vision would go blurry. I was kind of nervous and I didn't want to keep going for too long, but it is something I will be trying again.

I'm scared to try it when I'm alone though, and I wanted to know if it's safe?

Sherri Cortland 6 years ago

Hi Nat, Thanks for the comment-I'm so impressed that you went straight to the computer!!! As long as you do the prayer of protection you are good to go, alone or with company. And don't forget to ask who is writing with you and ask for a message, too. FYI, unless I'm doing a demonstration at a workshop, I'm always alone when I do automatic writing--I don't like to be interrupted. I'm so excited for you! Keep me posted on your progress!

Tusitala Tom profile image

Tusitala Tom 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Hooray! At last I find someone on Hubpages who's into Automatic Writing. I've been a practioner for well over forty years and have asked the question on a number of times (unanswered so far) "Is there anyone out there into automatic writing?" I came across you, Sherri, by going into Google Search and tapping down a few pages.

Happy to make your acquaintance, and will elect to follow your work right now.

Sherri Cortland profile image

Sherri Cortland 6 years ago Author

Thanks, Tom! It's an honor to meet a fellow automatic writer, and I look forward to reading your book chapters on Hubpages. Thanks for finding me!

Raja 3 years ago

Hi Sherri, I am searching for such web page and I found today. I will start to day only, can give suggest for a particular timimg for NOT doing like after sunset or after 21:00hrs.........

Sherri Cortland profile image

Sherri Cortland 3 years ago Author

Hi! I'm not aware of any time that one should NOT practice automatic writing; I do it at all different times of the day. I think what's important is to have a quiet place to do it; especially when you're first getting started. Doing it at the same time of day when you're first getting started is important too--you and your Guide will have a set appointment time. Here's the most important thing to know about automatic writing: If I can do it, so can you--don't give up, and let me know how you're doing!

Raja 3 years ago

Hi Sherri, thaks for support and encouragement, definately will update you

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