Awaiting for Resurrection: Jehovah Witnesses

I always wandered how my life would be without a God. Without the hope that somewhere there is a place to go after, where I could meet again people dear to me or stay in touch with everyday life. I always wandered if I would go crazy without this hope (as sometimes I do when my existentialists thoughts become too heretic). I was born and raised in an atheist culture where religion was prohibited and the government demolished the churches. My school teachers told me about my ape ancestors but my grandmother secretly tough me to believe in God. I studied history who demonstrated me how people have come a long way from neolithic to present days but could not answer the basic questions about how we became Homo Sapience. Through my life experience I learned to doubt but also to hope. So here I am, with my soul wanting to believe, with my mind looking for a logical explanation.

People often wanted to convert me into a true believer. And I always opened my heart to new or renewed experiences only to fall back in my old sin, few months later. I remembered once a colleague of mine told me about her experience with God and how she became a person of faith. She told me astonishing stories about her metamorphosis, some of them almost mystic. I once have experienced my self some form of religious elevation when a priest came to my house and told me that my aura was broken. I took his advise and start showing at church two days a week. When he first invite me to his church he told me that six month later, I'll find my true love and we will come back to him to have his blessing. Well, that really happened but I didn't became a true believer. Rather I though it happened because I was less egocentric and opened my heart to others. Anyway, after my marriage I came in US, Minnesota and got in touch with local Romanian orthodox churches. But my old sin was waiting around the corner. One day I stopped believing and start doubting again. But not for long.


Awake, Jehovah's Witnesses magazine
Awake, Jehovah's Witnesses magazine

I guess God didn't gave up on me yet. One bright summer day, two ladies knocked on my door. They just wanted to hand me a free magazine with a lot of information. We made small talk for a while, then they left. I look through the magazine. It was small and full of bucolic pictures of happy folks surrounds by trees, flowers and blue sky. There were words about God and his name was Jehovah. I didn't read the magazine but two weeks later the two ladies were back. This time they introduced themselves and asked me if I took a look at the booklet. I said "no" invoking some stupid excuse but they just smiled and told me they know people are busy. They told me God is going to help me and they handed me another magazine, this time telling me what was written inside.

That summer they continued to ring the bell every other week and sometime often. I actually think they made more trips to my house but I wasn't home. They told me they are Jehovah's witnesses and their mission was to tell everybody that resurrection is near. In the autumn we moved inside my home. They came every Wednesday morning. They would walk inside, let their shoes at the door, holding tight little Bible books. The older woman, Vee, had a cane, that she also would let it at the door. We would have little treats and lot of talks about God and Satan, Bible and Apocalypse. They could not convert me though. What intrigued me the most was their belief about resurrection. Their doctrine describes the event as a physical arisen of a dead person from its grave, like Lazarus who was called back by Jesus. And this will happen, the two laddies said, to every dead man, woman and child that had ever lived. I couldn't imagine how a decomposed body could possibly be recomposed to its long lost materiality. And what about the "soul", this unique mix of fillings and emotions that make us ourselves? Well, they could not answer me about that but made sure I understood that God has its way and we are not allowed to know it yet.

Lazarus Resurrection
Lazarus Resurrection
Old Jewish cemetery in Bucovina, Romania
Old Jewish cemetery in Bucovina, Romania


By the end of the year, Vee and Rita decided that we have to move on and start reading and studying the Bible from its first pages. I guess they grew tired of my continuous questions and doubts. And for me was clear enough that I had more and deeper issues than they could solve. So, I told them I'm not ready to go farther and we need to stop for a while. In the mean time, I became a full time employee and did not have too much time anymore. Besides, my daughter got frustrated and invariably would ask them if it wasn't yet time for them to live(she was only 4 years old.) Like always, they offer to help me overcome my faith problems but I had to tell them that they cannot do that it because I doubt the authenticity of the Bible itself. They left that Wednesday promising to come back with more reading material for me and few days later they let a little booklet at my door steps. They fallow up with phone calls inquiring about my reading or thoughts. I try not to lie so I told them I'll call them back when I'll be done. And that was it for a while.

Two more years passed. I didn't forgot them but I got busy with little things from everyday life. One day, the older women stop in my store for shopping. She wasn't looking for me, she said, but God, again, has its way. She asked me about the little book she gave me. She said we should read it together. I said nothing and I went back to my work. Few weeks later, I was at the doctor office, desperate for a good result. I felt a very strong desire to pray to God, to ask him for his mercy but as much as I tried, I couldn't do it. Every pray I could think sounded so fake and I didn't want to offend him this way. So I made him a promise: If he has mercy then I'll read the booklet the two ladies let on my steps.

I can only imagine Vee's surprise later when I agree that we should read that book together. At first she came back to my house, Wednesday's morning. This time she would keep her cane closer to the chair and sometime she felt she should keep her shoes on for more stability. Some Wednesday's she would call that she's not coming because she doesn't have a ride (she had to stop driving) then we would read over the phone. Winter came again and her visits became random until one day when she stopped coming at all. I didn't hear from her for a while but I didn't call her back, even I was feeling very guilty. One month later the phone rang and I was relieved to learn that she was well, after being in the hospital for a long time. It took us three more seasons to finish the reading. By the end of the spring, I was the one to do all the out loud reading, which, I noticed, helped me with my English pronunciation. Also, I found out that I had to change my eye glasses because I was having trouble seeing the letters.

I got done with the last pages two Wednesdays ago, and I told her I need time out to think about it. In her grace, Vee said to take as much as I need but did remind me that Satan's day on this world are numbered and the resurrection is near. She murmured a prayer for me and we said Good Bye. Last Wednesday morning it was all mine. But again I underestimated the power of habit. Like when I send my daughter to school, I found my self with an empty place in my morning routine, in my soul, in my mind. I know isn't going to last. The little things of everyday life are going to take over. She will wait at her end of the telephone line for a message from me, her last work of worship before the big resurrection. I deeply wish I could call her one day to tell her I'm a true believer. At my end I'm waiting myself for a sign.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Thank you for sharing this fascinating story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. God Bless You!

cameciob profile image

cameciob 7 years ago Author

James, I very appreciate your visit and comment. I just don’t know how do you manage to write so many hubs, respond to all your comments and read other hubers work. God bless you too.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I am a fast reader, a fast typist, and I spend a lot of time on HubPages. :)

cameciob profile image

cameciob 7 years ago Author

James, I think these are all good skills but I can bet there is more to it. I can only guess... :)

Rodica 7 years ago

E foarte frumoasa povestirea sis, simpla, sensibila si cu ritm interior. Ca tine :) Nice story, just like you. Hugs

cameciob profile image

cameciob 7 years ago Author

Merci, sis. Ma bucur mult ca ai citit-o. Povestirea ta cum mai merge? Ai vazut ce avatar am? :)Poti sa faci unul pentru mine?

How is your story going? Have you noticed my avatar? Can you create one for me?

rodica 7 years ago

sis, i just sent you some avatar picks :) My pumpkins look well too, but the Christmas comes so you need some winter images. Ty you choosed the pumpkins lol. E vorba de unul din avatarurile mele, daca vrei o creatura fantastica da-mi un semn. te pup.

cameciob profile image

cameciob 7 years ago Author

Sis, I saw them…they are beautiful. Unless you want to make other ones, I’ll choose one of them. Thank you.

ralwus 7 years ago

I found this story very inspirational as you are from a former Communist country and learning more about freedom and Christianity. Only believe and have faith if you will, it shall come. God bless and have a merry Christmas.

cameciob profile image

cameciob 7 years ago Author

You are right, ralwus. i came in this country and a whole new world opened. In a way it is very exciting to learn and experience it. Thank you for your wishes.

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 6 years ago from South Africa

"...with my soul wanting to believe, with my mind looking for a logical explanation." These words ring so true for me also! Thanks so much.

Love and peace


cameciob profile image

cameciob 6 years ago Author

Hi Tony, nice to see you.

Since I wrote this hub I found out that Vee moved in a nursing home. I wish to visit her but I don't have any contacts of her friends. I hope they'll stope one day again and let me know.

thanks for your comment.

www.lookseenow profile image

www.lookseenow 5 years ago

That lady that visited you is one of my sisters. She does not know me, and I do not know her, but she’s still my sister, because we have what is coveted by many, a worldwide brotherhood. We believe the same thing, we use the same Bible, it may not be in the same language, but that’s no obstacle, because anywhere in the world we’ll give the same scriptural answers to questions.

The resurrection is true, did she show you John 5:28, 29? God resurrects a persons by giving him, or her it a new body, but you will recognize them by characteristics God will give from memory of that person.

What’s resurrection? Simply stated they are in God’s memory, but in time, and this is future, they will come out.

“What’s this? Come out, come out of what?”

“Yes, and do not be surprised, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out…” (John 5:28)

Best regards: jghn

cameciob profile image

cameciob 5 years ago Author

Thank you jghn.

jacharless profile image

jacharless 4 years ago from Between New York and London

Interesting read. I offer two, perhaps three points:

Undivided, the human mind, genetically programmed to Understand, meaning be Logical, be Philos is immortality. The two trees come together, once more and man no longer battles Reason -which is known as good-evil; correct-incorrect, rational-irrational. No longer afflicted by reason, the human is no longer addicted to death, nor suffers that Amnesia. All things are brought to his remembrance, as was promised from the beginning, that he would be restored as the mirror reflection of creation and the image of the One who is All Things.

Prophetic misnomer: Revelation is believed to have been written by john as a 'back-up' to his eye-witness account. A very, very key element overlooked in the colorful array of imagery and verbiage is found in Rev 20.5-6. Twice, in the same sentence, we are told the resurrection happened. Which resurrection is it referencing? Correct the "first resurrection". Twice, this is mentioned -which is normal for writers then to express emphasis on some point they wish to get across. In short, the events preceding this statement occurred prior to that first of resurrections. So, the Thousand Years happened prior to the first resurrection, death and Hell also destroyed at the first Rising. We then see the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven and told where that place is -who dwells there and how.

Another point we must be acutely aware of is: Moshiach {whom many call the son of Zeus, Iesous, Jesus} was the fulfillment of ALL prophecy. John, the baptizer being the last of all prophet -as was written of him, concerning him seeing the Messiah. If even one Yod of prophecy was remaining, then the Work was not completed.

I agree, you are a 'true believer' and will understand this. The sign you are looking for is in you already. no Secret, no Law of Attraction or Law of Sin-Death required. just simply Walk With Him, and let that immortality consume you, as it should. ~James.

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