Awake & Aware Disclosure 2013: Educating Humanity On The UFO EBE Alien Extraterrestrial Presence

The Alien Presence

United Kingdom

As the end of 2012 passes and we step into 2013 humanity is rapidly waking up to a very real UFO presence, a presence which has been both officially and unofficially announced in several countries. UFO's were sighted in the skies of the UK every day in September 2012 with reports coming in from all areas of the country - and about time too, the UK is one country which desperately needs awakening!

Just as is already the case in many other countries, UFO sightings in the UK are starting to become routine.

In August 2011, a spokesperson for the UK's MoD (Ministry of Defense) stated on BBC News television "the only logical conclusion to explain UFO's is that they are vehicles of extraterrestrial origin with propulsion systems way more advanced than ours." - was this a sign of the times to come?

In the UK since the beginning of September UFO's have been sighted daily with reports coming in from London, Prestatyn, Wakefield, West Midlands, Grantham, Uddingston, Birmingham, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Gateshead, West Yorshire, Whitstable, Bournemouth, Wokingham, Glasgow, West Bromwich, Cleveland, Warwick, Nottinghamshire, Scarborough, Somerset, Cumbria, Snowdonia, Gwent, Newcastle and more.

According to official UK government documents, which can be found at the National Archives website,the most significant event to happen in the UK was at Rendlesham Forest - also known as the Bentwaters incident. Lt Charles Halt and his men witnessed the incident and Halt took part in Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure project. The men claim to have seen a triangular UFO land in the nearby forest and some of them even had beams of light shot at their feet.

A declassified memo from the Aerial Material Command, which can also be found at the National Archives website, clearly states "The UFO phenomena is something real and not visionary or fictitious".

In July 2012 the MoD declassified documents relating to project Condign which includes details of how fatal Royal Air Force crashes happened after encountering UFO's. The MoD plan to declassify and publicly release all of their UFO documents by the end of 2012. In addition, many other countries also seem to be declassifying their UFO documents leading up to the end of 2012 - is humanity being prepped for disclosure?

It sure seems like it!

Let's take a look at disclosure in a few other countries:


Ufologists and researchers in China were left stunned in August 2010 when Professor Wang Sichao, of the Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory went public and admitted that UFO's are real, that the observatory has observed ET craft on numerous occasions and that aliens are visiting Earth. The information was released in an official speech entitled 'China's UFO Truth'.

Wang Sichao made several key points stating that the aliens seem to be on research and development expeditions, the UFO's appear to be probes manned by robots/androids, the UFO's can travel at 80% the speed of light, they have been observed between 150 to 1500km above Earth, the UFO's possibly use nuclear fusion propulsion and Wang also believes that the alien craft use Earth's gravity to manoeuvre and stay aloft - a phenomena mentioned in the book Genesis For The New Space Age by John B. Leith.

The information was widely reported in the Chinese press though, not surprisingly, not so much in other countries.

Wang Sichao asserted that the aliens are not Gods and that, in the event of an attack, we would most likely be able to protect ourselves sufficiently - they have flaws. However, Wang also confirmed that there appears to be absolutely no hostile intent whatsoever on the part of the aliens. He also claimed that it's unlikely that the aliens would be interested in Earth's resources as they apparently have the technology to create their own resources.

The Chinese government suggested that they would only make an official announcement of extraterrestrial intelligence if America did so first, and that China would be second behind them.


In February 2012 China published this image of the back side of the moon that was taken by their Chang'e 2 lunar orbiter. The image seems to depict some kind of base on the dark side of the moon. In 1996 NASA officials had come forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to tell what they know about structures on the moon and claimed that NASA had airbrushed the images before releasing them to the public. When asked why secrecy was maintained, they responded by saying it was unknown how the public would react to knowing that there had potentially been, and may still be, an alien presence on our moon plus because of reasons beyond NASA.



In 2010 President of the Republic Kalmykia, Kirsan llyumzhinov, claimed to have personally had an alien encounter and after establishing the claims as fact, President Dmitry Metvedev launched an investigation. Kirsan llyumzhinov claims that he boarded an alien spacecraft and conversed with extraterrestrial beings who were visiting Earth to collect samples.

President Metvedev is said to have gone on to commission a group of researchers linked to the Murmansk Geophysical Institute to establish new guidelines for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence based on peace and co-operation. Amazingly, a significant boost in UFO activity happened including a giant UFO hurtling towards the ground in Irkutsk, Siberia. hundreds of government officials visited the area and the corpse of a dead alien was found which forced the Interior Ministry to launch a 'damage control' operation in an attempt to keep a lid on the alien presence.

Even more amazingly, before the hype over the incident had even settled down, a huge crop circle was discovered in Krasnodar - the location of a UFO fleet sighting that had happened (and been filmed) a few weeks prior. The Russian government sent a team of scientists to examine the crop circle to prove it's authenticity and to decipher what it means.

It has been suggested that UFO/alien disclosure may happen in Russia within the next twelve months. Russia have also released images of anomalies on the moon, as the images to the right taken by their Luna-9 orbiter show.

For more information about lunar anomalies see 'Lunar Anomalies: Our Moon's Secret History'



In April 2005 CEIFO (the Ecuadorian Committee for the study of the UFO phenomenon) was formed, which saw the Ecuadorian military working alongside civilians to produce a credible report aimed at ending the secrecy surrounding the UFO presence. Initially, military officials were worried about the state of their reputations and careers upon going public with the information and so the president at the time, Rafael Correa, intervened and authorization was granted by the Minister of Defense.

Since the formation of the committee Ecuador have been deregulating and publicly releasing all of their UFO files and all documents relating to all future UFO activities are to remain unclassified.

Despite the US Secret Service attempting to infiltrate and suppress the Ecuadorian committee, they were unsuccessful and UFO information is openly accessible and abundant in Ecuador. The image to the right is the best UFO photograph to have been officially released by any government worldwide so far. For more information see 'So You Don't Believe In UFO's? Ecuador Government Disagree!'


Since 2009 the Brazilian government have been releasing significant UFO documents, photographs and videos. The Brazilian government openly acknowledges that UFO's seem to be from an 'external' source - meaning outside of Earth. Government documents relating to a military investigation of UFO's called Operation Saucer which took place in 1977 have been declassified and have proven to be very interesting.

2,000 pages, 500 photographs and 16 hours of film relating to Operation Saucer have now been declassified and was a 1977 investigation into a 'UFO attack' which happened at the northern state of Para. The Para 'UFO invasion' is a peculiar and significant event which affected many people. Although operation Saucer never officially ended, the FAB cancelled the research in 1978 with no official explanation.

After the investigation, according to Dr Carvalho (who actually witnessed the incident), she attended to 35 patients who claim to have been struck by beams of light from the sky. The victims were suffering from fatigue, dizziness, headaches, low blood pressure, anemia and some of them had burn marks where they had been hit by the beams. There were also puncture marks within the burnt areas in addition to permanent hair loss. After investigating the incident French scientist and ufologist Dr Jacques Vallee said that these kinds of incidents are not uncommon and that they deserve scientific study. Some witnesses claimed that they actually saw alien beings inside the craft shining in beams of light through their windows.

In 2004 high ranking Brazilian Air Force (FAB) officials released a limited number of Operation Saucer documents to ufologists for research. The documents explain how the Brazilian military interviewed UFO witnesses, took photographs of UFO's and even witnessed the UFO's themselves. They also admit that the FAB had been studying UFO's discreetly since 1954.

In the video to the right Brazilian Colonel Hollanda explains how he investigated and witnessed the incident. Shortly after releasing this information Hollanda was found dead, allegedly as a result of suicide. As with many UFO researchers, mysterious circumstances surround his death.


As already mentioned, NASA officials came forward in 1996 to tell of what they know about structures on the moon. In 2001 Dr Steven Greer started the Disclosure project, a non-profit organization aimed at getting the truth out to the public. Over 500 top government and military officials have publicly stated their will to testify before congress that they are telling the truth about the UFO/EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) presence. Some of these officials are from high up levels in the Pentagon.

Despite briefing the Obama administration and the recent public petition campaigning for the disclosure of a UFO/EBE presence, the White House's official response was that there is no credible evidence of either a presence or a cover-up. However, the UK's MoD have already released documents confirming that they found evidence of the existence of MJ-12 or Majestic-12 - a small group of highly ranked people who were assigned to deal with the UFO/EBE presence - although they could (rather conveniently) find no further information on the subject.

Although the government claimed that the secret stamp on the leaked MJ-12 documents was not in use at that time, it was later discovered that yes the stamp was indeed used at that time on other official declassified documents proving that the government were lying. In addition, Ufologist Stanton Friedman met up with a woman referenced in the documents, Charlette Mann, to find out if the documents were accurate or a hoax. Charlette Mann confirmed that the 1941 UFO crash and retrieval referenced in the MJ-12 documents was indeed a very real incident and that she was threatened into keeping quiet.

After seeing the Disclosure project, Gary McKinnon hacked into several computer systems owned by USAF, DoD, US Army and the Pentagon. McKinnon was interviewed by project Camelot and claimed that he found evidence that NASA do indeed airbrush anomalies out of their images before going public. He also claims to have discovered an image of a huge alien spacecraft suspended above Earth's northern hemisphere and a list of non-terrestrial officers, relating to fleet-to-fleet transfers.

If the USA have indeed been reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology, as alleged, then it's reasonable to expect them to remain secretive on the issue. Dr Steven Greer is now in the process of producing a film-documentary in order to get the information out and hopes that the film-documentary will end the secrecy regarding the alien presence.

The Alien Presence

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somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Do you have a link to the information on the 'attack' in Brazil?

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

It is mentioned on Wikipedia (surprisingly):

and here's another link to Colin Andrews:

There's actually a few pages on Wikipedia about it:

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Thanks I will check them out.

profile image

markbennis 4 years ago

Hello sparkster, great hub that is more relevant today then most may realise. Since the dawn of the internet, information about these phenomena’s has reached epic proportions from across the world. The information is gathering pace to new heights never witnessed before. No more is this just a rare few sightings that are being reported but is a global phenomenon, which far exceeds a 3rd of the population admitting they have seen or witnessed these phenomena’s of UFOs and unexplained anomalies. If one thing is more apparent then before, that may well be that we are existing in one hell of busy solar system these days, I certainly wouldn’t want the job for trying to hide this truth, it would drive you insane!

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Indeed Mark, thanks for leaving a comment. I think its got to the point where most people have seen something they can't explain but just keep quiet for fear of ridicule.

I mentioned this phenomena to a friend a few weeks back and he responded by saying "you don't believe in all that stuff do you?" then later on we watched a paranormal documentary where they mentioned a UFO encounter and he admitted that he had indeed seen things and proceeded to ask me what I thought they were.

profile image

markbennis 4 years ago

That’s a fantastic example of the mind set of the many, even though as you found out that they have indeed seen some strange phenomena themselves. The thing is, not too many people actually believe their own eyes until some professional body actually tells them it is so, sad but true unfortunately.

Well that category doesn’t befit us and that’s for sure as we certainly trust and know our own senses and what we have seen!

Keep up the great work, TC.

cam8510 profile image

cam8510 4 years ago from Colorado Springs, CO until the end of March

sparkster, unless I take up a whole new line of study, I'll have to declare my jury still out on this information. I'm not saying I don't buy it, just that it is information I'm not used to assimilating. I will look into some of the links etc. and weigh it all carefully. You've done a very fine job of communicating here. Thanks for the information.

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Completely understandable. Once you delve into this subject it opens up thousands of other lines of study and it can be difficult to distinguish between truth, disinformation and misinformation.

profile image

markbennis 4 years ago

Hello sparkster,

Check this one out; I filmed this one myself, I am up and running now bud…

Winter wonderland ufo:

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

That is fantastic footage, I have seen similar things and tried to film it on my smartphone but I haven't got a very steady hand and sometimes they can be tricky to catch on camera.

As you probably saw I added you on Facebook and liked the UFO Watch UK page, I think what you're doing is awesome! If I catch any photos or videos I'll send them your way.

profile image

markbennis 4 years ago

Nice one sparkster, and just in-case the weeks pass before we speak again I wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year, take care mate and stay in-touch….

sparkster profile image

sparkster 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Same to you Sir.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Mark, nice video . . . the plane that went by seemed to be behind it, is that the impression you had?

It also looked as if it moved up and to the left, were other people aware of it and did you get any impression of the size?

profile image

markbennis 3 years ago

@ somethgblue

Sorry for the late reply and thanks. Yes the plane did indeed go behind it in my opinion, and it did move slowly up to the left after some time, and no nobody in my vicinity ever broke away from the wondering crowds to, well say anything or comment on the situation.

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